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After their hunt, Abi had found herself uncharacteristically giddy about the prospect of friendship between the two. It hadn't yet occurred to her that there could be more to the way she felt in regards to the other woman. They had decided to meet again for drinks and food, enough time given in between so that the two were able to handle their responsibilities around the pack before they settled down for an evening of fun. Originally, she had thought The Five Shields might have been a good place to meet up, considering she had been there once or twice for food purposes. After a moment's thought, she had turned away that idea so that they could enjoy their privacy rather than being watched out for by Darius and Josephine. Summerville had always been a place of guilty pleasure for her.

It had several standing buildings still, each one in a state of disarray but a few still capable of being inhabited by those who wanted a night away. While she knew they could not lay claim to any of them, she had come once or twice and made camp, careful enough to keep her fire from scorching any of the old wood or broken down frames.

Tonight, she had chosen one of the old barns that stood beside what almost looked to be an ancient house, broken down by countless summers, winters, and natural disasters. The barn itself was not in fantastic condition. Three of the four walls were standing, the other caved in which made the roof lean in its direction. By some miracle, a heavy beam of rusted metal had caught at the floor, holding it up in its entirety. Abilene had made something of a camp at its center and on the earthen floor. It was guarded from the rain which meant very little sparks could fly from the small fire she had built. At the edge, a few pelts lay on the ground in case the two were too intoxicated to return home.

The smell of meat had already found its way to the air, a few bottles of wine procured from her most recent trip in the bag she had rested against the pile of pelts closest to her. She had already settled close to the flames, pushing around remnants of venison on the fire stone she had cooked them upon. There was still a healthy portion of raw meat, all things considered.
Set in Summerville around dusk.
can we set this for the evening of the 22cd of April? 

Aelin wandered around the hamlet, dark eyes taking in the decaying structures of human make. Spring grasses grew up and around each of the buildings, though most patches in the immediate area had been mowed down by the resident sheep. There wasn’t very many buildings, in fact unless you knew what you were looking for it was easy to miss this area entirely. It looked as if that held true for Luperci who had lived here all their lives as well, for still the curious little town looked untouched as it was the day it was abandoned.

It was easy to follow Aiblenes scent, the touch of flowers hidden in amongst the smell of cooking meat and animal pelts stood out like a beacon through the grass, sheep and trees. Winding through the skeletal buildings, Aelin walked until she came upon the ruins of what looked like it was a barn. Pausing for a moment to question the structural integrity of such a meeting place, the wolf cocked her head slightly and shrugged – that was a problem for later perhaps. For now, she was eager to get settled.

“ Aye Abileen. “ She said warmly by way of greeting, taking in the scene the other female had set up for them. The wolf found the gesture rather sweet, she seemed to have came quite prepared. Well Aelin did as well, and as she took a seat by the fire she swung the pack off of aching shoulders with a grunt. Bottles clinked from within the leather, and the wolf took a moment to untie the bag and fish out a clear bottle filled with amber liquid.  “ I ‘ope yoer ready to get wobbly lass, t'is stuff puts ‘air on ye chest! “ She commented merrily, mischief lighting up her eyes.

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She had never said that waiting patiently was one of her strengths, especially if she was excited over whatever potential fun was on the horizon. She was eager to have some wine or liquor in her belly, to enjoy the company of a new friend, even if the butterflies in her stomach told her that there was potentially something more at play than just friendship. Her fingers curled at the blanket of furs and pelts beneath her and she gingerly wrapped her free arm around her knee to pull it closer to her chest. Her hair had been tied back, keeping the red locks behind her ears so that it didn't fall into her face but the braid was loose behind, as was the tie, and she was sure that by the end of the evening, it'd be a mess once more, falling everywhere including into her face but she couldn't be bothered to tighten it.

Instead, occasionally when strands of hair had fallen into her face, her hand had risen to push them away, tucking them behind her ear for safe keeping or simply ensuring that it couldn't do the same within the next few moments. She had almost missed Aelin's arrival, probably would have, if the other woman hadn't announced herself with that rich accented tone of hers. Abi had quickly pushed up onto her feet after watching Aelin's brief struggle to put her bag on the ground near the fire. The clank of bottles told Abi that they had their choice of alcohol, that she hadn't been the only one to bring a couple of bottles herself. Abi settled back down, scooting closer to the other woman.

"Hi, Aeli," she replied with a small grin. "What took you so long? I thought the venison might get cold."

Rather than reaching for Aelin's alcohol, she took one of the bottles of wine to uncork it. "I've been ready," she admitted. "I was excited to have a night off from my usual monotonous schedule." Yep, that's all she was excited for. She had presented a smile that had never quite faded since Aelin had come in. She took several hefty sips before she gave a nod to Aelin's bottle. "What do you have there?"
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Aelin winced, bob-tail twitching as she looked guiltily at the rust-hued female. “ Ach, I know girl! A bit scatter brained I ‘ave been lately, my sincere apologies lass. “ She wasn’t used to others waiting for her yet, everyone was usually so busy doing the various work available around the fort that wasn’t a lot of time for this sort of thing. Yet here they were, and Aelin found she quite liked someone else thinking about her. “ This? Some typa w’iskey I’ve been savin’ for an evenin’ like this. I ‘ear back in the day, ‘umans drink was much much stronger. Can’t imagine that, this stuff is already deadly. “ 

While Aelin had been quite the drinker in Dublin, her big mouth had dragged her into too much trouble and so she hadn’t touched it since arriving in Casa. She had never been one to drink alone either, as that spelled the beginning of a whole other problem entirely. Glancing at Abilene, Aelin took a healthy sip of the whiskey and savored the burn of it sliding down her throat, coming to rest in her stomach. The warmth settled in her gut like a campfire ember, and as if on que the fire crackled and popped. Leaning back on one hand, Aelin drank some more and began to feel a lightness settle over her.

“ So Abilene, I want ta know more about ye. Tell me, this is yer birthpack aye? ‘ow did yer family come ta settle ‘ere? “

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She hadn't meant her joke as a jab toward the other woman being late. It had been meant to be a light, joking nudge since Abi genuinely enjoyed the other woman's company. Regardless, she had given a soft 'hm' as a reply, not to dismiss the other woman's brief apology but more to say she understood being scatterbrained since there were times when she seemed to exhibit the same proclivity. Still, she had been thinking about Aelin more and more as the days passed but it wasn't to an unhealthy level, more passing thought and gradual smitten ideals that had yet to be confirmed or even given name and meaning.

"I haven't had whiskey yet," she admitted, nodding toward her own bottles. "Wine, mostly, but never whiskey." Her eyes remained momentarily upon the golden bottles before her attention once more rose to the canine who'd taken her company for the evening.

Aelin seemed to have relaxed in her presence and with the touch of alcohol upon her tongue. Abilene took that as a confirmation that things were still alright between them and moved instinctively to sit next to the other woman, their bottles of alcohol between them and her hands propped behind her. It would be a slower ascension toward alcohol fueled thoughts and actions but surely she'd find herself there before the end. She had already gained a sense of warmth that fled to the very tips of her toes and her fingers. "I was born to Casa, but not in Casa. My parents had my sister and I in the outpost. I was brought here right before I shifted and have been here ever since. What about you? Where do you come from?"

Truthfully, there wasn't much to say about her family. "I'm a Damaichu and there's a lot of us here. I'm not sure how we all got to Casa, though."
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Abilene moved closer and Aelin tried not to choke on the next sip, unused to the close proximity of another being. It wasn’t scary or intimidating by any means, it just had been awhile since someone else had been this close to the wolf mix. Abilene recanted the history that she knew, which admittedly wasn’t very much. A thought came to the wolfess, and it was an interesting one. It seemed there were so many of them that they overflowed into different locations. Aelin wondered what it would be like to have a family like that, the Hushhowls seemed to be similarly expansive.

She should have been prepared for the females question, but apparently the drink had already muddled her thoughts. Aelin fell silent for a long moment, the look on her face unreadable – but not full of mirth like it was before. “ I ‘ail from Dublin, Ireland. It’s across tha sea, it’s a big city wit’ lots of dogs. “ Pausing, the wolf sighed before taking another drink – this one much more sizable. Nobody had asked her this question since she had arrived on these shores and it was more painful to recall then she anticipated.

“ I’m afraid I didn’t ‘ave a proper family like you did lass. The canals birthed me, as I ‘ad no parents. “ Shutting her eyes for a moment, she let herself remember. “ I remember bein’ justa small t’ing ye see, all by meself. A wolf in a city of dogs. “ A sharp intake of breath, then she continued. “ Then, for some odd reason these rich coupla fools picked me right off tha streets they did. “ Chuckling, the firelight cast shadows across Aelin’s wolfish features, somewhat saddened. “ I bet they regret it now. “ She added softly, mouth set into a hard line. Shaking her head, the words continued coming. “ Anyways, as I grew older I got into a bad way wit’ bad people, wolves aren’t well liked in Dublin ye see. I feared for my adopted parents safety as they were not a wolf like me, so I fled tha city and ended up ‘ere. “

Another drink, this one soothing her throat from the painful bit of history she was keeping for herself. Aelin still wasn’t ready to admit what happened to her tail, who had done it and why. “ Dogs frig’ten me some, still. “ Abilene was the first to know that detail, however.

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She wasn't sure what possessed her to get so close but she didn't mind it. Instead, she was more sensitive to the way Aelin reacted, the way she almost choked on her drink as Abilene drew closer, the way she almost seemed bashful at Abilene's presence. She didn't seem wary of getting even closer, though she found herself keeping some distance to ensure that she did not invade Aeli's private space. She, instead, respected the fact that Aelin felt comfortable enough, whether through her drink or with Abilene's company, to reiterate her story in the way she had.

Abilene had grown frightened that her question was too much upon the silence that threatened to overwhelm them both but Aelin had properly gotten into the midst of her own history shortly after Abilene's. The Damaichu woman settled in her area, leaned back upon the old, mossy earth and held her gaze over Aelin for as long as she could before she pushed herself back up and onto her haunches, her tail slow in its weave behind her.

Her hand extended, brushed over the fur at Aelin's arm to provide whatever comfort it was worth and to let the other woman know that she was there. "I can't imagine being alone like that. It would have been devastating for me," she warranted with a half-turn of her face. "I can see why you're so strong." At least that was the impression that Aelin left upon the Damaichu woman. "The hardest thing I've ever done is being away from my sister." She chuckled before she pulled her bottle of wine to her snout, enjoying a long, hard drawl of its contents.

Her hand fell from the other woman's arm, its presence held there a bit too long, perhaps. "You don't have to be alone anymore, though, if that's not what you want. I'm happy to be here whenever you want to talk or need companionship." She had never really felt so happy that she didn't appear as if she had dog within her ancestry before now, even if it was just to ensure that Aelin had no fears in regards to her.

The situation, however, had grown serious and Abilene had never been one to let a situation remain as thus with that personality of hers. She had taken another drawl of her wine just moments later and then reached lightly for the bottle of whiskey Aeli held. "Mind if I try?"

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Aelin perked up a little at Abilenes touch, and she felt heat rise to her cheeks and the tip of her ears that had nothing to do with the alcohol and very much at the contact between them. “ Ach, I guess I been alone long enough that it bot’ers me none lass. I just ‘ope they are okay over t’ere. “ It was true, Aelin had a few false starts since coming to Nova Scotia. First she had tried out New Caledonia and found it not to her liking, it seemed they were obsessed with ranks, power and nobility. None of those things spoke to the frost-touched wolf, who was more of an honest worker content to work down in the dregs then a wheeling and dealing socialite.

Huffing out a small laugh at the thought of someone like herself wearing fancy clothes and sparkling jewelry, her attention was drawn back to the russet-hued Damaichu beside her. Aelin noticed she had withdrawn her arm, and was saddened over the loss of contact. Her offer though made up for that fact and the wolf smiled, a wide thing that brought light to her otherwise solemn features. It was the first time since coming here that someone had offered her friendship officially, and Aelin moved to throw her arm over the others shoulder to give Abilene a loose hug after she finished speaking.

“ O’ course! I would like not’in better, Abilene. “ She replied enthusiastically, removing her arm and then shoved the whiskey bottle at Abi. “ I don’t t’ink I’ve ‘ad a friend before, ta be perfectly ‘onest. “ The more whiskey she drank, the more pronounced her accent became. Not one to be outdone though, Aelin fished a second bottle out of her pack and popped the top off, laughing in good humor as she moved the bottle to clink against Abilenes. “ Ta new friends an’ good bloody drink! “ If they kept it up at the pace they were going, the bottles would be empty by the wee hours of the morning. Aelin didn’t mind, this was the most fun she had in ages.

“ ‘ere’s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty lass and an ‘onest one. A cold pint and anot’er one! “ Aelin intoned merrily, the irish phrase coming easily from her lips as if she had heard it spoken only yesterday, and not nearly a year ago. “ Slainte! “  The gaelic word for cheers is what finished off her toast, and lifting the glass to her lips, the wolf drank a healthy dreg before placing the bottle down, hiccupping loudly.

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Abilene wasn't sure what it was that she felt between the alcohol and the numbness that it brought on. There was a flourish of heat that she could not deny but it was doused perpetually by the thought that maybe the alcohol was getting to her. She knew she wanted to be friends with Aelin, that maybe there was the potential for more down the line, but she hadn't really dealt with a scenario quite like this where she wanted to be near the other as much as she was. The laugh that she was given by her companion had lifted her spirits, though, and the look that had dawned on Aelin's face when her hand fell left her curious at what other reactions she could tug from her newly found friend the more they got to know one another. Regardless, it seemed loneliness did not seem to bother Aelin who had essentially proclaimed it hadn't. Her worries, more or less, went to the parental figures that she had encountered back in a place that didn't sound much like home.

"You've got one now," she winked with a shift of her weight just a little closer.

When Aelin's arm looped around her shoulder and tugged her in for a hug, Abilene's eyes widened slightly but she smiled and chuckled alongside the other woman. Her own arm found its way around Aelin's back, fingers splayed loosely at the other woman's side. She took hold of the bottle offered to her and after a few small, meager sips, realized the drink was much stronger than her wine which had led to a crinkle of her face and nose before she smiled and handed it back. She had noticed the more they drank, the more Aelin's accent became thicker. It didn't seem to bother her, though, and she had no trouble understanding the other. "To new friends!" she agreed before she sipped more at her own. While she did not know what the term meant, she also returned the cheer. "Slainte!"

Perhaps drudged about by her inebriated state, she found herself enjoying the merry nature that had come out of Aelin at the touch of drink upon their breaths. She had almost forgotten the food. Now she stretched forward, grabbing a few chunks of cooked meat to down before she took more of her drink. She didn't burp or anything but hearing Aelin do so had her giggling in place. "You might not agree with me but you're super cute when you let loose."
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The wolf laughed at the expression Abilene had on her muzzle after trying the whiskey, and she accepted the bottle back in her free hand, glance darting between the now two bottles in her immediate vicinity. “ Ach lass just wha’ are you doing to me wit’ t’is, I can’t be double fistin’! “ Her tone was teasing of course, and it was no trouble to re-cork the other bottle for later use. As the evening stretched on, the fire crackled merrily and the wafting scent of meat touched her nose and with a start the wolf realized just like Abilene she had forgotten all about the meat. Reaching for a chunk of meat, Abilenes next words caught her off guard.

"You might not agree with me but you're super cute when you let loose."

Aelins ears dipped back slightly and she hesitated, gold-flecked dark eyes glancing at the russet-hued hybrid. It felt like the breath caught in her throat for a moment and then the feeling passed, and she quickly finished her reach and popped a piece of cooked meat into her mouth, chewing while she thought of how to respond. Cute? Had anybody called her that before? Had anybody been this close before? Why was she nervous all of a sudden? Clearing her throat, she forced a shy smile on her face. It was probably time to dip her toes in the water, and exit the comfort zone that had kept her feelings wrapped up tightly and kept away from other Luperci.

“ T’ank ye Abi. I… uh. “ Stuttering though sucked all the confidence out of her and Aelin recalled she had a glass bottle in her hand, and drank from it swiftly before wiping the drops off of her muzzle and pressing on. “ Apparently can’t take a compliment even if its from a beautiful wolf ‘erself. “ The only experience the irish wolf had was quick, rushed moments in the back alley behind some pub in Dublin with an unnamed dog. His features hadn’t been clear then and they remained muddled in her mind – partly from how drunk she had been at the time and her mind wishing to compartmentalize the experience away from conscious thought.

All she knew without a doubt that his touch had been rough and his breath rotten, and before he could have gone any farther then kissing her, the wolf had shoved him away drunkenly and stumbled off. While that moment had been largely harmless, the night itself had started a string events that resulted in the loss of her tail and her fleeing her hometown. Taking another drink, Aelin eyed the wine bottle, though she was progressing in her inebriation already at a break-neck speed. Idly the wolf wondered if Abilene could keep up with her.

Little dots of light began to raise themselves from the grass in the surrounding area, taking to the air in an event that appeared to Aelin like magic, but she knew better. “ Look! “ The wolf said excitedly, pointing to the fireflies. “ ‘ave ye seen fairies before Abilene? “ She slurred out, white hair spilling from its braid like it often did.
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