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Spotlights for April 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
A loner with a disfigured face and bad temper, Wrath has been surviving in 'Souls for several months. Favoring his four-legged forms makes Wrath somewhat unique among his fellow Luperci, and Wrath's behavior has made him unpredictable and often dangerous. Despite his ferocious visage, the struggles of living alone have led Wrath to decide to join a pack -- but doing so has been a difficult process, as Wrath now faces a greater challenge: learning how to live with other Luperci.

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
None for this month.

[Image: nc.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
A young woman hailing from the Menel Clan of Old Caledonia, Tilwindea Virthana has an unwavering spirit and an eye for adventure. She did not witness the demise of her homelands, but has heard that those who remain have raised a new banner in the east — whom she has now decided to follow. Perky and an eternal optimist, Tilwindea doesn't seem too down-trodden by her Kingdom's fate, and she is eager to begin life anew in the Realm. Contact the NC OOC Account for more information if you're interested in writing Tilwindea's story!

News & Updates

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While snow is a not-so-distant memory, the gradual increase in temperature over this month brings with it plenty of sunshine and rain. The days grow longer and leaves slowly return to the trees. Many prey animals are now accompanied by offspring, opening up hunting opportunities equally green predators. The sweet flowers have begun blooming again, and it seems as if they've become even sweeter still, this year...

On the eastern side of the Halcyon Mountains, the Yahraw River once again floods – but this time, it does not give up its banks. While no dramatic quake accompanies it this time, the land east of the river becomes splintered and difficult to reach, and over the course of the month, gradually disappears entirely beneath the crushing surf.

[Image: SoulsMap-thumbnail.jpg]

Spring Forth, Words!

Get out of that winter slump with another rousing round of word games!

Nature Remains an Unpredictable Force

Something weird is happening again...

Profile Required for Joining

We've updated our Joining Application to require a filled profile. There is no longer the option to provide 3 roleplay samples in lieu of a profile. This applies to all joining applications, including those by current and returning players, regardless if the character has been played before.

We hope that fewer options will simplify the process a little for newcomers while also giving staff a better opportunity to assess new players' understanding of our game and game universe prior to acceptance -- it's a lot easier to address potential issues at joining than after the fact! Current players might also benefit from taking some time to flesh out new characters a little prior to joining with them, and a minimally filled profile can be an extremely helpful reference to your fellow players! (We all love the Wiki, but not having to leave the board to get a basic idea of your character is nice, too!)

We know that filling a profile can be an annoying extra step for current players bringing in new (and old!) characters, but we think the positives of this change outweigh the negatives. Thanks for your understanding!

Canon LASKY Threads

Moving threads between Canon LASKY and the active forums will no longer be permitted. The way our current board handles post counts means posts originally made in LASKY are counted once a thread is moved to an active board. This means that posts made by inactive characters who then become active will suddenly count towards their total post count when the thread is moved, which inflates post counts. :(

We may look into a technical solution to this in the future, but in the meantime, NPCs who then become active characters may choose to continue scenes started in Canon LASKY by starting new active-forum threads.

Images on Discord

As per the feedback from our poll regarding images on Discord, single conversation-relevant images are now permitted in the #general-shenanigans. We do ask that these be smaller images when possible, and multi-image dumps, gifs, and other extra content should still be regulated to #pictures-memes. Thanks!

bNPC Updates

The bNPCs continue to expand their new claim, and are still seeking to do trade with locals in the area! While the weather and muddy grounds have delayed them from traveling too far, they'll be seeking out sources for trade – which could mean your character, band, or pack!

While their main supply hasn't changed much, the bNPCs will be adding more local acquisitions on their own. The more they collect, the less valuable these items will be for trade: now would be a good time for any local entrepreneurs to get trade deals while the exchange rate remains low.

Also! We want to know your thoughts about bNPCs in general -- please let us know what you think via this anonymous survey!


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