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Word Count → 345 :: Set 25th in Amherst. See this viewtopic.php?p=1885#p1885 post for animal descriptions. Vildaha is a large, black Friesian Horse with a big scar.

With Keldava as used to travelling alone – or at worst with fellow canines – it was somewhat weird to hear the sound of hooves on concrete following her as she padded down the human street, looking for somewhere to rest. It was a rather strength procession following her; large, unpredictable Vildaha and package laden, docile Snowdrop trotted along side by side, a thin leather cord connecting them. Behind them, held in place by more cords, were the two cows and the bull that Keldava had managed to acquire. Keldava had been worried by the massive, muscled bull at first but he had actually been rather pleasant, following commands easily and giving her affectionate headbutts every now and then, The smallest of the cows, a brown shaded thing named Lucy, had been much more of a bother, trying to bite or kick Keldava multiple times.

Keldava’s eyes flickered back to the bovines as her mind drifted over them, or more specifically towards Devini, who was perched happily between Monrowe’s horns. Devini had grown a lot on the trip and was getting much better at high speech even as Keldava did low. She couldn’t speak it much yet but could understand it much better and had been delighted to find herself useful in relaying Keldava’s orders to the cows and guiding them via Monrowe.

Eventually Keldava managed to find an old human park which seemed alright for resting in. The animals were freed from their restrictive walking grouping, though cords tied to the ground or various objects still stopped them from going too far. With the animals set in a rough circle around her supplies Keldava set a fire, quickly building it up strong enough to cook and hanging a slab of meat above it. Devini prowled forwards, climbing Keldava’s back and draping herself over her shoulder, nose twitching at the smell of cooking food. Smiling Keldava scratched under Devini’s chin and leaned backwards against Monrowe, reaching upwards to scratch the bull just under his horns before simple leaning back an relaxing, waiting for her food to cook.

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[/html]“You’re a fool,” Wilson meowed.

Levent frowned and didn’t bother to disagree with him, wincing when the cat dabbed some poultice on the wounds he couldn’t reach. Hobbling on three legs, Wilson came around to the other side of the bed to look at him, driving his point home with his round yellow eyes, before holding up his gunk-coated paw for inspection. “Done.”

The man nodded wearily then grabbed the roll of gauze, realizing with a frown that he was almost out. He sighed and began to rip the bandage into strips, wrapping it around wherever his limbs were injured and deciding to ignore the damage done to his torso. That finished, he groaned and pushed his hand through his hair, letting his posture slump as he looked out the window of the bedroom. [html][/html]“İçimde bir şeytan var,”[html][/html] he muttered.

Wilson frowned at him for a moment, perhaps weighing whether or not to acknowledge the statement. He lifted his small white shoulders, simply pretending not to understand the Turkish, and dropped down off the bed, trotting down the hall. He meowed firmly over his shoulder: “Get your sorry arse out of bed and come feed your horses.”

All Levent could do was obey him, standing with a grunt and moving down the hall, one hand bracing along the wall as he went. He stepped out into the garage and glanced at the bag of scant food he’d managed to scavenge for the equines; Mai had apparently ripped into it, and the remnants of the grains and grasses were spread over the floor. He blinked then scowled at the mare, who whinnied mockingly at him before turning and presenting him with a lovely view of her rump.

The sooty buckskin gelding offered him a gentler, kinder greeting and closed his eyes blissfully when the brown wolf scratched him along his jaw and muzzle. Levent suggested that they go out to the park to graze the autumn grass, and Umut seemed glad for the excursion. Mai only snorted.

By now, there was little need to truly lead them; Umut followed him like a puppy and Mai, the only one in real danger of running away, had resigned herself to the fact that her handler meant guaranteed safety if nothing else. They followed placidly enough, Wilson hitching a ride on the paint’s back, when Levent headed toward the small open space of park there the horses liked to stand and run around.

It soon became evident that something was different, however. The scent of cooked food wafted toward Levent and set his mouth involuntarily watering, though he suppressed the response as best he could and reached back to touch Umut comfortably when the scarred gelding shivered. Cautious, muttering various Low Speech orders to his animal posse, the loner moved steadily forward until he found another ragtag bunch of creatures had settled in the park.

With the number of hooved beasts, Levent expected to see a few different Luperci maintaining the fire or setting up a camp, but instead his gaze was drawn to a canine shape reclining against the largest of the cattle. Recognition pinched his face, and he stopped, about to shove the horses in the reverse direction. They needed to go anywhere but here, and so he used the subtlest equine gestures he could to motion for them to stay away from the park before it was too late.

Shooting him an aggravating look, Mai trotted forward instead and neighed a bold greeting to the pair of horses. Levent blinked then set his teeth in a growl, not budging even as Wilson clung to the paint mare’s back in shock and Umut flattened his ears timidly.
[html]<br/><div style="font-family:'Special Elite'; font-size:30px; text-shadow:#666 1px 1px 2px;" class="sl" title="The sheep separated from the flock is eaten by the wolf.">sürüden ayrýlan koyunu kurt kapar</div><br /><link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Special Elite' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>[/html]

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