[NEWS] May 2021

Spotlights for May 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Since triumphantly and speedily finishing her Cueponi riddle with a clever answer, young Azalea Eternity has been busy making a name for herself among the infamous Family of Salsola. Involving herself in all sorts of adventures, from a trade event with an allied pack to stirring trouble with a fellow packmate and planning to get her Cotona scar, Azalea is quickly becoming a household name to her fellow Salsolans. Azalea is all over the place in Salsola, helping out pack members and getting herself familiar with foreign packs at every opportunity, something that's not seen very often with Salsola's typically secretive and sometimes snooty nature. We can't wait to see what wild journeys she jumps headlong into next!

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
This month's Community Soul is Ems! Within their primary pack, Ems has been working hard to drum up interest and activity for pack projects and other projects like Wiki updating, contributions to DCG storage and helping out other players there. Beyond that, Ems has been super active across Discord and very engaged with many members of our community. Thanks for bringing the hype, Ems!

[Image: 9ZN8n8k.png][Image: salsola.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Sionann de le Poer is a wolfdog from Airgid Gleann, and a member of the Macha Tribe. She was born alongside her siblings Torin and Maeve in a small, but growing pack whose influence was spreading with equal speed. After spending a childhood in the rolling glens and fields of Ireland, Sionann and his siblings were approached on their first birthday by a foreign relative – a representative of the de le Poer House who informed them of a coming-of-age ritual. Encouraged by their family, the siblings fell into division over where to travel. Sionann and her brother Torin decided to seek out their uncle and other relatives in Nova Scotia, while Maeve traveled to her mother's homeland in the north.

Both Sionann and Torin joined Salsola after discovering their uncle had settled within The Thistle Kingdom. Sionann has many connections within Salsola, where she has lived for several years. She has begun experimenting with dyeing her hair and has an interest in magic, sea-creatures, and tries to remain an optimist in an unfriendly world.

If you are interested in adopting Sionann, please contact Mel!

News & Updates

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Early spring was cold and muddy, but as the season advances the temperatures rise. The rain and return of the sun ensure that life returns to the land. By now, trees have filled in and flowers have begun to bloom. Migratory birds begin to return, while others raise their newly hatched chicks. Predators will find more young prey during their hunting trips.

A small earthquake occurs on May 10th, around 8pm. Luperci in the Sticks and Stones region will feel this, though the duration of the event is brief – only a few minutes. The visible damage is minimal.

Spring Forth, Words!

Whew, that was a lot of words! Spring Forth was a smashing success, with a total of twelve winners. Congrats! And many thanks to all who participated! We're super glad to see the level of interest and involvement, even if not everyone finished!



Icon prizes have been awarded. Straight A Students -- please claim title prizes via Maintenance by the end of the month!

'SoulsChat Bots

Have you seen the shenanigans our Discord bots have been up to lately? Such shenanigans!

bNPC Survey Reminder

We read your feedback! There wasn't a lot of it, which means not every voice is being heard. If you haven't responded to our bNPC poll, we would like to hear from you -- these responses will help us shape the future of the bNPCs on board.

If you haven't, please let us know what you think via this anonymous survey!


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