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He was a man on a mission, a yote with a string to pull. Lit down and fired up, there was a certain something he was watching for. Benji wouldn't have bothered with this fool's feast if not for a particular bit of in-for-mation sliding by his unruly ears. Really, with the size of them, how could he miss out on anything?

Every sunrise saw a new word of the day; And the word of today was New Caledonia.

Specifically, a singular person.

She was here. Somewhere.

Now Benji was no small man, a healthy height and weight for his dubious blood, and yet, yet, yet, he was a man outclassed, out sized and boy howdy wasn't that a nice cool drink of refreshing. He had to tip his head all the way back to look her in the face, at least, he had the last time he'd seen her and time would only tell if she'd grown any taller.

Benji himself, he was done with the sprouting like a weed. Green flashed through the crowds of strangers, and easily he wormed his way among them. Well lookie here, there was an opportunity if he saw one, his greedy thief's hand sneaking out with a practiced motion, to flip a pretty little necklace into his own possession.


Tipping his hat in a mighty respectable way to those that he was familiar with, Benji gave up his bastard's grin that sure wouldn't melt any butter. No focus here, people, just your friendly, helpful young man, making his way downtown.

The long coat danced about his calves, whipping with every long-legged step, a crisp white linen shirt and dark, leather pants were a style all his own. His father's stolen hat stop his head, not that the drunken motherfucker would even notice it missing, completed the ensemble. Plus, now he had this fancy looking neck-er-lace to call his own. This day was only getting better and better.

Then, then, then, amazingly, astoundingly, out of the press, there she was.

Elbowing his way through a group of wolves without a care in the world, he ignored their muttering in favor of hooting appreciatively as he approached, arms outspread in greeting,

"Oh, oh, oh! There she is, th'wench of th'hour!" Benji's voice boomed, green eyes alight with a little something-something all just for her.

Taking himself to a stop before the grandness that was herself, he swept his hat from his head, letting them huge ears of his and the unruly mess of his hair roam free, and was bowing himself reaall deep and low, before straightening, keeping the leather rambler clenched in his paws,

"Hey there Lil' Lady, is' bin some kinda while now, ain't it?" The 'yote bastard purred, his head cranked back to peer up at her face.

There weren't many women in the world that ticked all his boxes, unlike his own father he wasn't a whoresbane of a man, and yet, Hokori Tanaka got his engine turning, spinning, freewheeling, into overdrive. Benji never even though no con-tem-plations of danger, nor any check to his rear-view mirror before slamming his foot down on the gas pedal.

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Hokori was drunk. Kind of. Almost. Well, maybe about halfway there. She had already knocked back a few but the simple fact of the matter was that she was just too damn big. All that muscle mass and largeness of frame was great for kicking ass sure, but it made trying to get shitfaced much more difficult. At the moment she was merely buzzed, intoxicated technically but not yet so soused that she could blame any rash actions she took on the devil's brew. Nope, the bad decisions she would no doubt be partaking in would be her fault and her fault alone. And that honestly seemed more honorable than letting some substance take the blame. No sir, Hoko's hellraising was something to proud of not quietly shoved away into a closet of shame.

Being down in Cenere country again was a nice experience, a bit of a break from the routine of home. Her father was always extra jumpy when they visited but that was because he was both a full-blooded wolf and a generally paranoid wreck of a man. She was still young enough that she didn't really care about checking her corners constantly. Maybe one day she'd end up like him, all frantic and high-strung hanging on a pair of swords like a comfort blanket but that day was not today.

The mutt had a vision of herself as her father's double, dressed in an oversized robe and hat that clashed with the bandana around her neck. The thought made her snort, nearly blowing cheap beer through her nose. God that would be a sight, a pair of color-blind cowboys walking around. She would stick to her usual clothing, which was nothing at all if one didn't count the ribbon carefully wound through her hair. It was easier to just not bother getting dressed, especially knowing that there was a good chance whatever she was wearing would get dirty anyway.

Unless...you were supposed to dress up to impress someone right? That was a thing people did. Put on a nice dress or a cloak or something and make themselves pretty so that people took notice of them. Or at least that was something some people did. Hoko didn't know if that was how one was supposed  to go about getting someone's attention but she really wished she knew so she could hurry up and get with a certain coyote.

She could always just tell him that she was interested in him. Yeah, use her words like a big girl. Tell him that she thought he was fun and funny and that she loved holding him in her lap and thought it was adorable when she scooped him up and he wiggled around, all that stuff she wanted to say could actually be said!

Or... or or or...

She could hold it all in and die slowly because she was too nervous to put herself out there like that. Goddamnit why did this have to be so hard? She was literally trying to become a combined prostitute and counselor yet somehow saying "Hey idiot you're handsome and I love you"  was too scary for her. Why?

That was because helping someone get a load off (heh heh) was just performing a service in exchange for compensation. This was opening herself up to someone with the hope that he felt the same way or at least wouldn't laugh in her face. Oh fuck, what if he did? He wouldn't! Benji was so nice to her but...what if he did?  Hokori Tanaka, seven feet and six inches worth of powerfully muscled wolfdog who didn't take shit from anybody or anything, wilted at the impossible scenario in which the handsome boy she loved spit in her face and scorned her.

And then he appeared.

Benji strolled right up and before she knew what was happening Hoko had snatched him, dragging the coyote into her lap with an affectionate squeal. "Hey doofus." She grinned, squeezing the air right out of his lungs. "I know you've missed me." With her handsome buddy entangled in a surprise wrestling match Hoko was free to rock him back and worth like one would an unruly puppy, heart pounding so hard in her chest she could swear it was audible to anyone around. 

Oh Christ this felt so good.

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Oh her eyes, such a delight to set his poor sinner's desire upon. They were blue, blue, blue, gleaming from her coal black face, cutting through the acidic hunter green of his thrice-damned sire he sported. Slicing him in half, they never failed to crack him wide open.

There was a breadth of space between the tips of their heads, an entire one foot one inch of majesty she topped him by, and any such comp-re-hension of the fools surrounding them was lost to their attention.

Stone cold sober he was, and yet, enticingly intoxicated in her stare.

A moment hung, held up by the effortless connection, and was shattered, broken, as the lady of his obsession wrapped those thick arms of hers around him. Benjamin found himself taking a seat regardless of his own will, manhandled so effortlessly that it took his breath away, the wheezing exhale of himself lost below her excitable squealing.

Yes, oh yes.

He lost his hat, uncaring that it fell to the ground at her feet. She could stomp her feet all over it for the shits that he gave.

"Uhuh, uhuh." Benji ground out, his breath throttled in his throat, and he would die, die and be happy, choking on his own lungs. "Shure missed yerself, Amante." He managed to bubble out, wriggling around in her grip so he could suck himself in enough of that good, fresh air to keep having his next breaths.

"Didja miss me?" Husky, his voice dripped low into its purring, bastard's vibrato.

Twisting like the slippery bastard he was, his hand managed to find himself a heaping handful of her burlesque thigh, squeezing with black-tipped pale fingers. It had been too long, too long since he'd stolen a touch, a sniff, a moment of basking in her presence.

Wrenching himself about, slipping on her lap like an eel, Benji straddled her legs, his tongue found the curve of her neck and chanced a dare to feel her racing pulse below the cover of skin and muscle. It was openly aggressive, a possessive touch, a step they'd never taken before, but he was done dancing around chances. It was all or nothing.

"Huh? Didja miss me??" One got nowhere with a powerful woman by being weak.

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She was kinda sorta maybe squeezing the bejeezus out of poor little Benjamin Michael Winthrop but he could just friggen' deal with it. If he was going to make her all weak in the knees then the least the coyote could do was put up with her boa constrictor style hugs. With his hat unceremoniously dumped to the ground she was free to park her muzzle atop the mane of wild curls, dead set on just appreciating the fuck out of his existence for as long as she could. 

"I am going to do your hair someday soon and you cannot stop me." 

Whether that was a threat or a promise didn't really matter, she meant it either way. One hand ran up the bastard's neck to entangle itself in all that curly goodness, scratching at Benji's scalp as he slipped into Spanish. The gears turned in her head as she swam through the bits and pieces of the language and when she finally figured it out, well, she could do nothing but grin. "Oh is that what you're calling me now?"

Goddamn that was forward. And she liked it. She liked it quite a bit. Her anxiety over getting rejected seemed pretty ridiculous now, Hokori's hand moving to cup Benji's face even as he felt up her thigh. It was obvious what direction things were moving in but she still kept the game going, her devil's grin only  getting wider as she responded to all that wonderful attention to her throat. 

"Maybe a tiny bit."

Hoko went farther than just a little love-lick. When she tilted Benji's head to expose the swell of his neck she went all in, teeth finding purchase and bearing down. Carefully, oh so very carefully, bruising the skin and making him hers. When she pulled away it was only to kiss at the marked spot, tail wagging behind her as her hands roamed all over her little dude. 

"I think we should go find a more secluded spot."

She was just gonna be out with it? Okay then, that worked.
"Like I'd even try..." Sounded like an alternative heaven to him.

Most men, maybe most men, would be fightin' tooth and nail for their freedom. Nu-uh, not him, no way, no how, no ma'am. He was shut behind the gates, locked in the closet, slam them jail cell doors before his sharp face 'cause like hell he was going a n y w h e r e.

"Shure am... is dhat a prob'lem?" His voice dropped, falling low and simmering there in the puddle of their deviancy.

Benji laughed, a deep-throated thing as she man-handled his head out of the crook of her neck, and found himself clutched between her large-spanning fingers. She could do anything and everything to him, crush his head, snap his neck, rip his tongue out. He swallowed again and again, though not from fear, oh no, oh no no no, she scared him in all the good ways, all the right ways, but never like that.

Benji made a sound, something caught between a whimper and a moan.

There was thunder in his chest, rising, rising. The kind that the heralds sung about.

He had no room for second guessing, for nervousness, for things that troubled you in the dead of night when you couldn't sleep. Benji wasn't his father, or his mother, he had no wanting of anything else, except this. He would be happy with this. With just her.

Teeth touched his throat and he shuddered, caught between her hard planes and his own dancing delight, wordlessly trying to make her name on a voice that deserted him for other dimensions. She held his head but his hands were free, free to explore without interference.

"If'n tha's what th'lady desires."

By the feel of her, it was indeed.

"You're gon' have t'let go dhen." That or stand up and haul him off to wherever, he knew which option he'd take if presented the choice.

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"A problem? No."

It was actually the complete opposite of a problem. Benji had somehow figured out exactly what Hokori had wanted to hear before she even knew herself! The little coyote had spoken to the deeper parts of her that always seemed to well up, the need to be in control and on top at all times. It wasn't healthy for her to frame even her close connections this way, she knew that, but did she give a fuck? No. All she knew was that Benji had just called her 'Mistress" and she really, really, liked the sound of that. 

"It sounds good coming out of your mouth."

The urge to nip at the delicate curve of his neck had risen up naturally, overtaking her before she could worry about if she was going too far. And then he made that sound. He whined, whimpered, expressed a mixture of contentment and fear that she could practically smell. Oh yes she wanted more of that, lots more. The bite was sudden, carefully made and followed by another and another, trailing from his throat to his collarbone as she worked to make Benji melt. 

"You're gon' have t'let go dhen."

Not happening. When Hoko pulled away from her favorite little long-ears  the wild grin on her face showed inkling of loosening her grip. What was the point of being big and strong if she wasn't going to use those muscles? Without a care for who could see the wolfdog stood up and threw Benji over a shoulder as easily as if her were a sack of grain, tail wagging madly as she set off in search of a secluded area.

"I don't know you if can handle me, lil coyote. You ready?" 

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