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Quote:permission to slightly PP Azalea.

Aani- her momma- had left her once again. 

Lina’s turquoise eyes swiveled around her searching for her siblings. It would seem it was just the girls today. By girls, it was Deirdra and Azalea. Her momma left her with her friend. The one with a pretty smile and a pretty face. There was no question to why Momma did the things she did, and in the small- two month olds- mind, she was not supposed to question her momma. 

“Don’t do this” or “you better freakin’ stop”, those were the words she heard in her head. She didn’t move, just simply sat by the foot of Deirdra’s, and glanced upwards at Azalea. Deirdra was calmer today, likely from no outside influence of her Momma or Arius. 

Azalea had taken them on a short walk, and now they were resting. But Catalina didn’t speak, didn’t whine... didn’t make a peep as her new found babysitter was with them. Silence- that was the best option with anyone.
Azalea felt a little anxious. She'd come over to their home following the promise that they would do what they normally did together - opium. Instead she found that the puppies were still there. If there was one thing she didn't like the idea of it was doing opium in front of the puppies, and she'd said so. Normally they would be at Eden's by now. It wasn't like there was anywhere they could hide while taking it, and then who was going to be in charge and sober in case something happened to them?

And then a lot of things happened very quickly. Aani got mad at her, for a start. She did that a lot, when they were alone. It made Azalea anxious about their entire situation. But then she would be so sweet and gentle afterwards, even if she did invade Azalea's personal space and make her uncomfortable sometimes. It was confusing, and made her feel like she was walking on thin ice all the time when she was around her. But it wasn't like she just couldn't come over. Aani was her supply of opium, and there was something more, a strange connection that they had begun to develop. She didn't know exactly the words to describe it, but Aani treated her like nobody else did.

She'd taken Arius and left, though, leaving Azalea with Catalina and Dierdra. She didn't know how to take care of puppies! What if one of them got hurt? Or sick? How long until Aani would return? Azalea pondered all these questions as she stared out the open door, long after Aani had gone, hoping to see some hint of her return. But, after so long and nothing, she was forced to accept that this was just the way that it was and that she'd better make the best of it. She'd spent some time with the puppies before, so it wasn't like she was a stranger to them, and for that she was grateful. After a short walk, they were back at the small cabin, and Azalea was at a loss for what to do.

Turning around and putting a smile on her face, she looked at the one who looked so much like Aani. "Catalina, how are you feeling? Do you want anything? Are you hungry? What about you, Dierdra?"

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They had walked back towards the cabin, and within moment- Deirdra was bounding forwards jumping towards Azalea’s little feet. Catalina found herself draw back a little bit, her thoughts preoccupied. At such a young age, she seemed so confused. Much like that of an adult.

”Welcome to the real world, sweetie. Not everything’s sweet and nice. Quit being a naive brat.” Her mothers’ words echoed loud and clear in her head. Her mind- momentarily went to a happier thought. Eden. Her mommy. She was beautiful and wonderful, and the sweet little girl, came around once surrounded by the showers of attention.

One day- she wouldn’t have to worry. One day—

What? Azalea was speaking to her? She understood most of it. But Deirdra was the one who spoke instead. Hungy! Hungy! Cat, Hungy? Catalina didn’t answer, and Dee ran to her sister a growl coming from her puppy throat, Lina’s tail drooped even more and she focused on their surroundings. Finding solace in a blade of grass at her feet.

Lina. Talkie? No. The garbled words escaping her mouth was much to Catalina’s disliking, but she walked beside her sister- and Deirdra began to tug on her ear. At first, it was gentle, but then- the bite became a little harder when those puppy teeth bit into her tender flesh.

A yipe escaped her mouth, and one word she spoke. Her anger mustered into it, and Dee stared. Her sisters demonic colored eyes were like little daggers, eating into Catalina’s turquoise ones. Dee’s Tail raised in a dominant way, and Catalina felt bad that she had even said anything. Hey! Immediately, her tail dropped again, but her ears were pricked forwards. Her eyes staring back at Dee, if she looked away- Dee would attack.

That’s how they were. Dominance was a bitch, sometimes.
Azalea looked at the two puppies expectantly, and was surprised when Dierdra answered her instead. Okay, they were hungry. She could work with that. Surely Aani had some food in the cabin somewhere she could give them. She smiled at the way the yellow furred puppy danced around at her feet, because they really were very cute. Catalina was very quiet, though, prompting her to reach out towards her to see if she could comfort her. But before she could, her sister ran up to her and began growling and biting her, shocking Azalea into silence.

Azalea and her sisters had never acted like that towards each other. Sure, they played with each other, and that often included light biting and lots of growling, but this didn't look like that. This looked like a dominance display from the way that Catalina was reacting, and Azalea wasn't entirely sure how to react. The yipe from Catalina spurred her into action, and she gently picked up Dee and separated the two of them. "Dierdra, you can't act like that to Catalina, it's not nice at all. When you want to play with someone you need to be gentle with them. Can you apologize to Catalina please?"

She still wasn't entirely sure that they were even playing at all, but she didn't know how else to broach the subject. "And Cat, are you alright?" She asked, letting Dierdra down a couple feet away from the dark furred girl before leaning back down to survey the damage. Gentle fingers tilted Catalina's head up and picked up her ear, looking at it closely for blood or injury. "Does it hurt at all still?" Azalea was sure that she was fine, but she wanted to hear it from the young girl's own mouth before moving on to getting the sisters to make up and move on.

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There was a difference in the way the half grey and white faced female reacted. Her pretty green eyes calm and kind, and unmatched to that of her own mothers. Angry, malicious, and full of venom.

Catalina didn’t wince whenever her sister attacked her, but the elder female reacting gently at first- by picking up Dee, made Catalina freeze. Would she hurt her now? And when she spoke to her calmly and gently, Catalina froze in her steps looking up to this female with adoration. An angel, who was mothers “play-thing” but ultimately their savior.

Hey! Dee squirmed whenever Azalea picked her up and at Azalea’s scold, Dee lowered her ears. S...I... ugh. it was as if the yellow colored female would refuse to apologize. Catalina was okay with that, having her off her back was enough for a moment. Aani encouraged their aggression, feeding it with showered affections. The only way to win their mothers love, was to fight.

The darkness threatened to take hold, swirling around her mind, but Catalina shook her little puppy head. She wasn’t hurt, and whenever the kind hands touched her head- she couldn’t help but wince slightly. N...no.. no hurt. The soft voice was merely that of a mouses whisper. And Dee pricked her ears and stuck her tongue out at her sister.

Seconds later though, Dee approached her- and stared her down, hard, before saying; Sorry Alina weak. As much as an apology she could get, and Catalina wagged her tail. Is’kay.
Azalea smiled at the puppy in relief when she said that she wasn’t hurting. Her comparatively massive hands rubbed the top of her head gently before turning to Dee. A long pause followed as Dierdra stared at her sister, before moving over to her and giving a false apology. About to make her give a better apology, Azalea recognized the cause as lost and gave up. They could work on that together. Catalina accepted it and they moved on.

”Okay then, let’s get you two some food, since you’re so hungry that you’ll chomp your sister’s ear off.” She announced, pointing at Dierdra and grinning, hoping to add some levity to the experience. ”I bet Aani has something hidden away, let’s go look.” She stood, beckoning for them to follow, and began to sniff around for food. Fortunately, there was a store of dried meat, which Azalea quickly dished out for the duo. ”Do you two have a favorite food? Mine is chicken eggs.”

Catalina’s ocean eyes were bright on her, and Azalea couldn’t help but imagine why she was so quiet and shy. She acted entirely different from Lilium, who, while quiet and fairly reserved generally speaking, was not the kind to simply take abuse from her siblings (not that Azalea or Whisper had ever done any such thing.) No, it was more than being just a bit of a quiet person. She would have to keep an eye on the two of them and try to figure out why, and if she was hurting at all. She didn't want to have to tell Aani that her puppies were being mean to each other, but if this continued then she just might have to. Azalea bit her lip anxiously at the thought that Aani may already know and not be doing anything to help Catalina feel better or help Dierdra learn to be nicer. It certainly wasn't a conversation she wanted to have, or felt comfortable having. Unconsciously, her eyes flicked to where the bowl of opium was hidden, her gut clenching. 

She wouldn't do drugs with the puppies around. And Aani wasn't with her, and Azalea didn't know how the woman would react to her doing opium by herself. To distract herself, she took one of the strips of meat from in front of the puppies and began to gnaw on it worriedly. "Sorry, I guess I'm hungry too, I hope you don't mind sharing."
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