[SL] Decennial Birthday Newspost

[Image: salsola.gif] Salsola Decennial Birthday Newspost [Image: salsola.gif]

➤ One Decade of Thistle and Thorn

Year IV in the rule of Boss Elphaba Revlis; Late Spring in the Thistle Kingdom
This moon rises as any other. It is a clear spring night in Nova Scotia; There is no dust to tint it red, nor smoke to dye it blue. Pale and light as quicksilver she sails up into the dark ocean overhead, embellished with the flickering lights of our myriad ancestors - Salsolans past, Salsolans present, and Salsolans yet even to be concieved, no more than a hungry glitter in the corner of their parents' eyes.

This same moon has watched over us from the first night of our founding. Her pewter blood spills across our holiest grounds, gilding the old Ruins with ribbons of light, settling on the peaks of round towers, resting on the bones of those who slumber deep in the gnarled Blackwoods. There is no corner that her unblinking stare does not percieve. She watches the stories of each Salsolan unravel from fate's spool, stitched up into the great tapestries of our infamous history. Every servant stolen from the great beyond, every pup born zealously within, every ambitious Outsider who comes to make their mark upon the corrupt and splendid culture that serves to deny them; Their names recorded immortal here, their stories embedded into each crumbling stone, reflected in the dancing lights of every hearthfire.

The moon in all her glory seems to be our only constant. Around us, the earth has evolved, twisting and turning in its sleep like a dreaming giant. The sky has sent its fury against us, a bright red star whose afterimages still dance behind the eyelids of those who lived to see it fall. The sea claiming and rescinding that which it has long faught to swallow. The loch, leeching away its seasalt tears and defecting to the will of the shredded peninsula. All this and more have we survived - huge events, unknowable to the mortal minds, but recorded in our stories nevertheless: The constant promise of chaos.

For the Law as we know it exists only to control the wills of Luperci. Our Law has overcome the wrath and bloodlust of many enemies. Ruthless in its survival, Salsola endures.

A decade. A lifetime. A story made of many stories.

And tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, the moon will rise.

Familia Fortis Elegit!

➤ Happy 10th Birthday, Salsola!

Holy Noble peacocks, it's been TEN YEARS since Salsola was founded on May 7th, 2011! As far as packs go, this makes us now the second oldest pack in 'Souls History. We'd like to extend a great many thanks to everyone who has been a part of Salsola over the years and helped make it grow and stick around for as long as it has - Here's to hoping for many more years of Thistle Kingdom shenanigans to come! [Image: reghowl.png]

Some interesting stats and trivia for us to reflect on: In its lifetime, Salsola has had 3 different Bosses; the Founder and 'Mad King' Sirius Revlis, the 'Golden Tigress' Salvia Eternity, and, now, the 'Witch Queen' Elphaba Revlis. It has had 7 major pack plots (3 of which were wars!) and has seen 9 board-wide plots. It has had over 230 (played) members in its lifetime, and has had 101 puppies born (94 of which survived past 2 months) since it was founded. It has seen the rise of 8 new packs and the fall of 11 packs in its long, nefarious history.

Most importantly though, our mascot, Noble the Peacock, who has been around since the Kingdom's year of conception, is still alive and causing trouble! One bird to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them ;)

[Image: regparty.png] Make sure you reply to this post with some form of "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" if you want to claim your annual Birthday 50 Game points!

➤ A Message from Us to You!

Ten years marks a long time, especially in the roleplay world! We hope you all enjoy this big birthday bash with all of its many activities, events, rewards, prizes, and baubles to do and to be gained! You all are a big part of what keeps this pack alive and running year after year, and we appreciate each and every one of you all, current and past members alike <3 We look forward to more eye-catching plots to both play out and read, and are excited to see what the future has in store for Salsola and the characters within it!

We also wanted to take a brief moment to express our gratitude in our own way because we're mushy like that [Image: regbarf.png]

[Image: SLLead-Alaine-byAlaine.png] Alaine
I can't believe that the baby we made has grown up - ten whole years old! It feels like just yesterday that Sirius and Eris came slithering out of Anathema's tunnels, following the siren song of power; I could never have imagined that the pack they formed together would become all that Salsola stands for today. To my fellow Team SLers, Mel & Song: You guys are the best co-leaders ever, and it has been an honor to write alongside you! To my fellow Salsolans: We've been the good guys, the bad guys, and everything in-between. We've seen births, deaths, wars and natural disasters. A huge thanks to every character and every player who has joined us in this grand collaborative story-telling adventure. Be you a Salsolan past, present or future - I am eternally grateful for the fun we've had over the past decade! May our next chapters be equally as rewarding ♥

[Image: SLLead-Mel-byMel.png] Mel
It's kind of crazy to realize that Salsola has existed for a whole decade. For me, a crusty old person, this is a huge milestone – while I've spent twice as long on the forum itself, no pack has managed to endure as long as the Thistle Kingdom! From its inception to present state, Salsola has managed to weave its way into the collective history of our game and the many characters who have come through during their own stories. When my transition from Inferni to Salsola happened, it was a huge shift – and the beginning of one of the strongest leadership teams I've had the pleasure of being a part of! Alaine and Song, you both rock! To all of the players, past, present, and future (join us, Ed), thank you for being a part of this massive, ongoing adventure.

[Image: SLLead-Songbird-byRobertFarkas.png] Songbird
Awwww, yeaaaah, 10 years, baby! I haven't been a leader in Salsola for as long as Mel and Alaine have, but, ever since I joined Salsola back in 2015, I've had a lot of fun! And it's thanks to all y'all — from the plots to the characters to the people I've written with! It's a pleasure chattin', plottin', and writin' with all y'all both on the forum and in the Discord server <333 And, I know that I may not be the most talkative or expressive individual, but, I have enjoyed all y'all's lovely plots and seeing those juicy (and sometimes heartbreaking) character growth moments! I'm excited to see where all these lovely and chaotic characters go from here! To my fellow leaders, go team! It's been a blast co-leadin' with y'all! <333 Thank y'all for makin' it as fun and easy as y'all have! Now, LET'S PARTY, Y'ALL!

➤ A Week of Celebration

Led by Governor Blair, a small caravan of Salsolans arrived with a loaded cart from Portland on April 24th. Some members of the Kingdom might have thought nothing of the group's arrival, particularly after the recent events involving New Caledonia. Another trade-related ordeal, perhaps? Some of the Kingdom's more astute members might have been suspicious. Maybe it was the caravan itself, or was it the cart with its hidden goods that tipped them that something was off?

For a week, nothing was said, but the Governor still remained within the Kingdom. For a week, a hand-picked group of lower-ranked individuals and a few members of the Faction were tasked with curious prep and construction efforts. For a week, nosy bystanders watched from afar and those that dared to ask questions were given vague answers or sent on their way.

On May 1st, however, the Kingdom is called together by their Queen. It is in her opening speech that Boss Elphaba proudly reveals a gift to her denizens; an entire week of festivities to commemorate 10 years since the Kingdom's founding by her grandfather! The pack is encouraged to enjoy relax and themselves, and make the most of this week of activities!

The festival and its festivities will ICly last from May 1st - May 7th.

Foundation Week

Foundation Week will be a week-long event (ICly) with all sorts of festivities for your Salsolan to keep themselves involved and occupied!

The festival grounds take up a section of the Pine Barrens west of Millstone Village. It is there, decorations — flags, banners, and decorative triangles — have been strung up or are staked into the ground. A simple boundary line made up of large boulders and piled, long branches has been crafted to roughly mark off a portion of the forest. Where the trees allow for natural clearings, the ground has been cleared away of debris and replaced with various stalls and game setups. In the open terrain just at the forest's edge, there are even more games set up. There will be plenty of shade, open ground, and cut logs for seating, and there is an obvious, country fair/renaissance festival-type feel about it all.

Go forth! Have fun! Drink, eat, and be merry! There is plenty of do, and only a week to do it all before the Kingdom must return to its daily routines! There are are certain, special events that have been scheduled on specific days! So, make sure you don't miss out! ;)

» Notable Locations

These stalls were erected specifically for this celebration event! They will be up and available to Salsolans for their own private threads during the daylight hours between May 1st–May 7th.
  • Trinkets Stall (run by Mirte)
    • A simple, eye-catching stall with (mostly) Salsola propaganda items available for easy trade.

      Available items: Hand of Eris pins, little wooden peacocks and horses, green-dyed kerchiefs and fabric squares, simple wooden swords, as well as variety of other small items brought up from Portland! Interested if something unique is available? Ask us in #questions!

  • Refreshments Stall (run by Blanche and Corrine)*
    • This is a sizable set up that has had a firepit dug out and a simple "stall" built. Blanche and Corrine will be serving roasted meat (venison, rabbit, chicken, turkey, pheasant) and vegetables, simple and quick-to-make meals, as well as simple bread/potato rolls baked in the early morning hours (first come-first serve on these though!). Water and alcoholic drinks are also available (serve yourself!).

    • *Note: This stall will be unavailable on May 3rd due to hosting the Meat-Eating Contest.

» Daily Mini-Games

These games and events will be available to Salsolans for their own private threads between May 1st–May 7th! They are mostly self-run (though, you are free to reference various pNPCs helping you out!), and there are no prizes for the events, as they are meant purely for entertainment ;)
  • Sack toss
  • Ring toss
  • Archery range/stands
    • For safety and instructions, Duncan is available for usage. Individuals may use their own bows or use communal ones. Targets are available for those seeking a competitive game. For those looking to just shoot some arrows, there are haybales with boards sticking out of them that have humorously-drawn faces on them.
  • 1-mile Horse Race
    • Within a long stretch of open land that expands over a distance of one mile, two poles with flags have been erected. Racers start at one end and race their mounts to the other. Whoever reaches the other end first wins. Racers are permitted to use their own mounts or use a communal one.
  • Log-Splitting Contest
    • Test your ability to split logs with one clean cut, or, see how many you can cut before your arms give out! Bonus, you create firewood!
  • Strength/Pulling Contest
    • Contestants pull a stone-boat sled over a distance of 10 feet over sand/loose dirt. Rocks are added with each pull. There are two harnesses available for those seeking to pull in Lupus/Secui.
  • Greased Pig Catching Contest
    • Operated by Flint, a few of last year's pigs and this year’s piglets are greased with lard and are set loose in a pen. The first individual to catch one wins. Some of these pigs and piglets will be used for food for the festival or for the final feast.
  • Agility Course
    • A simple course setup with various hurdles with adjustable levels, a single set of weaving poles (don’t run into them, they might hurt!), and a 7-foot jump wall. This course is meant to be done in Lupus.
  • Catch the Rabbit Contest
    • Run by Cole. Using a quick-release tactic, a weighted rabbit fur is dragged a distance behind a racing horse. Individuals are to race after the “rabbit,” and whoever catches it first wins. This game is made to entice one’s prey drive and chasing instincts!

» Special Event Schedule

These are special events that are only held on specific days at specific times! Make sure you don't miss out! ICly, this event schedule is posted to the Notice Board for member convenience.
  • May 1st
    • The Commencement of FestivitiesPack announcement thread
      Called abruptly to the heart of the Ruins, the denizens of Salsola are summoned by their Queen who awaits them at the entryway to her home in the tallest tower. As they amass between the buzzing hedgerow and crumbling stone walls, the people whisper rumors of a great week-long festival to honor the anniversary of the Thistle Kingdom's foundation. The rumors are shortly thereafter proven true by the Boss' declaration! Salsola is ten turns old!

      But that's not all - to begin festivities with a bang, Elphaba presents her people with a strange tongue-twisting riddle. Who among you will find the correct answer, and be rewarded with a dazzling choice of prizes?!

      See our (IC) Prize-Winning Events if you're interested in winning the IC prize for solving the Queen's Riddle!

  • May 2nd
    • The Play's The Thing
      In ancient times, plays were written and performed throughout the world. Though the way these stories were presented varied from culture to culture, the purpose of plays remained the same – to communicate with the audience.

      This year, Salsola will be taking to the stage and presenting a new play of its own creation. Written by Governor Blair, who will narrate, the performance will be put on by several Salsolans who will pantomime the action. The story itself will focus on a woman named Forza, a character meant to personify Salsola, and explore and echo several themes familiar to members of the Thistle Kingdom.

      Though not a mandatory event, there's plenty of encouragement to attend.

  • May 3rd
    • Meat-Eating Contest (run by Blanche)
      Embrace your primal side, and gorge like your ancestors used to around a freshly caught deer! Contestants are given bowls of raw, freshly cubed meat. The goal is to eat as many bowls as possible! There is only one rule; eating = swallowing the meat and keeping down. The one to eat the most bowls in the time limit wins!

      See our (IC) Prize-Winning Events if you're interested in winning the IC prize for this event!

  • May 4th
    • Invasion of Boreas Battle Reenactment
      War is no stranger to Salsola, which has not only endured, but won every conflict it has faced. Despite this untarnished legacy, the lessons of the past are not easily forgotten – nor are the losses. A special battle re-enactment will occur in the late night/early hours. Led by older, experienced members, this will pit Salsola's younger and greener fighters into a scenario not unlike one faced by our warriors of old.

      An overnight “invasion” will occur, in which “Boreas” will make an attempt to cross deep into the pack territory. Armed and armored, these reenactors will be seeking to bring down all who stand in their way, while noble Salsolans defend their homeland from invaders! In order to “defeat” Boreas, the Salsolan participants must land a “killing blow” on these enemies (determined by the adult/Boreas participants).

      For safety reasons, the use of range weapons is prohibited.

      Want to participate? Sign-up with the following form!
      [b]Event:[/b] Battle Reenactment
      [b]Character:[/b] Character participating
      [b]Boreas or Salsolan?:[/b] Choose your role (note, characters less than 2 years old cannot be a Boreas actor)

  • May 5th
    • Launch of The Silver Wind
      When Salsola first settled in the Isthmus of Chignecto, the Bay of Fundy was a fierce and terrible place whose tide was among the strongest on earth. In the years since the fall of the Red Star, the land itself has changed – and with it, so has the water. Loch Fundy borders nearly half of the Thistle Kingdom and has, until this year, remained an unexplored place.

      After two years of work, Bogdan Kotovo and his son Igor have finally finished their grand contributions to the pack. Paramount among these is the cutter – a small, swift ship capable of transporting half-a-dozen Luperci out and across the Loch itself!

      To honor this great achievement, a ceremonial ship launching event will be held. Come to the docks and be among the first to see it set sail!

  • May 6th
    • Ritual of the Ancestors
      On the fifth day of celebrations, we take a moment to reflect on those who came before us. Over the past ten years Salsola has accrued more than its fair share of bones, both storied and secret, known and unknown. The coven, led by the Witch Queen herself, invites all Salsolans - be they magic practitioners or nonbelievers - to join them in a special ceremony designed to commune with, and pay respects to, our many dead and missing.

      The ceremony will take place at dusk, and last all the way through to the following sunrise, at the Stone Altar on the western coast. Those who seek to pay dues to their dearly departed are encouraged to bring items or offerings that are relevant to those they have lost.

      A large bonfire will keep the long night at bay, as will the singing and dancing of the witches. Finally in reverent silence we will hold vigil over the spirits our loved ones until the break of dawn.

  • May 7th
    • A Feast to Bring it All Together
      After a full week of celebrations, our extended festival nears its end. What better way to close this magnificent chapter than with a staple of our fine traditions - a Last Supper!

      All Salsolans are summoned on the evening of May 7th to attend the Feasting Hall, where a decadent spread of foods and beverages left-over from the week's frivolities await them. Now more than ever is it important to impress, for your neighbors and the Mafiosi themselves are watching! Dress sharply, and be ready for a rousing speech... And perhaps a surprise announcement, if we're lucky.

» (IC) Prize-Winning Events

Though OOCly run, these games will net your Salsolan in-character prizes. Only played characters can "sign-up", however, they are more than welcome to give their prize to someone else! All of the winners will be announced on May 8th.
  • Queen’s Riddle
    Solve the Queen’s Riddle! To participate, fill out the provided form and PM the OOC Account with your submission!
  • Meat-Eating Contest
    Your character must eat as much meat as they can without throwing it up! The winner will be chosen by a randomizer! To participate, reply to the related thread, fill out the provided form, and reply to this thread with your submission!
    • Prize: Choice of a War belt OR an Ornate belt bag
      [b]Game:[/b] Meat-Eating Contest
      [b]Character:[/b] Character participating
      [b]Post Link:[/b] Your post to the related event thread

  • Pebbles in a Jar
    Guess how many pebbles are in the jar! The winner is determined by either guessing the correct number or being the closest to the number. To participate, fill out the provided form and PM the OOC Account with your submission!
    • Prize: Choice of Ornate gauntlets OR a pair of “Gold” cuff bracelets
      [b]Game:[/b] Pebbles in a Jar
      [b]Character:[/b] Character participating
      [b]Guess:[/b] ###

  • Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
    This year’s fluffy chicken babies have had a piece of numbered chord tied to their feet. They are placed in a holding pen, from which, they will be released from as they race towards a yummy food tray! The first chick to reach the tray wins! Choose your lucky chick with a number between 1-30! The winner will be chosen by a random number picker! To participate, fill out the provided form and reply to this thread with your submission!
    • Prize: Golden Chicken
      [b]Game:[/b] Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
      [b]Character:[/b] Character participating
      [b]Your Number:[/b] ###

  • (IC) Raffle
    Take a number between 1-100! Winners will be chosen by a random number picker. To participate, fill out the provided form and reply to this thread with your submission!
    • Prize 1: Ornate dagger
    • Prize 2: Bow made from yew wood with subtle, decorative designing
    • Prize 3: Leatherbound journal
      [b]Game:[/b] (IC) Raffle
      [b]Character:[/b] Character participating
      [b]Your Number:[/b] ###

» Event Thread Prompts

Need help knowing where to start? Want to participate more, but don’t know what to do? Here are some additional Thread Prompts for you to use!
  • Play one of the daily mini-games! Have a memorable win or an embarrassing loss! Alternatively, make up your own rules for additional fun!
  • Whoops, it looks like you’ve had too much to eat/drink! Do you insist that you’re not as sloshed as you actually are? Are you regretting your decisions? Are you in a food-coma? Passed out in the middle of the road? Maybe try to play a game for some added hilarity! Alternatively, be the Salsolan that helps this unfortunate soul.
  • Talk about Salsola's history that you know of, or, learn about Salsola's history from another Salsolan!
  • Visit the Trinket or the Refreshment stall! Get some bling to commemorate the pack's 10-year anniversary. Eat some festival food or drink some of the honey ale!
  • Listen to some music! Sing and/or dance with someone! Or, be the unlucky participant of another's antics!
  • Phew, after a long day of festival fun, what do you do to relax?
  • Have Noble the Peacock show up in your thread!

OOC Event Prizes

Welcome to our prize table for you, our players! A festival would not be complete without one! In typical Salsolan fashion though, these aren't given out for free! There's a "price" to be paid! ;) See what catches your eye, meet the requirements, and collect your prize!

  • Event Icon:
    • Make 13 or more posts this month

  • 3-month Temporary Titles:
    Familia Fortis Elegit OR
    eeeiu eeeiu!
    • Make 7 or more posts this month

  • Custom Art:
  • Special Anicomb Event Icon: The Crest
    • Participate in 5 event-related threads

[Image: ALAINE-noble.png]
Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola
I'm a leader, so, I'm not signing up for anything else lol

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Kamari Kaiser
Boreas or Salsolan?: Boreas
[Image: gr1uIO7.png]

Happy birthday, Salsola! ;)

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Morrow Larue
Boreas or Salsolan?: Salsolan!
God, happy birthday Salsosa! I was ten (ABOUT to turn eleven) when Salsosa was founded, so I absolutely cannot comprehend how long it's been.

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Azalea Eternity
Boreas or Salsolan?: Salsosan, because she's a babyyyyy!

Game: Meat-Eating Contest
Character: AZALEA! Hahahahahahah it's gonna be HILARIOUS! SHE WANTS THAT BAG!
Post Link: Your post to the related event thread

Game: Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
Character: Azalea Eternity
Your Number: 3

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Azalea Eternity
Your Number: 73
Happy birthday you stinky backstabbers!

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Krios Revlis
Boreas or Salsolan?: Boreas

Game: Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
Character: Krios Revlis
Your Number: 9

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Krios Revlis
Your Number: 48
Happy borthday Salsola!!!

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Aani Aston D’Noires
Boreas or Salsolan?: Salsolsan

Game: Pebbles in a Jar
Character: Aani Aston D’Noires
Guess: 105

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Character participating
Your Number: 28
HAPPY BBDAY SALSOLA you are the disney worl to my souls <3

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Casimir
Boreas or Salsolan?: Boreas

Game: Meat-Eating Contest
Character: Casimir
Post Link:

Game: Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
Character: Casimir
Your Number: 18

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Casimir
Your Number: 92
Happy birf Salsolies <3

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Brocade Valentine
Boreas or Salsolan?: Salsola

Game: Meat-Eating Contest
Character: Brocade Valentine
Post Link:

Game: Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
Character: Brocade Valentine
Your Number: 42

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Brocade Valentine
Your Number: 17

Game: Pebbles in a Jar
Character: Brocade Valentine
Guess: 69 (aww yeeeeeeee)
Happy birthday, Salsola!!!

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: O'Riley Eternity
Boreas or Salsolan?: Boreas

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Grievous Eternity
Boreas or Salsolan?: Boreas

Event: Battle Reenactment
Character: Tattersall Valentine
Boreas or Salsolan?: Salsola
“History doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” ― Mark Twain
Player Wiki | Primary Character

[Image: 80x15_songbird.png]
Happy birfday Salsola!

Game: Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
Character: Evelyn de le Ulrich
Your Number: 5

Game: (IC) Raffle
Character: Evelyn de le Ulrich
Your Number: 30

Game: Meat-Eating Contest
Character: Character participating
Post Link: https://soulsrpg.com/forum/showthread.ph...#pid372737
happy birthday SL <: ! *10 years holy cow* you're a child in middle school


Game: Meat-Eating Contest
Character: Monet Firestone
Post Link: post~

[Image: salsola.gif] Salsola - Decennial Birthday - IC Prize Winners! [Image: salsola.gif]

We'd like to thank everyone that participated in our OOC-run IC games! While this OOC-run event has come to a close, the main birthday events and side-threads are still live and active for all, as is our Raffle for custom art of your Salsolan! So, don't give up on participating just yet! You still have a whole month ahead to jump in on the Special Event threads, make posts to gain those limited edition icons and temporary titles, and rack up Thistle Tickets! ;) We look forward to seeing what your Salsolans get up to!

For now though, we have our the winners for the IC-prizes to announce!

  • Queen's Riddle:
  • Meat-Eating Contest:
  • Pebbles in a Jar:
  • Get Ready, Get Set, PEEP!
  • IC Raffle:
    • Prize 1 (Ornate dagger): Aani Aston-D'Noires
    • Prize 2 (Bow made from yew wood with subtle, decorative designing): Brocade Valentine
    • Prize 3 (Leatherbound journal): Evelyn de le Ulrich

    If you are the winner of a prize that gives you a CHOICE, please reply to this thread with your chosen item!

[Image: ALAINE-noble.png]
Much love and Happy Posting - Team Salsola
Azalea will be snatching up that ornate belt bag, thank you very much.
[Image: i4sQXcG.png]

Krios will take a scented candle stick for the riddle and he'll take those dope ass gauntlets for the pebbles 8D
Evelyn will take the pouch of exotic spiced jerky!
mmmmm Methinks Monet will be grabbin' that Armored Bridle~

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