[DCG+] Lancaster Stockshow 2021

Lancaster Stockshow 2021

The dog day's of summer are in full swing, with long, hot afternoons baking beneath the relentless sun, but one thing is for certain - it will not last for long. With the autumnal equinox just around the corner, it's time to take stock and assess - and what better way to do this than with a spring in your step and all manner of celebration to be had? Allow the coyotes to titillate your sense of wonder with potentially rigged carnival games and contests aplenty!

Come one, come all, to Del Cenere's Lancaster Stockshow.

Scheduled for the final week of August, this event will take place from the 22nd to the 28th, and for this week, Del Cenere has lifted its typical stipulations for visitation, and welcomes neighbors with open arms (and open pockets)!

A week of trade, food, and fun!

✦ Event Schedule Wrote:► The Welcome Wagon - Sunday, August 22nd
Visitors begin filtering into Charmingtown throughout the entirety of the day, to be greeted with a warm game stew and a smile from Del Cenere's own Alonso de los Santos. He guides groups to designated areas on the grassy clearings about Charmingtown, somewhat near the Trailside Inn, where they are permitted to set up their camps, with or without help from their Ceneren hosts!

► Bonfire Night - Monday, August 23rd
Shaking off the aches of travel, the first day of the Stockshow is reserved mostly for socializing, resting, and discussing trade through stalls or bartering for trinkets. As soon as evening falls, a bonfire is lit on the beach, and a fish dinner is served for all to enjoy. The Gang's merry band of dogs provide musical entertainment for gathered party goers.
  • Horseshoe Tournament
    Throughout the day, contestants gather on Charmingtown's beach, stakes stabbed into the sand as the assembled test their mettle (and their throwing arms) in a Tournament! Stoking that competitive spirit, the week kicks off with the first of its contests - a rousing game of Horseshoes.

► Rodeo - Tuesday, August 24th
  • Ram Roping -
    While traditionally reserved for calves and young cattle - Del Cenere is lacking in the field of bovine - however, a suitable replacement has been made. The communal rams, Rupert and Goddard, alongside billy Phillip have been outfitted with leather guards on their horns to protect them from the worst of the chafing. Not only does Phillip prove an exceptional challenge given the sheer size of his arching horns, his temperament makes him a difficult animal to wrangle. Timing is the name of the game here, and judgements will be made on such, as well as the security of the tying.
  • Barrel Racing
    A trio of barrels have been rolled out into a makeshift arena and arranged into a triangle. Riders are expected to follow a designated path - and will be judged on time, proximity of the horse to the barrel, and form. Just take care not to cut too close and knock them over!
  • Timed Sheep Herding
    Del Cenere's ewes, lambs, nannies and kids have been turned out into a corral and allowed to spread out to graze. Using a pale full of sand, competitors, whilst in lupus form, will be timed at how quickly they can corral based on how full it gets - and must herd the errant livestock into the neighboring pen.

► Race Day - Wednesday, August 25th
  • Cross-Country Horse Trail
    Mid morning, the contestants assemble on horseback outside the stables of the Lancaster Stockyard, where they will begin their race. While the initial trail is distinct and clear given the packed dirt route, it veers sharply into the slopes and rocky trails of the Burnt Church Mountains where the ground is treacherous and the path can bottleneck unexpectedly. The track from here on out is marked with red-dyed fabric strips tied to trees and shrubs, and directed by the periodic guard post. The final stretch dips back onto the safe, distinctive trail, and arches around the outer edge of Charmingtown's buildings and through the camps before finalizing back where they started.
  • Three-Legged Race
    This event is about teamwork above all else - after all, you better be ready to communicate with the companion you will be strapped to both at the leg and the arm in order to complete the race through the main thoroughfare of Charmingtown.
  • Sack Race
    It's itchy, it's scratchy, it's a big ol' sack! On the sandy beach bordering Moosehead Lake, contestants gather to determine who's got the best coordination, and, perhaps more importantly, who's got the best hops. (This sounds, suspiciously, like a drunken suggestion!) Regardless - the goal is to go from one goalpost to the other without slipping and falling!
  • Lure-Coursing
    This one is for the youth! Participants in the lure-course must be under one year of age to be eligible to run in this lupus-form event. A leather pouch, decked out in feathers and tufts of hair to stimulate prey drive, has been tied to a long, thin cord wound between and through a series of wooden stakes and hoops jammed into the dirt, pulled along by Alonso's faithful, speedy donkey. Inside of this sack? Dried jerky and blueberries, hidden beneath the fluff of wool and straw stuffing - a tantalizing toy, indeed. It's winner-takes-all in this high-stakes race for the prize - whomever can catch the lure claims bragging rights, and the snacks!

► Best in Show and Livestock Auction - Thursday, August 26th
Every Band, every Pack, has something in their livestock or pets that they considered to ultimately be the best of the best - but now you can prove it by showing off your companion to give it the praise and adulation it so deserves. There are no prizes for this, outside of the flex of bragging rights, and a potentiality for trade in exchange for stud services! Judgement is passed by carved acorns, offered to participants who wish to take a look, with each acorn dropped into a locked box and tallied at the end of the day. Late afternoon starts the Livestock Auction - where individuals can barter for livestock to refresh bloodlines, or just take the place of a companion animal!
  • Check the Auction thread here!
  • Vote for your Best in Show here!
► Barbecue Contest - Friday, August 27th
Attention all Cooks and Connoisseurs! What's your pack's or band's calling card when it comes to preparation of big meals? Are you more of a smoke pit cooker, or do you throw your meat onto an asado? Gather your cookin' posse for a chance at acclaim!

Contestants are given one full day (and any amount of help) to build their cooking zones (firepits, fires themselves, any spits or stone set ups) and stoke their fires to prep for their cooks with as much help as they're able to get, before setting in for a long night of barbecuing!

► Closing Festivities and Barbecue Judging - Saturday, August 28th
What better way to close off a week than a feast with food aplenty? Working tirelessly through the night, barbecuing teams have toiled to bring the best their respective homes have to offer by way of cooking, for all to enjoy (and for some to judge!) As a proper send-off, everyone is invited to the shores of Moosehead Lake once more to set loose a collection of birchbark lanterns adrift.

Check out our Sign-Up thread here!

OOC Participation and Prizes

Are the fun and games (and food) and even more fun (and even more food) not enough to appeal to you? Looking to get a lil' Bling for your Participation? Not to worry, we've got you covered with:

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► Del Ceneren Member Exclusive

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    Brief Thread Synopsis: Auger and Dynia watch the sack race.

  77. Thread Link: Burninating the Countryside
    Participating Characters: Notch, Morris
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Notch tries a bite of NC's bbq food and Morris comes to his rescue.

  78. Thread Link: Leave me where the moonbeams carve through the leaves like blades.
    Participating Characters: Notch, Aberama Gold
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Aberama spots a coyote with a fancy horse.

  79. Thread Link: New Friends
    Participating Characters: Arran Fir-Chlis
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Arran votes for best in show and then attends the auction where he wins 2 lambs.

  80. Thread Link: Family Time
    Participating Characters: Notch
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Notch and his family look at the best in show candidates so the adults can cast their votes and then head to the animals for auction.

  81. Thread Link: Whozits and whatzits galore
    Participating Characters: Morrigan Archeron, Pirate Calloway
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Morrigan meets her friends dad.

  82. Thread Link: Good time's the devil, I'm a force of Heaven.
    Participating Characters: Aelin Fireheart, Nazario Del Bosque
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Aelin visits the Rey, bearing gifts, offering to be a go between for Del Cenere and Casa di Cavalieri.

  83. Thread Link: Even if our ship is sinking fast, we're still afloat.
    Participating Characters: Aelin Fireheart, Aldora Knight
    Brief Thread Synopsis: Aelin spots Aldora and get some advice on mateship.

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