[NC] NC/SL Trade Event!

[Image: nc.png] New Caledonia - Salsola Trading Venture [Image: nc.png]

☼ What's this?

After a successful Call to Court, New Caledonia is ready to prove to their former benefactors that they have proven capable of sustaining themselves. In fact, it seems that the newest Councillor of Lanya is rearing to free the Fair Kingdom from the bonds of their debt.

Kalypso Savoy has called those able bodied, capable, and willing to join the first trading venture under the New Caledonian Trading Company. They will be travelling to Salsola, who have agreed to host the visiting traders in their Marketplace and Firehouse. See their Newspost here!

Traders, crafters, and those willing to guard the valuables are encouraged to attend. Guests of the Thistle Kingdom are expected to behave themselves accordingly and all have been duly warned by the Valar that transgressions will not be tolerated.

Listed below are all attendees and their intended duties. Folks who are not planning to stay the full duration of the trip may come and go from the Marketplace, but those that are looking to impress their high nobility should look to demonstrate their dutiful natures.

Due to Salsola’s nature, only ten (10) Caledonians (including NPCs) are permitted to stay within Salsola’s territory in their newly constructed guest accommodations. If there is more interest beyond the permitted ten, a camp will be set up outside of the territory.


[Image: tumblr_ov5dovg07A1upvbufo1_540.gifv]

☼ Timeline

Departure from NC - Morning of April 10
Arrival at SL - Mid-afternoon of April 11
Trading - April 12 - April 16
Departure - Midday April 16
Home to NC - April 17

☼ Traders

Those who are authorized to trade goods directly with other guests of the Marketplace or Salsolans. High Court nobles or Trading Company guild members are permitted to trade pack goods on behalf of New Caledonia without approval from the Councilor. Any member may initiate trades, but lower ranking Caledonians must have approval for trading pack-owned goods. Of course, traders outside of the High Court or Trading Company may freely broker deals with their own goods.

It is strongly encouraged that lower ranking members delegate their trade goods and any requests to members of the Trading Company to allow for an adequate distribution of manpower.

☼ Guards

Everything of value will need to be protected, including the goods and the people doing the trading. Traders are implied to guard their goods in general, but these are folks who are designated as full time guards and protectors. Guards are also reminded that Salsola utilizes their own guards for the Marketplace as well, but that doesn’t mean that they have our best interests at heart. Plus, the trading group will be spending the night just outside Salsola... Quite a dangerous thing.


Use the following forms to sign up for positions in the caravan. Please note that due to the restriction of permitted guests there is a risk of too many characters interested in going. The final caravan will be announced before the trip begins if this is the case.

If you are interested in joining the caravan as a trader or guard reply to this thread ONCE with the applicable form. NPCs will be permitted to attend. If your character’s NPC would like to attend, make sure to add the NPC form.

[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Offering[/b]: (list what your character is offering)
[b]Seeking[/b]: (list what your character is looking to obtain)
[b]Open to Threads[/b]: (are you interested in IC trading or just OOC trading?)

[b]Character Name[/b]:

[b]NPC name[/b]
[b]Role:[/b] (Guard/Trader)

For those who do not want to attend or will not mind being left off the roster if there are too many signups but want to participate in the trading, reply to this thread with the following form:
[b]Character Name[/b]:
[b]Offering[/b]: (list what your character is offering)
[b]Seeking[/b]: (list what your character is looking to obtain)

Salsolans who are interested in trading should reach out to the person offering the goods to discuss the exchange; these will be implied to occur via the Trading Company. If possible, please update your posts to reflect any agreements made!

☼ Caravan Members

  • Kalypso Savoy
  • Émeraude Brecours
  • Calan Brecours
  • Oliver Landry (cNPC to Calan)
  • Percival Parhelion
  • Sólveig Dawnrunner
  • Naomi Stryder
  • Toraberā Tanaka
  • Woodsmoke
  • Saga D’Angelo

  • Teagan Stryder
  • Ronin Solberg (cNPC to Naomi)

New Caledonia Pack Goods for Trade

☼ Accepting but not limited to:

  • Bronze Tier: Scrap to be used by our Tinkers (metal, thread, wood, etc), Beads, Cloth, Seeds
  • Silver Tier: Mirrors, Art, Herbs for Healing, Mature Plants, Paper and Writing materials
  • Gold Tier: High Quality artisan goods (pottery, glass, shelving, furniture, etc), Communal Animals (Horses, Other Livestock)

☼ Available Pack Goods:

  • Tassels (Medium Amount)
  • Scarves (Small Amount)
  • Nails (Medium Amount)
  • Hooks (Medium Amount)
  • Beads (Medium Amount)
  • Multiple Lengths of Rope (Large Amount)
  • Eggs (Medium Amount)

  • Bolsters of Cloth (Small Amount)
  • Tunics, Dresses (Small Amount)
  • Horse Blanket (Small Amount)
  • Knives (Small Amount)
  • Jewelry (Small Amount)

  •  Horse Tack with decoration (Small Amount)
  • more ornate Weapons (Swords, Shields, Armor pieces) (Small Amount)
If your character is interested in commissioning something specific, reach out to the potential crafter and/or a member of the Trading Company.
Character Name: Naomi Stryder

NPC name: Ronin Solberg (note: I can have him stay outside SL if the caravan gets too large!)
Role: Guard

IF there's room (she doesn't need it for co-ranks like Naomi does xD):

Character Name: Teagan Stryder

Mako has stuff to trade, but, he can send his things with Naomi/the traders to trade!

Character Name: Makoto Ridley
  • Leather bracers (3 pairs), Leather bracers with metal plating (2 pairs), Pauldrons (1), Metal knives (4), Bone knife (1), Axe (1)
  • Saddlebags, Horse gear/tack, Leather oil, Sizable metal scraps, Clothing, Salt
Character Name: Torabera Tanaka
If he’s forming a fighters guild he’s gotta be there in case there’s fighting

EDIT:if there’s room I’d love to bring Em but if not no biggie <3
Character Name: Émeraude Brecours
Offering: Jewelry, alcohol, cloth (dyed and undyed), blankets
Seeking: Salt in particular but open to all sorts of trades
Open to Threads: Ic or OOC
Character Name: Woodsmoke.
Character Name: Saga D'Angelo

I figure I'd offer her since she has, uh... first-hand experience with SL :eyes:
TRADER (who would I be if I didn’t offer this piece of work)
Character Name: Calan Brecours
Offering: Will update the shop list to signal what he is bringing! Will also be trading pack goods.
Seeking: Very open. Mostly looking for: Booze, books, paper and writing materials, furniture, glassware/storage ware, fabric, high quality goods.
Open to Threads: Yes! Both IC and OOC trading.

If you need more traders to round out the party/there’s space:
NPC name Oliver Landry
Role: Trader (mostly packing and sorting goods, acting as Calan’s aide)
[Image: SoSuWriMo2022_winner.jpg]
Neither of these characters are attending, but could send their goods along with others!
  • Character Name: Daisy Parhelion
  • Offering: Smoked fish, rope, netting (more expensive)
  • Seeking: Hooks, cord, rope, baskets, jars

  • Character Name: Gaia Dawnrunner
  • Offering: Pottery (bowls, cups, weird little animal scupltures), Embroidery (some finished pieces, will take custom work)
  • Seeking: Clothing and accessories, beads, horse supplies
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Player Wiki | Primary Character

[Image: 80x15_songbird.png]
Character Name: Percival Parhelion
  • Preserved fish: dried (large amount; less expensive), smoked and salted (small amount; more expensive)
  • Fishing hooks: bone hooks (large amount; less expensive), antler hooks (medium amount; more expensive)
  • Other fishing tackle: rods (small amount; less expensive), sinew fishing line (medium amount; more expensive)
Seeking: Salt, fishing spears, barrels, netting, connections ;)
Open to Threads: OOC preferred, but I'm open to some IC trade threads!

Character Name: Sólveig Dawnrunner
  • Medicinal plants: Willow bark (small amount; less expensive), rose hips (small amount; less expensive), pine tar (v. small amount; more expensive)
  • Archery items: birch arrowshafts (medium amount; less expensive), fletches (medium amount, less expensive), arrowheads (medium amount; more expensive), complete arrows (small amount, more expensive)
Seeking: Vellum or paper, medicinal plants (seeds, living plants, or dried specimens), remedies (ointments, salves, teabags, etc.), quiver, raw arrowsmith materials (cedar or pine wood, feathers, stone), pretty accessories (necklaces, bracelets)

But if there's enough space, I'd love for her to go against her dad's wishes and attend! c:
Character Name: Kalypso Savoy
Crafted Goods: Sea glass beads (greens and green-blues), macramé decorations (plant holders, wall hangings, curtains), macramé accessories (bracelets, necklaces, wraps, sarongs), plant-based twine (dyed and undyed)
Custom orders to be delivered either at end of trip or after depending on complexity of request
Animal Goods: Fish bones, salted fish, fish scales, fish oil
Seeking: Nothing - she is open to any sort of deals that you can make her and doesn't seem to actually need anything.
Open to Threads: Open to both IC and OOC :>

(she is both open to trading her personal goods, other people's goods, and the pack's goods due to her position as the head of this trading venture)

[Image: nc.png] Finalized Caravan List [Image: nc.png]

Due to the size of the group and in keeping with a maximum of 10 characters, some characters will not be able to join their New Caledonian partners in the Salsolan Marketplace. They may, however, stay at an encampment outside of the Salsolan territory to await the return to NC!

☼ Traders:

  • Kalypso Savoy
  • Émeraude Brecours
  • Calan Brecours
  • Oliver Landry (cNPC to Calan)
  • Percival Parhelion
  • Sólveig Dawnrunner

☼ Guards:

  • Naomi Stryder
  • Toraberā Tanaka
  • Woodsmoke
  • Saga D’Angelo

☼ Guards/Traders to remain at camp outside of SL:

  • Teagan Stryder
  • Ronin Solberg (cNPC to Naomi)

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