[P] Attack like the Fire and be still as the Mountain
Pack Event: Decennial Birthday -- Invasion of Boreas Battle Reenactment

If you signed up for our battle reenactment, you're in the right place! Members participating as Boreas will begin beyond the borders before making their way past the Great Falls and head towards the main pathway. Their goal is to reach The Ruins. Salsola participants can attempt to stop the invasion or alert their own group/gather aid. Boreas will win if they reach the Ruins, and Salsola will win if they capture or "kill" the Boreas actors.

Characters have been instructed to treat these encounters as sparring events. A character "dies" if they are unable to continue combat (ie: are completely restrained), though participants can "tap out" at any time. Major damage is to be avoided. In the event of an actual injury, all mock-combat must immediately cease.

Don't be afraid to make use of the #plotting channel to organize encounters! Please allow all Boreas actors to post first. Posting will then open up to Salsola defenders, at which point our order will be established.

Clouds blossomed from the south. This late in the night (so late it was early), there was barely any light to be seen. O'Riley put his nose to the wind and sniffed deeply. If there was rain coming, he could not smell it yet. This was ideal, he thought. Rain would make this whole exercise more dangerous than it needed to be.

Overall, he was pleased by the assembled “invasion force”. Among them were experienced combatants, including Grievous, who had lived through the event which had inspired their current action. Despite this, it was O'Riley who oversaw the organization of the group. Like his role in his mother's play, he took his job here very seriously. While they were not aiming to hurt their opponents, O'Riley made it clear he wanted things to feel real.

Not all of the Boreas armor would fit O'Riley, who instead took pieces which could be stuck atop his own. He had joked about painting his face again, but in the dark, his clothing did the trick well enough. His two-legged form was tall and imposing. The sword he drew barely reflected the light, which pleased him. With half of the Shield members among the collective and two men he knew capable of fighting to boot, O'Riley thought their party a fair representation of the very real danger their old enemies might present.

“Brocade's probably planned something,” O'Riley warned the group. He grinned. “Don't go too easy on them.” Boreas hadn't pulled their punches when they crossed the borders and killed old men and attacked children.

The five false-invaders slipped past Salsola's borders and into the packlands. The night swallowed them.
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Kamari’s scent is disguised (she smells like the Pine Barens; pine, dirt, and leaflitter) because she likes to play on Hard Mode xD
When she’d learned of who their opponents would be, Kamari had purposely chosen a different set of blades to bring with her for the battle scenario. As a member of the Shield and someone who regularly dealt with threats beyond the Kingdom, Kamari did not keep dull blades, however, she had a few that were duller than her primary ones. They were still just as dangerous. The difference lied more in how easily and effortlessly they could cut through flesh. O’Riley had wanted authenticity, and the auxiliary knives were as close as Kamari could get without putting the yearlings or the pink-eyed Arbiter at risk. The Director was a skilled combatant, and she had little to fear of him misusing the weapons should they meet on that fateful night.

Not that she had any intention of being found to begin with.

Kamari had dressed in clothing she typically wore when she went far beyond the Kingdom’s protective and trap-lined borders. She wore a high-collared, long-sleeve tunic that was made from a light and breathable material. A pair of pants went with the tunic. Both were dark in coloration and loose-fitting to allow her a great range of movement while also distorting her true mass beneath it all. Leather bracers protected both of her forearms, and, in addition to her usual knife in the small of her back, she’d tucked one away into the folds of her tunic. To help further distort her movements and figure in the darkness, Kamari wore her hooded cloak about her shoulders.

She had taken things a step further with disguising her scent, purposely masking it so that her presence was nearly indistinguishable from the woodland and terrain around them. After all, they couldn’t let the Director and his fellow troupe of Salsolans discover them that easily.

Her cornflower blue eyes shifted to the imposing figure of the Erilaz when he addressed them one final time before their invasion was to begin. The Boreas group’s goal was to reach the Ruins, and the defending Salsolan participants were to prevent such a victory. Kamari let her gaze flick to the other Boreas combatants: her husband, Striker Krios, Equinest Grievous, and Confidant Casimir. O’Riley’s squad were all experienced fighters, had all seen combat, and she was curious to see how the opposing group would overcome them. Idly too, she pondered the idea of Brocade giving his participants some sort of ridiculous, inspiring pep-talk.

O’Riley initiated the mock invasion, and Kamari disappeared.

The shadows were her element to command, and command them, she would.

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The Goddess had seen fit to bless him with talent in archery and ranged combat. It had helped him to rise the ranks and become the pinnacle scout. And he was not permitted to even use it as a false Boreas invader, not even with blunt arrows or padded ones loaded with dye powders. No. He had been forced to pick a weapon that was more up close and personal to threaten his fellow packmates with, even if he felt terribly naked without the ability to draw his bow. It had come with him, of course, but there had been no way in hell he would have left his father's dragonhead bow unattended, even in that instance.

Not a lot of good it did him without a single arrow on his person, of course.

Krios took a page out of his wife's book and dressed in dark clothes and hid knives on his person at various spots. Some were harder to reach than others, especially without the same level of flexibility he had prior to his injuries earlier that spring. He had a sword on hand, too, though it was not exactly the sharpest blade he had ever had in his hands. At least the young and inexperienced would face a slightly weakened enemy, though that enemy was still decidedly outclassed them.

Scent disguised, body cloaked in dark, loose fabric, and an eagerness to see what mischief he could cause left Krios rather excited to start. It would undoubtedly prove extremely amusing, especially with his uncle leading the defenders against their overly experienced assault team.

Brocade was going to be so eager to amp those kids up that he could picture his overzealous prancing. How many of them was he going to scare off from joining the Shield or even looking at the jobs that would force them to work in close proximity to the Director? Those kids never stood a chance, honestly.

O'Riley set them loose and Kamari - naturally - disappeared instantly into the shadows like the ghost that she was. He sighed, knowing that she was going to make it a real challenge for those youngsters, as rightly she should. He wasn't going to go easy, but he also wasn't about to go for killing shots. Kamari was going to make them sore in the morning at the very least.

Krios streamed into the silent wood after her, though his path split from hers well before he could even manage to catch up. Maybe he'd get lucky and avoid the defenders entirely.

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