Azalea Update >:D
Hey folks! So, I've been MIA for the past few months, barely posting enough to keep Azalea in-game. Which means I have to figure out what the fuck she's been doing since January now that I'm coming back. I've already got plans for how I want things to go in the coming months, and I'll fill y'all in on those soon. 

But first up, since she's done her Cueponi ceremony in January we can say that she's just been doing basic training with her family since then. Hunting/writing/reading/sparring/etc. Let me know if y'all have any ideas besides this. She has been feeling some pressure to perform well since becoming an adult, having grown up some and matured a little. Maybe she can talk to somebody about these anxieties?

Now, onto the future. First up, Aani is up to no good, but y'all will have to sit quiet and watch with baited breath as the drama unfolds. As y'all know, I'm an epileptic and have been planning on Azalea developing epilepsy for a long time. Well, she's growing up quick and sometime in June or July she is going to start having seizures (tentative plan). Dogs usually develop epilepsy sometime between 1-5 y/o, and Azalea will start having seizures when she is 1. Reason being because humans start having seizures (the type that I have, at least) when they go through puberty and their brain starts changing. I think it's good to start when her "human age" is younger to match with this, since she is a Luperci. 

She is also going to experience hallucinations because of these seizures. I've been taking advantage of the free access to scientific journals that comes with me being a University of California student and doing a lot of research, and I'm really excited to play this. I will not specify exactly what causes the hallucinations except that they happen when she has a seizure, I think there's a rule somewhere about playing medical conditions and not specifying exactly what it is.  

That is the long term plan. Now that y'all know, time to plan threads. First up, I need some mentors for Azalea. I'll be contacting the folks who already agreed to have their character mentor Azalea, but besides all of y'all, I have some more ideas. (These ideas below can and do overlap and are more like thread/plot ideas. If your character can fulfil more than one of these, great!)
  • Azalea is going to fall hard and fast into the witchy cult, and needs a role model to guide her into the darkness. 
  • She is going to need to learn the ways of Salsosa, from someone besides her family (sorry Idrieus). A different perspective. I would prefer if the mentor is someone who has been in SL for a long time.
  • She needs to learn feral/hand to hand combat. 
Onto more general thread ideas. Azalea is going to be experiencing some distress in the next few months, and will be moving out of home at some point (haven't decided when just yet). Right now she's mostly fine, so we can have normal threads right now. But in a month she isn't going to be so fine, and will likely seem very stressed, though will be doing her best to hide it. The adults in her life will probably be wanting to figure out why, so let's start to set up relationships! Here are a few mostly inconspicuous thread ideas that I have.
  • Azalea is going to befriend a raven, who will occasionally bring her shiny objects in exchange for food. Maybe she can talk to your character about birds and how funny this raven is?
  • Azalea wants to be able to wear clothing (like the adults), and though she will be getting a gown soon, she wants more. Maybe your character has something/can make her something in exchange for some manual labor? 
  • Azalea's been feeling a little anxious about being an adult (mostly because her sisters aren't adults yet and she feels weird about it and like she can't play with them). Maybe your character can sit down with her and alleviate her worries? 
  • I can't think of any other general threads, everything else is specific to some characters. I'll be reaching out to folks today (probably) to talk more! If you have any ideas, don't hesitate to reach out!

Cas could arrange for Azalea to help him with chores around the house for clothes? Lyra would be the one to supply things, although she won’t be involved in the thread (unless you want haha)! Chores could be like, patching and replacing wood siding on the house, weeding and tending their small garden, washing clothes, furs, blankets, etc!

they could talk about stuff too while they work! :)
Yay! That sounds wonderful! And I'd love to get some Lyra action, maybe towards the end she drops by and is her wonderful self. ?

Would you like to start, or shall I?

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