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p: Nathaniel | Hallow's Ruin (DND)
Continued from the original
Just as suddenly as the thing had appeared, it attacked. It lunged for Nathaniel, who had stupidly put himself in its path. Didn’t he get it? They had to work together if they wanted to survive. She didn’t have time for his stupid heroics and she wasn’t going to be responsible for him if he got hurt (though, she knew this was a lie; she’d feel horrible if he was injured trying to protect her).

When the thing lunged at Nathaniel, Wraith tried to push him aside so that he wouldn’t get struck, but she didn’t think it worked. She could smell blood and it seemed as though the thing had cut him.

A loud snarl ripped out of her mouth and she charged at the rat. Nathaniel tried to get in her way, but she dodged around him and leapt for the creature with her teeth bared. She managed to chase it back a step, but it wasn’t scared of her at all. When she tried to claw at it, it just hissed at her and bit down on her foot. She screamed and then tried to bite its neck. She managed to draw blood and a bit of fur, but it was too quick and she lost her hold.
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