[P] Checking in
When Remy wasn’t working with the horses, he was working on the house, or perhaps just doing chores for the pack.  Today had been a long day, and though twilight was settling in, and he still smelt like the stables, Remy had one more thing to do before he’d allow himself to go home.  This wasn’t a chore though, this was a pleasure, and while the young Luperci’s body ached from a hard day, the prospect of the visit buoyed his spirits.

Auger held a special place in Remy’s heart.  The patient man had dealt kindly with a lost pup, and ever since had been a valuable part of Remy’s family.  When things had been noisy and hectic, Auger had been a pool of stolid calm.  The last couple of days, the golden eyed youth hadn’t seen his friend and decided to pay a visit to the two Luperci, just to check in and make sure that they were managing.  Remy had heard that the pair had a pup now and not only was he curious, but also wanted to offer any help he could.  Though he was no parent, he’d had to help with siblings in the past.

Remy shifted the bag on his shoulder as he approached the home.  He guessed that the two new parents would appreciate some food, and the golden eyed youth knew how to cook.  He was no chef, but no one had complained about his cooking, so he guessed it must be okay.  The building was small, with a faded and non-descript exterior that blended seamlessly into the sun-baked shrubbery that encircled it.  Remy approached quietly, and tapped lightly on the front door.

”Auger? Notch? It’s Remy.  Not seen either o’ y’ in a couple o’ days.  Thought I’d check in, see if y’ needed any help?” He paused for a heartbeat ”I brought y’ guys dinner.” He finished, a little lamely, as though that might clinch the deal.
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Over the past couple of days, Auger's respect for parents had grown exponentially. He had already respected them; raising puppies was hard work. Auger had done some puppy sitting, and letting pups follow him around, but that was nothing compared to this. And some parents raised multiple pups at the same time! He couldn't imagine what it would be like if he and Notch were outnumbered when he and Notch often felt overwhelmed by just one. Maybe it was a little different because their new daughter had just lost her mom, and seemed constantly worried about there being enough food. She was skinny and Auger guessed small for her age, so he didn't blame her. Her mom had been in far worse condition. It was clear to Auger that all of her energy had gone into making sure her puppy was eating, ultimately at the cost of her own life. Or maybe she had been sick with something else.

That was not something that Auger had time to dwell on too much, though. Right now, he was trying to figure out how the heck she had managed to disappear in their house. They had some furnishings, but not that many. All he had done was turn around for a second to put a knife up out of her reach and then, poof! Disappearing act. Had she found a hole in a wall big enough for her to wiggle through? That's just what he needed.

"Dynia?" Auger called, running a hand up over his face. He ended the motion by tugging on some hair that had come loose from his braid, leaving it standing up straight a little. For a second, he thought that the tapping was Dynia and he turned around trying to figure out where she was, but it was quickly followed by a voice that was definitely not Dynia. No, it was Remy and his mood lifted at the mention of food. Auger went towards the door. Apparently the mention of food was enough to draw Dynia out from wherever she was hiding and she made it to the door before he did. Thankfully she couldn't open it, though. Instead she bounced around in front of it.

"Food! Food! Food!" Dynia chanted, but the moment Auger opened the door, she scampered backwards, apparently realizing that someone who wasn't Notch or Auger was on the other side of the door.

"Hi Remy," Auger said. His hair was still sticking up a bit, but he offered a tired smile. "Come on in." He stood aside to give Remy space and then closed the door behind him. "I'm hoping to be able to get back to work soon, but..." He trailed off, looking uncharacteristically overwhelmed as he glanced at Dynia as she watched Remy with a guarded expression. "This is Dynia," Auger said, and then turned to his daughter. "Dynia, this is Remy. He's one of my close friends." Auger wondered if Remy would like to be Uncle Remy. Something to mention later. Dynia moved forward a little, stretching out to try to sniff Remy without getting too close to him.
As the door opened, Remy smiled at Auger’s tired and dishevelled appearance.  It really was nice to see the older male, and having the other in front of him, made Remy appreciate how much he’d missed him around.  Greeting Auger as a family member, Remy hugged him, luxuriating in the other’s familiar scent.

”Nah, it’s fine, y’ take all the time y’ need, the place’ll still be there when y’ ready.”

That said, he turned his golden eyed gaze to the pup and smiled.  He remembered being her age, and her size, and he could distinctly recall all the nights he’d laid on the floor with siblings.  He handed the bag of food to Auger.

”I’ve come t’ do some cookin’ f’r y’ guys.” As he said that Remy lowered himself to the ground, making himself a less intimidating figure.  He made no move to go close to the pup, and perhaps she’d not become friendly after one visit, but Remy dealt with skittish horses every day, he could exude a calm and friendly demeanour when he needed to.  He was an affection and passionate member of the gang, and family and pack were what his world revolved around.

”it’s good t’ meet y’ Dynia.”  Remy said gently, not reaching out, just resting his hands palm up on his folded legs, so the pup could approach in her own time and say hello, or take in his scent.

”We ain’ met yet, but we both got one thing in common I reckon, we both love Auger, but more important, we both like a good meal, right?”

Remy’s tone was even, and while some of his words might have been hard to understand for the pup, Remy judged that she would have at least some understanding of what he was saying.  He looked up at Auger with a cocked head.

”Most o’ the stuff in the bag is chopped up and ready.  Y’ got a bucket o’ water t’ put o’er the fire?  Gotta roast the meat and boil some o’ the vegetables.”
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Ah food. That was quite possibly the best gift a new parent could get in Auger's opinion, and he knew that it's what he would bring for the parents of any future litters or adoptions. It was something he now wished that he had been doing before.

Remy's move to sit down reminded Auger of the way he had done the same for Remy many times. It wasn't fun to have adults towering over you, especially when they were already a bit intimidating. Dynia got a little closer to Remy, sniffing hard. His scent was probably at least a little familiar since Auger was often around him. Auger gave her an encouraging look when she glanced at him as Remy spoke to her, but he made no move to push her. She would warm up to Remy on her own time, and Auger was sure that she would adore him once she did.

"Veg-ta-bles?" Dynia repeated, making a face. Auger had offered her a few things so far, and she wasn't too keen on many of them, but since there was meat, too, she would be all set. Maybe he could get her to try some of the vegetables, too, if they were different from ones she had already tried.

"This is perfect, Remy, thank you," Auger said. He got the bucket of water needed to put over the fire. Dynia came closer to sniff the bag and clearly smelled the meat because she tried pawing at it. "It's not ready yet," Auger told her gently and she made a pitiful whine and looked at him, then Remy, with large pleading eyes. Auger instantly crumbled and pulled a small piece of meat out of the bag. After chewing it up a bit he let her have it. Eventually he would need to learn to be strong against her sad eyes and begging, but today was not that day.

"Alright, the pot is ready. Is there something else you wanted to roast the meat? Or just all into the pot?" Auger asked Remy. He figured Remy might want to take over since the stew was his idea.
As Dymia repeated the word vegetables and made a face, Remy put on a shocked expression.

”Oh, no sorry Auger, the vegetables I brought are only f’r big Luperci, they ain’ for puppies.”

The golden eyed male was no parent, but he still remembered how he’d always wanted what he was told he couldn’t have, and sometimes, when you wanted a pup to do something they didn’t want to, you just had to forbid them from doing it, or exclude them, it was crude true, but it often worked.

As Dymia moved to the bag and Auger took out a little meat, Remy smiled and shook his head at the other male.  He loved Auger, fiercely and without reservation.  A lot had happened to Remy and his adopted family, but somehow, all the jagged wounds felt blunted when he was in the presence of this loving, kind and calm Luperci.  The younger male laughed as Auger caved into his pup’s demands.

”You’re such a pushover Auger.” Remy chuckled, touching his muzzle to the other affectionately. ”No, don’ need anythin’ else, jus’ watch the magic happen.”

Remy tipped carrots, potatoes, a number of green things and large and numerous, chunks of meat into the pot, along with salty roots, which he’d remove once the cooking was finished, they weren’t that tasty, but they did make the stew saltier.  He also tossed in a handful of flour, so it’d thicken the mixture.  Remy stirred the stew occasionally, but while it cooked, he pulled out wooden skewers and pressed lumps of marinated meat onto them.

”Okay, now these are an experiment.  I soaked the meat in juices and stuff I thought would be tasty.  If I roast them on the fire, should be good to have with the stew, or later on.  Either way, y’ should have leftovers f’r a little while.”

Remy chatted while he cooked, keeping an eye on his concoction and filling the place with smells that made his own stomach gurgle.  After twenty minutes or so, Remy removed the thickened stew from the flames and gave it a stir, dipping his finger and tasting.  Nodding silently, he removed the skewers and placed them on the outside of the sack he’d brought, out of reach of the small pup so that Auger could pull the meat of the wood and Dymia wouldn’t get anything stuck in her throat.

”Come and get it, or I’m gonna eat it all.” He widened his eyes at Dymia, and grinned mischievously.

Looking to Auger he asked.

”Y’ been sleepin okay?”
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Auger watched Dynia's little face scrunch when Remy told her that the vegetables weren't for her. Auger knew exactly what he was doing and he was also fairly certain it would work.

"Don' want 'em anyway," Dynia insisted, but her little voice was more obstinate than before. He was fairly certain that there would be at least a few theft attempts for him to ignore while he was eating. Her nose started working as Remy got the food going and Auger wondered if he should give her something more to eat or just chew on, like a bone or something so she didn't start complaining about the food taking forever. Or maybe the little bit would be enough for her to wait.

As the food cooked, Auger got out their mismatched bowls. Two were made of wood and the other one was chipped ceramic. Dynia always got one of the wooden ones so that she didn't hurt herself on the ceramic's sharp edge.

"Here's the bowls," Auger said, passing them over to Remy. Dynia was squinting at him as if trying to decide whether he was being serious about eating all of the food. "Sleep is uh... well it happens sometimes." Auger sighed, rubbing his tired eyes. That part had to get better, right? If it didn't who would want to have multiple litters? And it didn't seem like all the parents of older pups were walking around looking like zombies.

"Meat, please," Dynia said, apparently deciding that Remy would not, in fact, eat all of the food. She shuffled closer to him, eyeing the skewered meat that he had nearby.

"I'll get those for you, Dynia," Auger told her. She pouted again, but she also plopped her butt down and waited. He got her food ready first, chewing the meat a bit like he had before. "Some days are easier than others," Auger said, getting back to the sleep topic again as Dynia started eating. He saw that she was avoiding the vegetables that were in the bowl. "I think things are getting better, though."

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