'Souls Olympic Games

'Souls Olympic Games

“The games became a political tool used by city-states to assert dominance over their rivals. Politicians would announce political alliances at the games, and in times of war, priests would offer sacrifices to the gods for victory.”

With Spring causing the lands to flourish and bright dawns on the horizon, Casa aims once more to bring packs together. But not for a summit nor for a tournament of battle. This time, the Cavaliers call to anyone from the nearby lands to come to their home and prove themselves in games of physical challenge. This large event seeks to summon those from all across the known lands of 'Souls, from both packs and neutral lands alike. The games offer chances for glory, for reward and for providing proof of pack or individual prowess.

❖ Why?

Because having games is better than getting into wars. We are civilized Luperci now, are we not? Shed the savagery of the past and let us put any differences to rest through fair games where the outcome is set through skill and prowess.

❖ Where?

Casa di Cavalieri - hoping to begin a yearly tradition to be shared amongst all the packs, Casa di Cavalieri will be hosting the event to start, setting the tone for events in future years. The majority of events over the week of games will take place on Casa's territory, with guests staying in Wolfville which through the hard work of the Cavaliers has been newly repaired and repurposed as a place to stay.

❖ When?

Invitations to packs and known Loner Bands will be handed out mid-April from officials of Casa. Word will also be spread around neutral territories, such as through taverns, bars or trading hubs. The games will begin with an announcement ceremony on June 5th. Packs, loner bands and loners are expected to arrive in Wolfville on that day, and will be given room to stay for the remaining week of the games. A closing ceremony to announce the overall winners and a feast will be held on June 12th.

❖ Who?

Everyone above the age of 1 year can participate and one character can take part in up to three events. Loners who don't belong to Loner Bands can take part, but must be sponsored by a pack in order to do so. The pack that sponsors a loner will claim any victories of the loner, but not the individual prize.

❖ What are the Rules and Expectations?

  • All characters can take part however characters are limited to three games.
  • Characters taking part in a game are expected to post in the group threads designated for their event, however all characters can have other threads active during the week of events that happen in-between the games.
  • All other packs must contribute to the hosting pack somehow (food, goods, etc). These offering will go towards running the event, but packs and loner bands should also aim to bring a signifcant offering for the final prize that is given out at the end of the event to the pack or loner band with the most winners.
  • Once a player has chosen the games to participate in, they must send a PM to their leadership or to Casa Leadership with threads that relate to their chosen game (after May 1st and before June 1st).
  • The threads do not have to directly relate to the challenge, but must provide enough evidence of the character demonstrating the desired skill. Threads that are provided must have at least 3 replies or 900 words to qualify, and players can submit up to 3 threads demonstrating a skill.
  • Adopted from our last tournament, the threads provided will be translated into a bonus for that character, which will have an effect on their chances of winning. The winners of the games will be decided using dice rolls prior to the event, with all players involved being notified of their character's position once the die are rolled.

❖ What games will there be?

Expanding beyond challenges of pure combat prowess, Casa aims to provide a variety of games and challenges to appeal to a wider array of skillsets and individuals. The event will include the following games:
  • Melee Fighting - A one on one tournament style challenge, where participants can pick a weapon of choice to bring into combat.
  • Running - Testing the capabilities of natural speed, participants will race the length of Whisper Beach to find a victor.
  • Archery - Shooting at various targets with an elimination system to uncover a winner.
  • Equestrian Short Race - Within the Fort of Casa, horses and their riders will race laps of the racing track to discover the fastest.
  • Equestrian Long Race - From the edge of Wolfville to Clement's Park. This event will take place outside of Casa and over the course of a day, aiming to race for endurance over speed.
  • Stone lifting - A test for the strong as heavy rocks are lifted, progressing in size and weight until a single victor is found.
  • Swimming - From the waters of the Weeping Lake, a short race for the adept swimmers will take place.
  • Sailing - Using small sailing boats, participants must traverse the waters of Strega's Bay, racing from the docks of Wolfville to Windsor.
  • Hunting - Using whatever tools they have at their disposal, challengers must enter the forests around Casa with a time limit of a day to track down prey and hunt. Those who catch the best or the most game at the end of the day.

❖ What else will be happening?

Social time, of course! - this is a great opportunity to do meet and greets, forge new trading ventures, or even match-make! There will be a celebratory feast at the end of the games, where prizes will be given out and bragging rights claimed.

❖ Prizes you say?

Yes indeed! There will be smaller prizes for individual games and a larger prize for the pack that won the most games! For individual winners, Casa will have hand-crafted small crowns made of wood and metal. At the end of the event, the pack (or Loner Band) with the most victors will receive all the spoils of the prize pot, which will include all the offerings given by the participating packs and groups.

OOCly, all winners of the games will receive the following 3-month Temporary Icon: [Image: PawWreathicon.png]

❖ Sign-Ups!

The sign-ups will be open tomorrow on April 17th, remember that your character can sign-up for a maximum of 3 games however there is no limit on how many of your characters can join. The sign-ups will remain open until May 1st, after this point you can begin sending any relevent threads of your character demonstrating their skill or training for the event to either Casa Leadership or other Leaderships.

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