Community and Spotlight Souls

Community and Spotlight Souls

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Each month, the pack leaders collectively decide to choose one or two different members to highlight them for their activity or contributions to the site. There are two distinctively different spotlights -- the traditional and long-standing Spotlight Soul, which highlights a character's In Character plots and distinctions, and the Community Soul, which highlights a players' general activity and Out of Character contributions to the site. Each Soul gets a special star in both their custom title, and next to their name in the Online List.

Spotlight Soul

  • The basis for Spotlight Soul is in character activity. Spotlight Souls are generally:
    • active
    • participating in interesting plots
    • participating in pack threads or pack activities, if applicable
    • creating and becoming involved in unique plots and storylines
    • writing threads that are interesting and fun to read
  • The Spotlight Soul is award to a character, not a player.
  • Out of character activity is not taken into consideration.

Community Soul

  • The basis for Community Soul is out of character activity. Community Souls are:
    • noticeably active and contributing to threads in the OOC areas
    • free of drama, attitude problems, etc. Always respectful, polite, etc.
    • contributing actively to their pack and assisting their leader (e.g., helping with contests or producing pack pride images, etc)
    • helping out on the Wiki or (correctly) answering newcomers' questions
    • making gifts and graphics and other goodies for people
    • active with all characters. (Note that while the basis of the Community Soul is OOC activity, if the member has a character s/he should be reasonably active with him or her. However, a member can still be chosen for this spot even without an active character.)
  • The Community Soul is awarded to a player, not a character.
  • In character specifics are not taken into consideration.
  • While there is ideally a Spotlight Soul every month, the Community Soul spotlight may be given less frequently, ie, it's okay to go a few months without a Community Soul.

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