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ooc: set a little ways off from the Ugly Coyote, the coastal part of charmingtown. April 27th, mid-afternoon. pabs

It appeared the whole of this little village nestled up against the water was free for her to roam, as long as her intent was friendly and she wasn’t opposed to paying for anything more then just a room. The trades so far had been slow to bite, but Aelin found this Gang fascinating. It seemed to be similar to Casa in the aspect that there was work to be done, but unlike those of higher standing who had earned the right to relax, it seemed the highest ranked individuals were very much self-starters and working alongside their comrades just the same, if not more. She had to admit it, the wolf found the culture interesting. It was refreshing. The smell of leather, dust and coyotes was strong – horses too.

There were more then a few surly looks thrown her way but it hadn’t bothered the frost-touched female any, after all when she had come to the knights borders did she not face the same scrutiny? Thinking back, she thought that they had been quite a deal more suspicious then any of them cared to admit. After making a deal for Lindir’s studding services though, Aelin was somewhat pleased with who she had managed to connect with so far. Everybody was quite a deal shorter as well, she was noticing, except for a few individuals. Striding up to the rocky shore that bordered where visitors may roam and the lake’s water, Aelin padded along in the water, long silvery hair loose and spilling out of her braid, the end hanging to where her bob-tail sit.

A bottle full of whiskey – half drank the evening before she had made her departure hang somewhat loosely in her grasp and she nursed it while humming a tune, the afternoon warm and the sun bright. The humming turned into a quiet song made up of foreign language – some nameless gaelic pub tune or another that had been passed around the more rowdy bars. It wasn’t meant to be quiet, but Aelin was simply a guest here and did not wish to attract too much attention in matters such as those.

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