[P] [M] She got me beat down and bruised up, I'm bleeding, barely breathing

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He was a man on a mission, a yote with a string to pull. Lit down and fired up, there was a certain something he was watching for. Benji wouldn't have bothered with this fool's feast if not for a particular bit of in-for-mation sliding by his unruly ears. Really, with the size of them, how could he miss out on anything?

Every sunrise saw a new word of the day; And the word of today was New Caledonia.

Specifically, a singular person.

She was here. Somewhere.

Now Benji was no small man, a healthy height and weight for his dubious blood, and yet, yet, yet, he was a man outclassed, out sized and boy howdy wasn't that a nice cool drink of refreshing. He had to tip his head all the way back to look her in the face, at least, he had the last time he'd seen her and time would only tell if she'd grown any taller.

Benji himself, he was done with the sprouting like a weed. Green flashed through the crowds of strangers, and easily he wormed his way among them. Well lookie here, there was an opportunity if he saw one, his greedy thief's hand sneaking out with a practiced motion, to flip a pretty little necklace into his own possession.


Tipping his hat in a mighty respectable way to those that he was familiar with, Benji gave up his bastard's grin that sure wouldn't melt any butter. No focus here, people, just your friendly, helpful young man, making his way downtown.

The long coat danced about his calves, whipping with every long-legged step, a crisp white linen shirt and dark, leather pants were a style all his own. His father's stolen hat stop his head, not that the drunken motherfucker would even notice it missing, completed the ensemble. Plus, now he had this fancy looking neck-er-lace to call his own. This day was only getting better and better.

Then, then, then, amazingly, astoundingly, out of the press, there she was.

Elbowing his way through a group of wolves without a care in the world, he ignored their muttering in favor of hooting appreciatively as he approached, arms outspread in greeting,

"Oh, oh, oh! There she is, th'wench of th'hour!" Benji's voice boomed, green eyes alight with a little something-something all just for her.

Taking himself to a stop before the grandness that was herself, he swept his hat from his head, letting them huge ears of his and the unruly mess of his hair roam free, and was bowing himself reaall deep and low, before straightening, keeping the leather rambler clenched in his paws,

"Hey there Lil' Lady, is' bin some kinda while now, ain't it?" The 'yote bastard purred, his head cranked back to peer up at her face.

There weren't many women in the world that ticked all his boxes, unlike his own father he wasn't a whoresbane of a man, and yet, Hokori Tanaka got his engine turning, spinning, freewheeling, into overdrive. Benji never even though no con-tem-plations of danger, nor any check to his rear-view mirror before slamming his foot down on the gas pedal.


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