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Spotlights for July 2021

[Image: spotlight.gif] Spotlight Soul
Lucian Marino is a young man starting down the road to adulthood. The son of one of Casa di Cavalieri's leaders, the untimely death of his father left Lucian and his brother to be raised by a solo mother. Luckily, his pack provided the stable foundation in which young Lucian grew and thrived. He's shown an interest in horses and an aim to become a Master Equestrian. While too young to participate in the Olympic Games hosted by his pack, Lucian organized events for his fellow youths. Now, Lucian approaches his First Blood – a coming of age ceremony. Training for this has proven both educational and dangerous for Lucian. Will he succeed in this upcoming challenge, or will the pressures of expectation prove to be too much?

[Image: communityspotlight.gif] Community Soul
The Casa di Cavalieri leadership is the Community Soul for this month! Putting together and launching pack-specific plots can already be a time-consuming process that requires a lot of dedication, but everyone -- packs, loner bands, and individual loners alike -- was welcome to the first 'Souls Olympics that was successfully constructed, launched, and maintained by CdC's leaders. That's no small feat, and it looks as though everyone had a lot of fun! Thanks for putting it all together, CdC!

[Image: dcg.png] Featured Pack Adoptable
Rough, and tumble, but every bit the gentleman the Courtright boys were raised to be. Amos Courtright is hardly as sharp as his brothers, Hosea and Trelawney, but his soft-spoken, stern ways more often than not leads him to act as an unintentional conscience between the trio. While, perhaps, not father's favorite, Amos's trustworthy and steadfast demeanor lends fully to his reliability - however, the strain of expectation has not spared any of the Courtright boys, and the promise of greener, fresh pastures and freedom from the heel of Palisade's stifling culture, his eyes are set upon Del Cenere, and, perhaps a little more importantly, his brothers.

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Despite the temperate sea breeze, it's warming up across the coast. The summer days are long and pleasant for the most part, and while rains are not infrequent, they're typically light and short. Still, occasional thunderstorms aren't out of the norm either, and they can bring unruly waves crashing in from the sea.

New bNPCs quests!

Three of the four quests from last month are claimed and either finished or in progress. To clarify, quests in progress have 30 days from the date of their thread start (which must be within the calendar month it was claimed) to complete the quest before the attempt is failed and the quest becomes available for other players.

For July, three new quests have been added!

Xmas in July!

It's avatar exchange season! Or will someone actually... want to trade tablesets again like in yonder days of yore? :O

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