[AW] A Drink
Quote: Grovekeeper I - Spend some time watering the plants.

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Seira had always enjoyed nature, but her favorite part of spring had always been the fresh bloom of flowers and plants. Her family had taught her certain flowers had medicinal purposes, though her memory had become fuzzy on which ones were which. A smile pulled at her lips as she looked up to the cloudless sky. The clear weather had promised a beautiful day that lay ahead.

Seira had left her home not long ago with soft hands careful while carrying the full teapot, aimlessly wandering through the city square. New Caledonia was her home now, and for the first time in ages, she felt comfortable with her life here. The unknown no longer terrified her; for now, she could forge her own path in life whatever she may want. Today was no different; though small tasks may go unnoticed at first, she had enjoyed the small amounts of flowers that bloomed throughout the city square. The flowers had been a pleasant surprise, adding to the beauty of buildings and the feeling of home and belonging.

Her two-cup teapot was small for the task she had assigned herself, but she happily continued onward. Some distance south of her home was a river she could collect water from at her leisure. Today she would give the wildflowers within the city square a much-needed drink and perhaps relocate some of the flowers to a new home around her house.

With the small teapot filled with water clutched in her pale hands, she set to work. The wildflowers were collected in small patches throughout the city square, and if she were to give most of them a drink, she would have to work diligently. Seira came to her first collection of wildflowers, and with a cheerful smile, she sprinkled a portion of water over them. "You all love lovely. I hope you enjoy this drink." the greyscale doll spoke mostly to herself, but partially to the beautiful cluster of flowers before her.


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Losse had been feeling braver and braver as of late, feeling more inclined towards stretching his growing legs and sense of adventure. His sense of adventure was strictly restricted to within packlands, and most usually within earshot of the home he shared with his beloved mother and siblings, but as he grew so too did his willingness to be bold. Today was a step towards greater boldness -- he wandered into almost certainly the safest place in the entire territory, the city square. There was no danger to be found amongst the members of his pack, but there was a certain amount of nervousness at the distance he was from the safety of his mother's arms. But longing to be held by his mother was something for babies, and he was growing up. Saga had said so, told him he was half a year old now and soon to be shifting. She had absently patted him between the ears and sent him on his way, probably so she could do mysterious adult things without him clinging to her. He had heard that word, cling, and wasn't quite sure what it meant, but he knew that he did it a lot, if overhearing his mother was anything to go by. 
He shook his head and sneezed, abruptly clearing the thoughts of his mother out of his head. Losse was becoming a big boy, and big boys had grander concerns in life than what the things their mothers said meant. It was still early yet, but the sky was clear and the day was shaping up to be a beautiful one. It was time for adventure, fun, and maybe finding a good stick to chew. He was open to the possibilities. He romped and ran in the peculiar, sprightly way of puppies, with stops and starts as he paused to sniff everything he possibly could, only to get immediately distracted by something else. A butterfly gently winged past him and everything else was abandoned as he gave chase. It was suddenly, incredibly, vitally important that he catch this butterfly. It was with such incredible focus on the butterfly that he did not notice he was rapidly approaching a fellow Caledonian's legs at something approximating the speed of light, or as close to that as he could personally manage.
Almost too late, Losse realized he had an imminent collision and panicked, trying to stop his forward momentum and only succeeding in turning it into a tumble. He yelped loudly as he rolled over on the ground before landing belly up at the feet of his packmate amongst the flowers. He hoped he didn't hurt any of them, he liked flowers. 
"Hi," he said. "I'm Losse. What are you doing?"

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