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Spotlights for June 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
The ambitious Peony Braithwaite has been working hard to make herself known amongst the Del Cenere Gang. She has organized and carried out multiple visits to the other packs in order to make trade and improve relations and seems to have her eyes set on progress and improvements for her pack. Peony's been quite the diplomat recently, traveling throughout 'Souls and visiting neighboring packs and Loner Bands. Within the gang her efforts have earned her a place among The Ashen Ring, where she serves as the "ear" of her pack. What's next for this former debutante?

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
Our community 'Soul this month is Juni! Juni is one of the most active chatters among both pack and public Discord channels, always hyping other players up and getting people engaged in conversation about their characters and plots. They've recently made a full 100% responsive div free-use character template for the wiki to share around as well! Thanks for bringing all this fun energy to the forum, Juni! You rock!

[Image: cdc.gif] Featured Pack Adoptable
Coming to Casa di Cavalieri from Maine where she lived a humble life as a hunter and trader, Balti has worked hard to prove her worth to Casa and escape the disappointments she'd experienced in her old home. Often found keeping the pack's stocks full or aiding in patrolling, Balti has the quiet and focused personality of a well-experienced huntress but with the heart to seek out a new path for herself. Climbing steadily up the ranks, Balti now has the chance to pick her destiny; will she remain the reserved and thoughtful huntress, or will she find her voice and let it be heard across her new home?

Contact the CdC OOC Account for more information!

News & Updates

Table of Contents
The days begin to grow warm and humid as spring gives way to summer. Throughout the land, the forests are thick with greenery and color as more flowers bloom. Insects return in abundance. As the weather warms, bats reemerge from their hiding places. By the end of the month, temperatures remain in a steady place. A few strong storms blow through the area, but in general, the rainfall is mild (if frequent).

Notably, white tailed deer have begun having their fawns – a clever hunter might be able to sniff out an easy meal. Around the coasts, Harbor Seal pups become a more common sight. Luperci would do well to be on alert for moose calves, often accompanied by their larger, angrier mothers or tailed by hungry black bears.

Updated: Rules > Graphics

We've made some revisions to our Rules regarding graphics and art. Most are minor clarifications and updated wording, but notably all art sources now require credit, including photography.

Compared to 10-15 years ago, there are a ton more resources online for free-use stock photos and Creative Commons work, so there's really no excuse not to use work that is explicitly made to be used and to have attribution! Our handy profile field for avatar credit should also making crediting artists and photographers easier, which saves staff from having to hunt through dense Wiki pages for credit, and lessen confusion and information gaps overall.

We've also overhauled the Art Theft section of the Graphics Guide with new examples and information about tracing, copying, and referencing work.

Referencing (and tracing!) can be a powerful learning tool, but sharing referenced and traced work without citing sources (especially if the sources are fellow 'Soulsters!) can be an awkward faux pas at best and misleading or deceitful at worst. We do not generally count referenced work as plagiarism or art theft, but please do be courteous to your fellow artists! When in doubt, crediting sources never hurts!

In the same vein, we hope artists can give each other the benefit of the doubt too -- there are many ways for two artists to reach a similar result without directly copying from each other. We hope this helps clarifies things a bit.

Quick Rule Update FAQ

Does the credit requirement for art and photos apply retroactively?
We'll only be enforcing it on current, new, and returning characters.

We don't think it's realistic or reasonable to require old accounts and characters have credit for all images used, especially for photos and photo manips, and removing them would also remove a lot of 'Souls history, which we're not keen to do either.

Does the credit requirement for art and photos apply to the Wiki or Discord?
From an enforcement standpoint, no.

Of course, we've always encouraged art credit on the Wiki, but it's a lot less straightforward as to where/how to credit. We'll work on some guidelines for that, and we may edit in credit for work whose creators we know, but no one will get in trouble for failing to credit on the Wiki. As for Discord, this usually isn't an issue anyway, as most members are more than happy to mention where their art came from. :)

Small Wiki Reminder

Speaking of graphics -- if you choose to use colored headers and subheaders on wiki pages, please remember to use high contrast colors! We recommend using a Contrast Checker to measure the readability of your color choices.

Additionally, while colored headers can help separate out different sections of a page, colored subheaders and further colored subdivisions lessens the effect considerably and instead makes the page more overwhelming, especially if vibrant colors are used. If you haven't in a while, we recommend reviewing our Wiki Uniformity guidelines for a refresher!

bNPC Updates

Oh? There are now a pair of messengers looking for work, and a few other fellows looking for help...


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