[DND] Do you know why the flowers never bloom?

Tell me God, are you punishing me? Is this the price I'm paying for my past mistakes?

The headache he had at the moment was gnarly enough to where he needed to just find himself a nice and shady place to relax for a bit. The weather was quite warm today, which had made the male quite cranky because of the need to breathe while bound in his tight leather armor. At some point, he had decided to come out from the bound leather and only wear the bottom half of his armor for a bit of time. Vegard let out a long breath as he laid beneath a well shaded tree. He should have been doing something else about now, like getting ready for a hike, or doing something, anything "useful" rather then just lazing about and trying to get some shut eye.

If he was going to be awake, maybe he should have made use of the time.

He thought about that for a long time, and he still sat there, underneath the tree as if he was unbothered by the anxiety of being useless when truth was, he was very anxious about it and every moment spent laying there made the anxiety fester in his chest until he could feel adrenaline rush through him and make him jolt up from his spot. Vegard huffed lightly to himself and looked around to make sure that no one had really seen him suddenly jolt up as he did. He brushed himself off as he got to his feet fully and moved towards where he had tied off his mare, Valkyrie. He figured if he was going to go anywhere, he might as well take her with him, just so that Kattegat knew he was out and would not be searching for him within the forests of New Caledonia. 

He also knocked on the wooden planks that covered Kattegat's room within their home as an announcement of his departure. "I am going scouting, don't wait up for me." he spoke as he turned away from the home and he took his mare to the front of the home to get her prepared to leave for an extended amount of time. He fitted her with saddlebags that held dried meats and old bread mostly with some other trinkets and a knife or two. Vegard also wore his axes on his hips for protection, of course.

The man with eyes like coin had turned away from his home, feeling as if there was something he might have been forgetting..

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Open my eyes in a    D A Z E
How long has it been? Am I so out of    P L A C E?
Warmth I can no longer    F E E L
My mountain is gone, I'm surrounded by    S T E E L
The strangest of structures arises    A H E A D
Seems to be held up by    N O T H I N G
Where have I gone, do I  D R E A M?
How can the stars be all I can  S E E?
Quote:Pathfinder I : Find a vantage point in New Caledonia where you are able to view something wonderful! Examples include: area for border patrol, view of the sea, place to view city square etc. (We’re going to the Mordotir for a strategic view of the valley)

Slowly, Ingvildr’s expeditions were becoming more systematic. The incident with the bear had seen to that. And the sprained ankle. Sitting still for days on end had merely led to an accumulation of frustration and an acute need to get out there and see what lay beyond. She had explored many of the areas closest to Fort Kingsbury, and her hunting often led her deeper into the valley. Her father had taken her and her sister out of packlands, but he had known where he was going. Sólveig had ventured out too, in the company of her aunts, but Ingvildr was determined to be able to make her own way. The problem was that she still had much to learn, and she wasn’t yet convinced that she would do very well by herself away from the security of the pack. What would have happened the other day if Ierian hadn’t come to her rescue. She shivered just thinking about it.

Now her ankle was feeling considerably better she could do it. She loaded up her father’s horse, Striebro, a dappled grey stallion, with anything that she thought might come in handy. This time she even had a few items she’d decided might come in useful if she injured herself. This time she was thinking ahead. The incident with the bear had left its mark.

Striebro tossed his tail, but otherwise, he stood patiently as she mounted. She adjusted herself on his back, settled herself down and then nudged him into a walk. He was accustomed to carrying her and her sister and for a stallion considered mellow, and so he didn’t give her trouble. This wasn’t true of every day, sometimes he was more pernickety than others, more obtuse about commands, but Ingvildr had been helping her father with the large grey’s training, and it was slowly proving worthy.
Across her shoulder, Ingvildr had slung her bow. She might not yet have been a great fighter at close combat, but her archery skill was undoubtedly decent. How could it not be with all the practise she’d been putting in?

Streibro’s nose flared, he’d smelled Vergard’s mare up ahead.
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