[P] The wanderers return

Word Count → 317 ::27th

The soft scrape of metal on stone was the only sound that filled the morning air, aside from a soft slosh every now and then as Keldava rewet the stone. The wolfdog had arrived back in Arte several hours ago. It had taken a while to get the new animals settled in; Vildiha had adjusted to the stable fairly quickly but getting Mary in with the other cows had taken some work and cost Keldava a bruised side from a half dodged kick. Thankfully Gemma – the other cow – and Marlowe – the bull – had gone in without much fuss, though Marlowe had seemed rather sad to see her go. Devini had ignored Keldava’s attempts to get her to go home and rest and affixed herself to her shoulder, purring gently as Keldava went about her work. The kitten had grown a lot during the trip and was even beginning to pick up a bit of high speech even as Keldava begun to understand feline low. Between the two they could almost hold a conversation now.

With the animals either settled or dozing on her shoulder Keldava had set about cleaning and checking the weapons she had traded for. Considering the cheap price she had paid Kaldava wasn’t surprised when several proved useless. So far two spears, a bow and an off, wide blade that the trader had called a “machete” had proved to be usable weapons and placed in a pile, while two short swords too rusty to fix and a mace with a loose head had been discarded. Keldava was currently sharpening and cleaning a third spear with an oilstone, sitting cross-legged against a tree while she worked. The work was dull, but in a way calming, and the undeniable usefulness of it made it much more bearable; if nothing else the spears would be useful as hunting weapons, and the machete for clearing vegetation when building.

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