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As she walked up to the gate Minerva cleared her throat lightly. “Have you seen Eros?” She asked, looking expectantly up at Howland. The dog mix shrugged in a manner she had expected. “Not since this morning when he left. Not like he’s about  to tell me where he’s goin’.” She nodded empathetically as she walked out of the Fort. Of course. Of course, he wouldn’t tell anyone where he went. Eros had never been one to share openly, even with the Spiritual Advisor he was reluctant.

She walked deeper into the woods, hoping to catch his scent somewhere. Aldora had set her to the task of finding him. He wouldn’t have been Minnie’s first choice for the task, but she understood why her mate had chosen him. Eros was her full blood, her brother. Neither the earthen woman or the fiery male were perfect, but they loved each other. Still, Minnie had expectations of how the conversation would go.

Eventually in her wandering a strong scent, similar to a skunk, wafted in her direction. Holding back an eye roll, the cream wolfess moved towards the stench. “Eros I know you’re out here.” She called out into the woods. “I need to talk to you.” Ironic, her talking to him.


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Eros stayed quiet as Minnie called for him.  His sister’s mate was one of the few people who had been given a glimpse into Eros’s heart, and not the blustering bullshit, but the real deal.  Of course, had he been given any choice in the matter, there was no way he’d have given her anything.  The delicate female had been insightful though, she’d pointed out he did have a choice, he could have left Casa and returned to life outside.  The fiery pelted Damaichu had no retort for that, though he remembered walking out of the session.  Eros had spoken of the desire to feel numb, to escape the pain of being pulled in two separate directions by the lupus and the optime.  There had even been a few conversations about the jobs he’d undertaken as a loner, and he’d been pretty sure that those would make Minnie recoil and never want to see him again, but she listened.  At least he’d been saved from having to talk about Luca’s death, although there had been times when he’d found himself getting pretty close.

It meant Eros always felt slightly exposed in front of Minnie.  She was also aware of the extent of his dedication to his close family, and for someone who knew that such information could be used against you, Minnie was a potentially extremely dangerous Luperci.  As she called again, Eros looked at his joint and leapt down from the tree he’d been relaxing in.  Straightening offered her a smirk, exhaled a stream of smoke and quirked a brow at her.

”You call, and I will appear.” his tone held a slightly sharp humour, but the smirk twitched into a smile. ”What’d you need?”

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