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Backdated: Jan 15th
Wayne's hand slapped the counter a second time, it's sound echoing through the Rest Stop as raucous laughter erupted from the lot of them.

“Yer damn right I am!” Wayne spouted as he spun his cup on the counter on his fingertip before slapping it so that it slid into Manitou's hand, “This one's on you, ya' asshole.”

The big brown beast filled his cup, topped right to the brim and slid it back over, the alcohol sloshing onto the counter and across Wayne's shirt. Mirth at Wayne's expense lit up the room again, Wayne's eyes watering from the wheezed laughter that slipped out of him as he nearly fell out of his seat at a failed attempt to wipe the drink off of his clothing.

“You sonova' bitch,” He hissed in faux offense as he stumbled to his feet so much you'd think it wasn't his second drink. A hand fixed the hat back in it's proper place on his skull, “Me'n you gonna have'ta hash out th'honor of m'shirt. Good thing Noire's floor's dirty, cuz' I'm gonna mop't with ya!”

In a lunge over the counter, he gripped Manitou's collar and did his best to try and shake the sense back into him. Mani, on the other hand, simply grabbed Wayne's arm and nearly cried with hefty guffaws as he was so very lightly shaken, he'd barely noticed over the noise they were making. Anyone who'd walk in might think a brawl had come out, were they not savvy to the roar of jovial mirth that came with the loud and rowdy Ashen.

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Uproarious noise spilled forth from the Rest Stop as Nyx approached it's open doors, boisterous laughter and shouting filled the air as thickly as the scent of good food and liquor. With a smile, the matriarch thought, well it must be another night in BN. The white furred warrior entered just in time to see a rowdy dark furred male grab the chef and threaten to mop the floor with him, though the laughter erupting from Manitou put the mother at ease as she sauntered up to them, leaning her elbow on the counter and putting a pale and scarred hand heavy on the man's shoulder as she looked up at him with a casual smile. 

"D-damage the cook a-and you'll be i-in the next pot." She spoke with a casual and relaxed humor in her tone, though the spark in her eye and the way she held herself spoke of her authority to make that happen should the occasion call for it. 

An amethyst eye winked at Manitou as her high and clear laugh joined the noise and she let her hand off the male's shoulder. "G-get me a drink Mani?" She asked as both elbows now propped her against the counter and her attention turned back to the guy that smelled of boos and horses. "I-I'm Nyx, one o-of the leaders here. W-what brings you in?" She asked, taking her cup as it arrived to her and sipping the sweet fiery liquid as she listened to his answer.
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If Manitou had any marbles left in his head, they'd have been a bit jostled, but no where near rattled. Unable to make a sound through his laughter, Mani couldn't warn Wayne, and Nyx was able to sneak up on him with a smirk and mischief.

With the hand on his shoulder, Wayne's eyes rolled to the side with a tilt of his head, unable to keep the grimaced grin from his roughhousing. It was the subtle queues, how she behooved him to mind himself at the threat of becoming the next meal for them all to enjoy.

As if to playfully conceal his 'true' intentions, he dropped Manitou from his hands and lifted them to the sk, “Y'alled like that, wuldn't ya. Wayne stew. Rich'n delicious,” Tar and tawny paws carried him in reverse, pedaling back while laughing, trying to play the part of the guilty without having the poker face for it.

At her wink, Wayne folded over and caught himself on his knees, his chest rattling with laughter and hissing with wheezing breaths. Taking a moment to get it all out, he let hit take him over as he stumbled a bit, then managed to upright himself with a hand on the counter. The other hand with a glove with a digit folded down and pinned into place reached up to his face and brushed a tear from the edge of his eye as he finally was able to address her proper.

Good t'have a face'tuh th'name- er... Name'tuh the'face,” Chuckling, he put his hand out for a shake, “Pleasure, Ma'am. M'name's Waynescott, but most folks call me asshole- Ah'mean... Wayne,” Another laugh rippled through him as he absolutely couldn't stop with the lack of serious tone, “Was passin' through. Came here a'fore and 'membered the cook here'n the party there wuz. Thought I'd spend th'night!”
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Ivory features quirked a smile at the cowboy mix, both humorous and incredulous at the bit of theatrics that was being spun out before her after she'd caught the bandit red handed, tan brow dots lifting in amusement as she tried to lock eyes with Manitou and gestured over to the mix who was doubled over with laughter, cracking a light laugh as the mother remarked simply, "I-I'll have what h-he's having.", hand slapping the counter a couple of times before she called out her reply to Wayne. "Y-you wish, I-I've had week old r-rabbits that looked better than you." She remarked, pushing away from the counter to stand straight. "S-smelled better too!"

Nyx gave a crooked grin as Wayne pretended to stumble over his own introduction, laughing at the self jab and glancing sidelong as she remarked. "N-noted." and shook the dark furred gentleman's hand with a brief lock of eyes. Once he'd admitted how he'd been there before and how he planned to stay the night for food and fun, Nyx quirked a brow and tilted her head as she smiled. "Ah, I-I see..." She spoke, stepping closer and leaning in before continuing in a conveniently loud whisper. "I-I hope you have something i-in mind you c-can do for us t-to pay for your stay?" She looked up at him from below with a face that belied innocence.
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