[P] Prey, Hear Me ROAR
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Normally the sable woman hunted in Optime form with bow, but today she felt the need to go back to her roots. She hadn't shifted to lupus form since a long time before she arrived in Casa di Cavalieri, it was an odd feeling at first but before long she stood on all fours.  For a moment Kai just stood there prancing on all fours, getting use to the feeling and then looked over her petite body. Heterochrome orbs caught glance of her longer than normal tail and gave chase twirling in circles before eventually falling to the floor of the Wetu and laughing.  She shook her head as if she could rid herself of the dizziness she created with no luck, so she laid there still for a moment to regain her composure.

Of course, being in lupus form had it's disadvantages, like opening doors for one.  Luckily her small home was built with a heavy leather flap that she could push out and in when in this feral form.  The other disadvantage would be getting the animal back to the fort for the necessary skinning and butchering.  The Wolfe-Denahlii  believed in using every part of the animal, but maybe she could ride back out on Willow and pick it up.  She would worry about that when she needed to, there was no guarantee that that All Mother would bless her with a kill today.

As the onyx wolf pushed through the doorway of the Wetu the sun was just creeping over the horizon, it should be prime feeding time for whatever pray she was granted today.  She quietly and quickly made her way over the bridge and past the courthouse still blending in the dawn of the morning shadows. While normally she would be humming and dancing out the gate, she didn't want to disturb anyone that may still be sleeping.  Stopping in her tracks as she reached the fountain in the town square, she lifted her muzzle.  Charcoal nares flared taking in a scent that wasn't canine.  Kai tilted her head, slightly confused as her orbs of moon and sun darted around looking for what or who it might be.
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Raising a mountain lion was not the same as raising a pup. For one, Parzival would not be going through some kind of shift to signify his coming of age, and there was no telling when the boy would stop growing or be considered 'adult' by his species. And Cedric wasn't about to go and find another cougar to ask them either, so they would just have to guess at things. The easiest way forward was to not treat Parzival as a canine child, but give him the same time-frame as one. And at seven moons old, the boy was still growing but in need of some training on ways of life. Cedric doubted at the moment the cub's chances of surviving alone, when Parz did eventually leave. Given that the young cat spent all day in a house and was fed every meal instead of finding it himself, Cedric knew they'd have to change some things. 

Starting with teaching Parzival to hunt. Down in his own natural form, Cedric pushed open the door to their home and waited for Parzival to go first. It took a minute, and some glaring from his golden eyes, but eventually the kitten came outside into the sun, grumbling a little. "Why must we hunt?" The cat mumbled, hopping down from the porch and looking up to Cedric from the gravel road. "You get all food that I needs." Cedric huffed as he followed the boy, standing a good foot taller than the growing lion. 

"Because one day you'll have to get food on your own, hunt it down and eat it. If you don't learn, you won't eat." Cedric tried explaining, avoiding the fact that they'd had this same conversation already when inside. Parzival waited for Cedric to take lead before skulking in the Lune's shadow, still grumbling to himself. 

"Not sure why..." Parzival huffed, "Papa gets the food." Cedric almost smiled at the name call. Given that Parz only heard things around Cedric and his daughters, he'd naturally grown to call Cedric 'Papa' over anything else. The cat didn't really understand the implications of the name, but for Cedric it always prompted a little smile. They picked up pace to move around to the center of town, then head for the Fort's gates. 

"Well then you can help Papa, does that sound fair?" Cedric replied, before stopping to notice someone else occupying the square during this early morning. Her dark coat wasn't familiar, but after a moment Cedric at least recognised the family smell. "Good morning," Cedric began, his tail moving to slowly wag, only to thump against the head of a lurking Parzival near his heel. "We were going for a hunt, care to join and better our odds?"

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Soon her gaze fell upon the Lune and a very large cat which took her by surprise, she wasn't use to seeing Cedric in lupus form and she definitely wasn't aware that their was a mountain lion residing in the Fort.  Kai closed her eyed and bowed her head to the Lune, Good morning… she was going to address him as Lune but remembered Lucian saying how he preferred thing to remain informal.  And who is this with you? She looked behind the snowy man and watched as his tail thumped against the kittens head, Kai couldn't help but chuckle.  Well it's a pleasure to meet you both, formally anyway.  I hadn't had a chance to introduce myself properly with the Olympic games. she paused and smiled a moment, My name is Kai, Kai Wolfe-Denahlii.  I'm Jace's granddaughter. The sable woman moved front and center once more.

If one were to look at the two canines now in the center of town it was almost comically, they were complete opposites.  One the color of light, one the absence of light.  It made the woman laugh.  It just so happens that I was going hunting myself, I would love to join you both. The trio started making there way towards the Fort gates, happily Kai began to hum softly as she pranced.  So Cedric, you prefer Cedric over Lune correct? she smiled and looked back at the large kitten, I wasn't aware there was such an amazing feline within the pack.  Where did he come from? Kai was very curious, she loved all of the creatures the All Mother placed in the world, it was just a surprise to find a feline of such stature with the Lune. 

Before too long they had made it outside of the Fort walls and she paused waiting to know which direction he wanted to go.  Do you have any thoughts of where we should hunt this morning.  The lands have seemed bountiful of prey lately, do you have a preference of what to hunt? The Wolfe-Denahlii woman smiled, she assumed this was a training mission for the young, but large feline that followed closely behind Cedric. With the three of us, we should be able to hunt anything, but this is more for training, yes? She thought about how large felines hunted a little different than wolves or canines.  Stalking their prey and pouncing it when they least expected it.  Maybe in the woods up towards Summervile or maybe west towards Windsor? Hunting in the forest would be more familiar to the feline and maybe allow instincts to take over.
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Cedric did almost seem to thrive with the company of a little shadow. Perhaps it was all to bring him back to the time when Freddy would follow him around, watch the man interact with others, and come closer to being out of his shell every time. Parzival was different yet much the same, and Cedric was almost willing to stop denying that fact now that he was spending more time with the young feline. He intended to let Parzival return to his own kind out in the wilds but... should the cat want to remain here, then Cedric wouldn't fight it. Provided Parz was willing to adapt to a Casa way of life, which was what all this training was for. Something smacked at Cedric's tail as the man addressed their companion, he glanced back to see Parzival raising one of his large paws to hit the moving object, but stopping to hold the Lune's gaze when the man turned to look. Parzival flicked his ear, then moved his cat eyes to the lady. "She help? I go lie down?" The kitten asked, and Cedric chuckled. 

"Not quite." He muttered, then turned back to Kai. "Good to see more of Jace's family here... she's like a mother to me, so feel free to consider yourself family as well. You can just call me Cedric. This young hunter is Parzival." Cedric glanced back again, noticing Parzival following the conversation and perking up when his name was mentioned. "My daughter and I found him by the borders on his own, so we brought him into Casa to help him grow strong... learning to hunt comes with that."

All three headed towards the gates and looked out across Casa's lands. Parz, still just behind Cedric, let out a soft purring sound. "Amazing... she say I am amazing." He mumbled, then looked up to Cedric with what was the closest the cat could get to a smile. "Amazing not have to hunt?" 

If it wasn't for Cedric's indestructable patience, he might have pushed Parzival a bit now, but he just huffed a sigh and smiled warmly. "I think you can prove you're amazing by helping us." The Lune replied, and was only half shocked when Parzival took the news with a loud yowl of despair and rolled onto his side. Cedric watched the cat land with a thump, thick tail then flickering around in the grass. Cedric stepped up close to the cat, near his back to avoid the large and sharp claws, and nudged him with a nose. "You have to try Parzival, you might even like it." After a couple more flicks of his tail, Parz got up, and Cedric looked to Kai with an apologetic smile. "We can try around Summerville, I've hunted deer up there before, but around this time I am sure there's also rabbits."

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Kai couldn't help but laugh at the oversized lap cat, it was obvious that he would rather lay in the sun than learn to hunt. She also enjoyed watching Cedric interact with the large feline, acting as a father figure.  It seemed like he had a patience of a saint, such patience was needed as a father of his own children and those he adopted.  Not only that she was sure it helped with running such a large pack. Well little Parz, I think you are very lucky that Mister Cedric and his daughter found you. The sable woman gave a sweet smile to the man before her. Kai let out a chuckle, That's right Parzival, will you show me how amazing you are, and help us hunt? I'll give you a special treat when we're done if that's okay with Cedric here." During her travels, the woman had come across a giant woolen ball that she didn't know why, but she traded for an had held onto until now, now she knew why.

Inky paws covered her muzzle as she tried not to laugh at the young mountain lion who had thudded to the ground behind them. He was quite comical, even if he wasn't trying to be.  It was a joy really to watch to two of them interact with each other. She nodded and smiled, Summerville it is, I am sure we can find anything that we might want.  The All Mother has blessed us this summer with prey. She moved her small lupus body behind the feline.  If you'd like to lead the way, I'll follow and make sure Parz keeps up. She smiled at the young feline before her, We can't have you getting lost now can we?

Nodding she was ready the trio took off towards Summerville, as the sun rose before them.  The sky was painted with beautiful blues and oranges as they mixed together in a breathtaking view above the trees.  On all fours it wasn't long until the smell of sulfur vapor penetrated her nares, thoughts of the steam baths flooded her mind and how good it would be to soak after a day of hunting.  Scooting to the south of the mountain range they dashed through the forest until they came upon a clearing near Summerville and they slowed to a stop catching their breath, her pink tongue lolled out of her mouth as she panted and contrasted against her black lips and fur.  Lets take a moment and compose our selves before hunting, shall we. Kai dug in the dirt searching for a cooler spot, lowering herself to the ground the recent upturned earth cool on her belly. Tell me Parzival, how do you like it with Mister Cedric and us Cavaliers? she smiled at both of them and started to hum her paws crossed in front of her as she laid there catching her breath. I think he takes pretty good care of you.
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As much as Cedric's preference might be for Parzival to be willing to work, happy to help and the usual Cavalier spirit, he didn't find the cat's personality too frustrating. He was overall glad that Parz was coming out of himself; moving beyond hiding under furniture to now comfortable enough to dramatically flop onto his side and expose his stomach, something most creatures that weren't sure on safety would never dare do. So it did bode well to see Parz so willing to be vulnurable, even if the circumstances where the kitten having a paddy. Once Parz was up and 'willing' to get going, Cedric looked to Kai and gave her a grateful nod. Her mention of something special got Parzival's expression a bit less tense, and the pair of adults would have to use that glimpse of effort from the cat to get moving. 

With Kai behind and Cedric in front, the cat in the middle would have little choice but keep up pace, which would be another interesting lesson for Cedric to observe. Parzival hadn't really run much in his young life, only when having a mad dash around the house when playing with the girls, so this was his first chance to properly race across an open space. Part of Cedric wondered if Parz would just run off and away now that he had the option, but that wasn't the case. Although slower than the fully grown wolves, Parzival did his best to leap through grass and across bumps in the earth, keeping as close to Cedric's heel as he could without crashing into the Lune. 

After a while, they got close to their target, though it took a decent bit of running. So Cedric wasn't surprised this time when Parzival slammed to the ground once more, panting quietly as the youngster tried regaining some of his energy. Cedric looked ahead of them towards Summerville, then the surrounding area. "There's some fields beyond Summerville that might have a warren of rabbits, I'll go check whilst you rest up." Cedric offered, the man so used to spending hours on his feet that he didn't feel a need to take a break. 

As the silver man moved away, Parz lifted his large head, body twitching as he was tempted to follow and keep in the safety of Cedric's shadow, but eventually gave up to flop his head back down. His round ears moved to Kai as she spoke directly to the cat, and he grumbled before forming words to respond. "Like it... Papa gets food, I gets to play with Celia and Soledad... gets to sleep lots." Parz stopped his list to let out a deep sigh, stretching a large paw out to dig and drag at dirt. "Don't want to hunt... too tired and warm." The kittens eyes drifted shut as he mumbled, only opening when he heard Cedric's return.

The man glanced to Parz then set his gaze on Kai. "I think we've got some up ahead, there's holes dug around... I'll admit I'm not the best hunter myself, something about being a bit too loud when I move. But we could use that to hunt... If you both find a place near the rabbit holes to hide, I can try scaring any of the creatures back towards them and therefore towards you both." Cedric explained, then looked to the cat. "Parzival, this means you have to lie down near where the food lives, and grab it when it comes close... does that sound alright?" A tail flickered as a response, and Cedric huffed good-naturedly. "Kai, does this sound alright?"

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A simple nod is all she had to give the Lune as he went ahead to scout out the rabbit situation as she turned her attention to the large cat that had flopped to the ground and she began to hum.  Mismatched orbs watched as he wanted to follow Cedric but eventually gave up, either being too tired or too lazy to do so.  Parz was just a kitten and this was probably the most he had exerted himself since the Stryder family had found him and brought him home.  Kai smiled as the large, young feline spoke only pausing her hum to speak to him once more. Well that sounds like a pretty good life to me. The sable woman could help but giggle, this was a pretty big day for the overgrown housecat. That is why we are resting until you are ready, or at least until we think you are ready. She returned to humming, hoping to ease the big cat to rest easily while Cedric was away.

While the two waited for the Lune to return and as the other took a cat nap Kai was able to get a good look at Parzival.  Giant paws, round ears, and a thick tail, he was quite a perfect specimen to the species.  Though this was the closest she had ever been to a mountain lion, to her he was perfect and a push over.  But she was sure that if the need arose, one swipe would send a canine flying across the room or field.  She would definitely want to remain on the cats good side.

Ears rotated atop her dome as she heard the snowy man return from his scouting mission.  Welcome back Cedric.  She listened carefully to the plan and hummed.  Sounds like a great plan, I am sure we can find some brush to hide in for the unsuspecting prey. Having rested enough the petite wolf hybrid rose to all four once again, Come on Parz, lets teach you how to hunt. Since she wasn't the one that raised the large feline, she would not dream of nudging him along but left that for the father figure. The dark furred woman crept silently around the outskirts of the hunting grounds as not to alert their prey, paying close attention to where she stepped.  It wasn't long until she found the perfect location for her and feline to lie in wait.  We will wait here, lay low to the ground but on all four so  you are ready to pounce.  Once Cedric chases the rabbit this way to their home, we will pounce before it realizes we are here. Hues of sun and moon looked out from under the brush glowing in the shadows, watching for their prey to run to their quick and untimely death.
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Cedric's faith in Parzival not just attacking anyone in Casa was in the same vein as his faith in Maisie and Brannon. The Lune saw no reason to have ill will against them simply from their birth, and instead wanted to judge and care for them depending on the actions they chose to make. Parzival, for all his growing size and strength, still remained on the losing end of all his play fights with the girls, and never swiped with his claws out. The young cat was aware of the damage he could deal, and he was making a conscious effort to not harm. That felt proof enough for Cedric's trust, and demonstrating any lack of faith in Parz would do no one any favours. Showing the rest of the pack that Parzival was not dangerous would take time, but being the Lune Cedric imagined his word would sway many in the kitten's corner. 

After explaining his plan and smiling to Kai, Cedric approached Parzival and sniffed at the cat's ear, then licking it. With a flick, Parz grumbled and swiped up towards Cedric, but the man was already out of range. Parzival's attack went wide, but it successfully got the kitten to move from his catatonic state, and after another grumble the cat got up onto his feet. "Go with Kai now, follow what she does alright?" Cedric asked, just as Kai then encouraged the cat to follow her. Parzival glared to Cedric for a moment before the anger to his eyes faded and he nodded. 

With the pair trotting off to go hide, Cedric circled around to the open side of the fields. He had to rely on smell to know that the rabbits were there, knowing the moment his big snowy pelt was on show they'd all scarper. Cedric waited a little bit longer to make sure the others had time to hide before approaching, picking up movement in the tall grass ahead. His golden eyes caught the thin, pointed ears of rabbits, and Cedric let his body lower. He was a terrible hunter, but that didn't mean Cedric didn't at least try each time to get better. He managed a few more steps before the small furred creatures scattered, and the Lune launched forward to herd them over to the pair in wait. 

Parzival watched everything Kai did and chose to copy it, thinking it was easier than trying himself and doing it wrong. Mounds across his back rose up as the cat assumed what he didn't know was a natural position for a hunting lion; as his elbows and shoulder folded up like loaded springs. The cat would try and catch something, hoping that maybe if he did it right once then Papa would leave him alone and not ask again. After a short time, the subtle sound of approaching creatures rustled through the grass, and Parz tried focusing his eyes on distinguishing a rabbit from the undergrowth.

c   r
She watched the young feline out of the corner of her eye, as he got down in the perfect pouncing position, paws under him, ears alert and eyes watching for the prey. Instinct had taken over like she thought it would and she couldn't help smile, he'd make a fine hunter one day if he didn't turn into a fat house cat. Kai wanted to laugh at the thought of a big mountain lion as a house cat, but kept it to herself so they wouldn't give away their position to unsuspecting prey. Waiting was always the hardest part, it took patience which was hard to come by, especially in young, inexperienced hunters.

While they waited the Wolfe-Denahlii wondered what it would be like to have a cat or some other type pet to come and go as it pleased.  She felt it was definitely something to consider, she had seen some cats roaming around the Fort and they seemed perfectly content being around luperci. Yes, she would have to think on it, having another companion around would be nice.

Onyx ears went perked and alert and the sound of rustling grasses and large rabbit paws thumbing the ground trying to escape the predator that was chasing them.  Black lips turned up at the corners in a smirk, it was time. Do you hear that, focus on that and be ready to pounce as they get close… she whispered hardly audible to anyone but the mountain lion beside her. Kai's tail twitched behind her and her mismatched orbs darted and danced watching for the prey to emerge from the tall grasses.  Her grin grew as she noticed long, tall ears of the rabbit pop up from the grass as the prey darted for it's hole. Wait…not yet…wait…….Now! If the big cat missed it's mark she would help him by chasing the rabbit back towards him. This was his first hunt, would Parzival have beginners luck? Or would this be a learning lesson?
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The rush of rabbits were quickly escaping from Cedric's field of vision, though the Lune didn't intend on actually catching any himself their speed surprised him, no doubt managing to grab one would be a trick of precision and luck. The man hoped Parzival had some of that on his side, surely if this hunt succeeded then the young cat might get a taste for finding his own food more. It would be all down to the young cat and however Kai helpd him. 

Parz had definitely grown impatient with the waiting, though it was fortunate that the kitten was already lying down so he need not flop onto his side like he'd usually do when protesting against the likes of work or boredom. Having Kai waiting with him helped though, mostly because Parz was smart enough to know that the adult wouldn't let him get away with giving up and relaxing before he'd even tried. When the rabbits did approach, the lady gave the cat one more piece of advice and a mark on which Parzival would pounce. The kitten still had no idea what he'd do, and hoped that imagining catching the rabbits like a game of chase with Celia and Soledad only with more claws would work. When Kai said go, Parz did launch with a speed he didn't expect from himself. This wasn't just bounding to keep up with Cedric, but a sprint that kept the cat low to the ground but racing through grass like a blur. 

The speed was intense and fun. And it made him completely miss the rabbit and go running off past it. 

But with a large tail to balance things out, Parz managed to curl around to continue the chase and reapproach. The little creature was fast and small, Parzival doubted he could get close enough to grab and drag it into his mouth, so he hoped a swipe would work. Parzival got closer and closer, until finally the rapid moving rabbit was near hitting point. It veered to the side, just as Parzival hissed and lashed out with a claw. He hit something, or maybe he didn't, either way the kitten didn't see as he immediately lost his balance and went tumbling to the ground. Upon impact the cat was immediately groaning again, "Nooo I miss! No more hunt! I don't likes it!" He protested into the dirt deciding to be too tired to get up and realise that the rabbit, clawed and killed, was lying not a few feet away. 

Cedric could hear the yowling complaints of Parzival as he trotted up to the scene, trying to catch sight of either the kitten or Kai in the long grass to see if they'd had any form of success. Though going off the loud noises of an upset cat, Cedric didn't know what to expect.

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The sable woman smiled as she watched the large feline spring into action and then she followed suit, charging after the rabbit, darting after the prey.  She studied the prey, watching its ears, eyes and muscles anticipating when it may change directions so that she could chase it back towards Parzival should the need arise.  But as she expected instinct took over, the mountain lion remained low to the ground, cutting through the tall grass.  Even when the rabbit turned and darted a different direction she saw him use his long tail to balance and turn with ease.  Kai was impressed but not surprised, it was in his blood to hunt.  Then one fell swipe and the large feline fell to the ground putting up a fuss.  What he didn't realize was that he did what he accomplished to do, the sweet smell of blood floated through the air and penetrated her onyx nares stopping her in her tracks and she smiled.

Wagging her tail high in the air she trotted over to the mountain lion and laughed, What do you mean no more hunt? It sure appeared you liked it. She was about to tell him how well he did when she heard a rustle in the grasses. Her hackles rose and she turned to guard the kitten and his trophy.  She didn't know why, it was obvious that the large cat was more than capable to take care of himself. The hackles relaxed as a breeze brought the scent of the Lune and soon she noticed snowy ear tips coming towards them.  Over here Cedric, your son is throwing a fit no reason. She looked over her shoulder and chuckled as she turned and walked back over to the cat still laying on his side, tail flicking in annoyance not aware of the prize that laid just feet away.

Kai sat a waited for Cedric to arrive, rolling her eyes at the spoiled cat her tail wagged behind her as she hummed.  It wasn't the hunting trip she expected, but it was a success nonetheless.
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Cedric, being the hopeful man that he was, did assume that Parzival would score a success in this hunt. He had faith in the young cat to work hard when it was needed, despite the many protests from the otherwise lazy feline. Hearing the yowls and cries however made the Lune wonder what happened in the hunt, briefly worrying that Parzival had somehow hurt himself when chasing the rabbits. But he heard Kai's call and given the context, the man chuckled as he trotted over. Sure enough, when closer Cedric could smell the thick aroma of blood, and came across the scene of Parzival lying down in his usual tantrum position whilst a killed rabbit lie still not a few feet away. 

Able to judge what happened, Cedric approached Parzival just as the cat was trying to get an understanding on what happened. Licking the kitten's ear to get some movement, Cedric looked to the kill. "You made a good hit, well done Parzival." The Lune announced, watching Parz finally lift his head to see the rabbit he's swiped at lying not far away. Immediately, quicker than usual, the cat was up and pouncing on it, holding the rodent between his large paws. 

"I did! I did hunt it!" Parz announced, flexing his claws into the brown fur of the rabbit as he looked back to Cedric. "Now I don't hunt anymore." The Lune chuckled at the statement, and nodded his head. 

"I suppose that is fair... for now at least." Because just one success wouldn't be enough to consider Parzival full trained, but for now Cedric would let the kitten enjoy his victory. Orange eyes looked to Kai now with a smile. "Thank you for the help, would you like to join us back at the Fort or continue on around here?"

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Kai couldn’t help but chuckle as she watched the grass part as the Lune approached. She watched the over grown house cat throw a tantrum in the tall grass that was now laid flat from where Parzival had flopped in protest. She couldn’t help but smile though as she watched the snowy man interact with the feline, the woman could tell that he was a father, and a damn good one at that.  Cedric  was kind and patient and with that his daughters and the mountain lion would grow into amazing adults.  The sable woman was not surprised that he had earned the roll of Lune, it takes a special person for fill such a seat in leadership.

The change in attitude presented by Parzival was comical and it made her laugh, You did good young one, be proud of the trophy between your paws. Kai couldn’t help but to let her head fall towards the ground shaking it as the feline spoke of not hunting anymore, he really was just a lazy, overgrown housecat.  She hoped that the pack enjoyed having the mountain lion around, because she wasn’t sure if he would ever return to the wild.

Looking up mismatched orbs met the golden hues of the man in front of her and she gave him a smile and nodded.  Her gaze moved back and forth between the Lune and Parzival finally settling once again on Cedric, I suppose that’s enough hunting for one day, I would love to join you both on the trip back home. Rising to her paws, she bowed down and stretch, claws dug into the ground and her tail flopped over her back until she stood upright again, her tail fell and swayed back and forth nodding. Lets head back, Parzival can you carry your prize back to the Fort? Kai fully expected for the feline to put up a fight and not want to carry it or happily carry it and then drop it complaining later on, either way she was their to help as they made their way back home, everyone was safe and the mountain lions first kill secured.
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Cedric's pride was no different than a father watching their child succeed, and who could judge him for feeling that way. The Lune would forever reflect upon the fact that Parzival was not canine, often compare him to his wild kin, but never consider for a moment that the boy didn't have a home here should he want it. A dramatic shift from the man who had, when first finding the kitten, thought only of his daughter's safely and thought the cat would prefer running off into the wild. Given Parzival's fear at the time, he probably would have run away, but Cedric was certain that if he'd not taken the kitten home then Parz wouldn't be alive today. 

Whether or not the cat knew that wasn't important, though judging by how quickly Parzival grew to be comfortable and gentle around others in the pack, Cedric did give him a lot of credit. 

With Kai joining them going back home, Cedric nodded and looked back to Parzival. The cat was still enjoying playing with his kill; feeling his claws against the soft skin or mouthing at the now drooped ears. Though with one look, Parzival was up, large mouth scooping up the rabbit and holding it as he trotted over. Parizval's array of expressions were harder to read than those of a canine, though Cedric was getting used to judging mood based on the position of the kitten's tail. Right now, watching it go up for a moment then dance across the ground, Cedric assumed the boy was feeling smug. It got Cedric to chuckle, then look to Kai. "I think there's room to make a hunter out of him yet." The man commented. Then to Parzival. "Come then, let's see how your speed holds up on the way back." And with that, the Lune started running, smiling at the bounding sounds of a proud young lion on his heel.

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