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Spring winds means for lots of pollen, and seeding plants, which, unfortunately, means for lots of weeds in the garden plots - time to get pulling.

It was a shame the Gang couldn’t utilize their resident goats to take care of this chore. Morrigan huffed out a breath as she bent over the recently hoed-out garden beds. It was surprising to see how quick weeds sprouted up from the softly tilled earth, but the Witch didn’t mind pulling sprouts. It was a nice enough afternoon, the light breeze ruffling her fur pleasant enough and there was wine for when the bite of the bugs became too insistent to ignore.

Quiet her work was, and Morrigan wondered where her assistants for the day were – it seemed the agreed upon time had come and passed and still, curiously enough, the coyote pulled weeds alone. Making a small noise of annoyance, Morrigan wrestled with a particularly stubborn, deep rooted weed and grit her teeth, giving a mighty tug before the plants root system let go of the earth. Behind her hopped Tarot, flexing his nicely healed wing every few steps. The bird was clearly pleased with the progress on his wing and cawed behind her loudly, causing Morrigan to jump from the unexpected noise.

“ Tarot, use your words. “ She chided, pausing to look over her shoulder at the raven. He cocked his head, beady maroon eye fixed on her intently. “ MORRigan. “ He screeched suddenly, then coughed and hopped away, looking for any seeds that had been spilled on the ground during planting. Grimacing, Morrigan turned back to the weeds and sighed through her nose. It would appear the wine would be needed sooner rather then later.
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Morris didn't really need to be at the gardens right now, but his curiosity had finally won over. He mostly wanted to see how much progress was done, and maybe he could see if anything needed done while he was there. Though it was true that he had been given his own tasks to see to, the coy dog didn't mind offering help in other areas. It kept his hands busy for one and for two if he worked in the garden he could probably pick up a thing or two about plants. Well, ones that weren't poisonous in any case. The optime male got closer and had expected at least one canine to be around, but he didn't expect the call of a raven. Frowning, he hoped it wasn't ruining any of the planting that had been done.

Guzzler heard as well and gave a call of her own in return, which had Morris rolling his eyes at the seagull. "You've heard othah birds before ya crazy gull" he stated and then actually saw another canine, plus one raven. It must be a tame one, since it continued to seek out wayward seeds even as he got closer. His gull moved closer in curiosity and Morris let her without a word. It wasn't like she listened to him anyways. "Ahoy" he said in greeting even as he scanned the area, noticing the amount of weeds. "Need some help?" He turned his gaze to the canine, hoping she would say yes. If she said no, he could always check on the fencing and see if he needed to gather more materials for it.

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Morrigan continued to grunt, ears pinned back against her skull while she wrestled the hardy plants out of the ground. Another birds call rang out and the coyote jerked in surprise, ears swiveling in that direction before her pastel-hued eyes followed suite. A seagull was present, and then The Priestess noticed an unfamiliar face entering the greenhouse area and she responded to his greeting by raising a hand and waving at him, getting to her feet.

“ It seems my other assistants are late, if they deign to show up at all. “ She began, brushing the dirt off of her knees as she looked him over, committing his face to memory and filing that away. “ So, that would be excellent – if you would. Always need more hands when it comes to tasks such as these. “ Morrigan explained, gesturing to the tilled areas with green sprouting much too quickly. Glancing back at him, the Witch held out her hand for him to shake if he felt the need. “ I’m Morrigan, known as The Priestess if you are new here. Healer, herbalist, resident Witch.“ Scratching her chin for a moment, she considered for a moment what to prioritize after introducing herself.

“ Your name? I’m afraid that I don’t think we’ve met yet, face to face. “ She said pleasantly, curious as to why he had a seagull hanging around and what had drawn him to set up shop with the Ashen. Their numbers were slowly growing, which was great. “ Do you know which ones are weeds? I can show you which to pull and which to leave, if you are unfamiliar. “ Morrigan finished, tail wagging behind her softly. She so loved to talk about plants.

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While gardening was still not his forte, at least when it came to being able to identify plants and know when the proper time to start them way, the tilling and hoeing and physical labour was something he was particularly good at.
In fact, he appreciated the work. Now that it was warm out again, the sharpshooter looked for any excuse to find himself out in the sun. Maybe a picnic with Peony one day, a trip into town for a drink the next, anything to get out and enjoy the weather instead of fading into the scene of the same four walls.

His mate had kept herself busy as well, helping with her expected duties as well as doing her part in the garden projects. It was like her to have her hands in everything, if she could help it; if there was something that needed help, she was the first lined up with eager arms.
Hosea admired that about the Braithwaite beauty, and figured it wouldn't hurt for him to be more the same. It wasn't as if he preferred to laze about or that he didn't care about the community, but too often he found himself distracted from what was important.

Getting his hands dirty again was just the thing he needed to bring his focus back to something that mattered, and not just for himself.

Hard at work again, Miss Archeron? The Courtright mongrel smiled as he came across the familiar pair. While he'd only met the other blotched male through Asher, he had remembered their encounter well.
With a nod, he offered his greetings to the witch's help, Mister Morris, good afternoon.

Already rolling up his sleeves, he turned back to The Priestess, Ya don't mind none if I join ya 'gain, do ya? I'm findin' myself rather enjoyin' this handy work, keeps me busy. The Gentleman explained with a friendly smile, awaiting any instruction before he just tore into whatever green thing was before him.
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Sorry for the delay! Freddy has made an assortment of simple tools, like bone daggers for cutting or sawing tougher weeds, and a few trowel-type tools.

Freddy was not avoiding work. Though he panicked a little as he finished up bending the piece of scrap metal into the arc shape that he'd attached to a wooden handle, wishing the stubborn material would do what it was told so he could bring his tools to the garden. He'd offered his help to Morrigan when they'd discussed what was going on and the Priestess had mentioned working on a shared garden for the Gang. Remembering his childhood joy at spending time in Casa's garden, Freddy had been eager to help with a project here in his new home. But just being there as extra hands didn't feel like enough, especially since Freddy wasn't exactly strong or skilled in anything that wasn't shooting or fighting.

But he had a mind for inventing things, and a small inventory of scrap metal, wood and bone to work with. So over the course of a couple of days, Freddy carved the wood, sharpened the bones and bent the pieces of metal to create some decent looking tools. The boy didn't have an idea of what would actually be accurate as tools for weeding, but he'd asked around to those more used to tending to plants about what they'd use and came up with some ideas.

The bone was turned into jagged daggers with various little teeth. Freddy imagined they'd help in cutting down the larger weeds or even sawing into anything that had a tough stem. Plus sharp knives were just useful all around and the jackal hoped they might make good community tools to keep around after the weeding.

Next came the use of the scrap metal and wood. Freddy carved the small blocks of wood into smooth handles, then measued up pieces of the scrap metal he'd collected a little while ago with Morrigan. The pieces were thin but that just made them easy to bend around. They had a pretty terrible durability but Freddy imagined for digging into dirt and pulling up weeds that they'd work just fine. Most of his time was spend forcing the metal into different bent shapes and testing it against the handle to see if it would fit.

It took all day and definitely caused frustration in the young crafter, but finally Freddy had three decent little hand shovels made.

With his knives and shovels in a bag, Freddy rushed to the gardens and hoped Morrigan hadn't dismissed him as unreliable. Once he arrived, two others were already helping to pull up unwanted weeds, which meant Freddy was late but not too late. He huffed to catch his breath and waved a hand to Morrigan once she looked his way. Approaching, Freddy removed his satchel and placed it down to free his hands.

'Sorry I am late. Was making things to help.' He signed, then wasted no time in plucking out each tool from the bag one at a time. Taking a moment to mime how each one would work, Freddy happily handed them out to anyone who wanted them, before looking to Morrigan for some guidance on where to start.

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Morris got the affirmative that the female pack mate needed help and was about to reply to her when Hosea entered. The coy dog blinked then opened his mouth only to be interrupted by Freddy. Not that he minded, it was nice that he knew at least two others here. Glancing around almost nervously for more canines coming he finally spoke up when he saw no one new within eye sight. "You'll haveta point 'em out ta me" He moved his head nodding towards Hosea "As that lad said, I'm Morris." He looked at the tools Freddy had brought and offered a small smile to the lad before picking one.

"Ah, by tha by lad, that axe ya made is verah fine" he grinned "Comes in handy fer me helpin' wit' tha fencin'." He paused and took a closer look at the tool in his hand. It didn't look familiar to the coy dog, but then again he didn't really garden much. He usually went out to forage for the plants he used for his poisons, though he did know how to care for those specific plants if he needed to. He was sure the tool would be just as useful as his axe though, and he knew the basics of using it thanks to Freddy's motions when he first showed off the items. "Wha is tha name fer this?" He pointed to the tool to clarify, wanting to know for if he needed to borrow it later on.

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