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Earlier in the morning, while Evelyn had been halfway through her typical morning chores - made much faster by the growing number of stable hands- Kamari had come in search of their Equinest. Evelyn was not particularly close to the woman, but had heard rumors regarding what she had supposed was one of her recent dealings as Emissary. She was not one who listened to rumors and things seemed to settle back down with the return of the group of Salsolans.

There had been a foal born to Velimir's horse Sandstone. Velimir, who had not been seen in weeks and was rumored to be dead, well his horse had stayed in Kamari's and Krios' private stable where she gave birth Evelyn assumed since she had not known of it at all until this morning. When Grievous was no where to be found, the smaller jackal woman had found Evelyn instead asking if she would come look over mom and babe to see if they were happy and healthy.

The Ulrich woman had been quick to agree, always eager to flex her muscles on her own and prove herself capable when Grievous was not around. After finishing up, she quickly scrubbed the muck of her hands and arms in a rainbarrel nearby before beginning to make her way to Kamari's homestead. Fortunately it was not too much of a trip, even with the heat picking up Evelyn had made good timing. It was only about midmorning by the time she reached their home they had shared and Evelyn made her way around to their small paddock - well small in comparison to the huge barns she was used to working in.

Three horses, a young filly and a small foal as well as a mule roamed around grazing at the bits of grass that managed to survive the harsh sun of the mid-July heatwave. Other small animals like chickens and goats ran around the property as well. The youngest filly that had been the topic of their brief conversation appeared fairly healthy from her quick once over, but she wanted to be thorough as Kamari and Krios had earned that much respect from the Arbiter.

Not to mention she did not want to disappoint Grievous as he had given her more and more duties and chances to prove herself. She was sure to report back to him later. Evelyn leaned against one of the wooden fence posts looking over their well-kept animals, moving to time her hair out of her face as her blue eyes looked around for Kamari before she got started.

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Keeping Sandstone had gone without question, even if the mare was a living reminder of Velimir’s absence in Kamari’s life. She couldn’t think to part with the horse, however, she had not exactly been in the best mindset to deal with Sandstone when she had initially given birth a week or so after Kamari had returned with the others from Portland. Offspring, and the idea of young life at all, tugged uncomfortably at something in Kamari’s chest.

It, unfortunately, meant that Kamari had not thought to seek out the Equinest until weeks after the actual birth.

That morning though, Kamari had sought to remedy her mistake. She wanted to make sure Sandstone and her new foal were both happy and healthy. While Kamari knew enough about horses to make her own judgement, she had wanted someone with more experience—and a clearer mind—to make the assessment. Grievous would have known best, however, he had been nowhere to be found when she’d gone to find him at the stables.

Thankfully, his long-time apprentice, Evelyn, had been about. Kamari had not interacted with the Arbiter as much as she had her sibling, Eden, however, the Ulrich’s work with the pack’s horses had not been something that had gone unnoticed either. A quick discussion with the younger woman had led to Kamari asking for Evelyn to have a look at Sandstone and the foal. As an apprentice of Greivous’, Kamari trusted Evelyn’s expertise, and, as a sibling of Eden’s to boot, Kamari had found little issue with inviting the woman to her home.

While she’d waited for the Arbiter’s arrival, Kamari had prepared the paddock. She’d secured Cedar and Walnut to ensure that they didn’t get in the way of things. The stallion in particular had a tendency to be protective of his herd, and, with Kamari still being injured as well, the last thing she wanted was for him to bar Evelyn from coming anywhere near his foal or Kamari herself. The chickens, goats, and Seduction and her year-old filly had been left to do as they pleased.

Kamari had been in the middle of fitting Sandstone with her bridle when the ever-vigilant Cedar let out a warning snort. That must be Evelyn, the Shadow surmised. Giving Sandstone the command to stay, Kamari made her way towards the front of the house and the paddock, finding Evelyn, indeed, to be resting against the fence. “Thank you for coming over, Arbiter,” Kamari greeted with a grateful dip her nose. She unlatched the gate, and gestured for Evelyn to enter.

“Sandstone and her filly are just over here,” Kamari explained, waving for Evelyn to follow her. She led them to a chestnut mare who stood just outside the stable. The horse warily regarded the unfamiliar Luperci, but, otherwise showed no aggression or warning behavior. Reaching Sandstone first, Kamari grabbed the mare’s lead, and offered the horse affection as she moved Sandstone away from the building. Kamari wanted to make sure that Evelyn would have room to work and be able to quickly get out of the way should things go awry.

“She’s typically a nice horse, but she doesn’t take well to being roughly handled,” Kamari warned so that Evelyn wouldn’t be in for any surprises. “So far, I haven’t had any issues with her being overprotective of the foal with me.” With any luck, Sandstone wouldn’t act out with Evelyn either.

The mentioned foal paced around them in a skittish way, unsure of where to go or what to make of the stranger. Sandstone, meanwhile, remained as calm as ever.

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A warning snort from the stallion perked Evelyn's ears as Kamari came into view from the other side of the fence. She opened the door to the paddock for her, Evelyn quickly slid through and shut it behind her and made sure it was latched so that they did not have to go running all over the Kingdom in order to herd the animals back into Kamari's paddock. She was unsure how well they listened, although for the Emissary to do her work, she was pretty sure there would be little issue.

"Anytime, honestly, I love to meet all of Salsola's horses, even if they don't reside within either of our stables. Just in case!" she offered with a shrug. It may have been a job, but it had been more than that to the young woman as she had dabbled in it since before she could even shift. The horses had always had her full attention, she even snuck out to the barn at times in order to visit and see what was going on. Even if that just meant sitting at the edge of the fencing and watching them all day. There was just something so graceful and majestic about the beasts that she could not help but watch and observe them. Years later, she still had not become bored by her hobby that had turned into her job.

"Hello, Sandstone!" Evelyn greeted with a friendly wave of her tail. She reached out her hand for the horse to sniff at her palm, her nose and lips explored around Evelyn's hand, taking in a few good breaths before the woman lifted her hand to the horses forelock and gave her a gentle scratch. "And who is this here? Is this your baby?" she cooed in a soft voice as her blue eyes darted over to the small, skittish foal, standing atop those spindly legs that moved nervously below her as she attempted to stay behind her mother. The foal was curious though, so Evelyn was able to catch a glimpse of her behind Sandstone's rear as she peaked her face out from around her mother.

"It's okay, I won't hurt you," she said, leaning down and putting her hand out in front of her allowing the foal to come to her. A couple clicks of her tongue had the foal a little more curious as she reached out from around Sandstone to get a better look. Sandstone nickered lightly to the baby, taking a step to the side that fully revealed the young filly to her. Her coloration was gorgeous, a white blaze along her nose that reached up to her forehead. Beautiful grulla dark brown coloring covered most of her body, with darker points. Her little tufts of mane that were growing in appeared almost black.

The best part, Evelyn could note just by looking at her was that she appeared completely healthy, although she wanted to get a closer inspection.

"They are both beautiful," she noted to Kamari, giving Sandstone another gentle scratch along her neck. "You made a beautiful baby didn't you? I am guessing that's the proud dad?" she grinned, looking at Cedar who was watching her warily from where he was tied off, snorting and stomping his feet as he made sure to keep the young filly within eyesight at all times.

"I will start with mom. Maybe then the little one will warm up to me," she said as the little foal ducked around the other side of her mother again, just her nose and eyes poking out from behind her. Evelyn gently took her hands down along Sandstone's neck and sides, these areas were less sensitive and would allow the horse to get used to her touch. Sandstone remained resolute, watching Evelyn curiously as she slowly checked her out. She was in great shape, did not look like she was lacking for anything, strong, and a healthy weight. Kamari had already mentioned that the mare did not appear aggressive towards her new babe, and from what Evelyn could observe was appropriately protective - as well as dad.

"Well, she's bright and alert still, so no signs of hemorrhage, but you would have seen that shortly after the birth. She's eating and drinking okay? Urinating and passing stool well enough?" she asked Kamari as she ran her hands down the horse, prodding - albeit gently - at her sides and abdomen to make sure everything felt alright and no abnormal swelling or tender points. "Did anyone get a look at the placenta? As long as it's birthed whole and intact you won't have to worry too much about infection," she mentioned, signs of things that would already have appeared since the foal was a few weeks old already.

"Well, mama looks great. I don't suspect any issues, her teats don't looked inflamed or anything, and the babe seems to be eating well so I don't suspect any problems with nursing either," she said, her blue eyes falling to the small babe around her. "And, how about you little one? How are you adjusting to this big world?" she grinned, reaching out her hand to the young foal for her to sniff.
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Evelyn took her time to greet the mare, allowing the horse to become accustomed to her presence and touch on her own terms. When the foal proved unsure, she didn’t try to force an interaction there either. Evelyn was kind and gentle, and the aura she gave off was calm, but also friendly and welcoming. For Kamari, it all made for a good first impression of the Arbiter’s talents, and went to prove that she had not made a mistake by asking for Evelyn’s help.

However, even still, Kamari found herself growing quiet as Evelyn worked and gained the trust of the mother and foal. At the edge of her thoughts, she recognized the familiar, heavy feeling that lurked and whispered as Evelyn harmlessly cooed and talked to Sandstone and the young filly. Stubbornly, the Emissary chased the depressive thoughts away, and did well to maintain her careful, neutral mask. She needed to stay focused on the task at hand.

Kamari forced herself to stonily watch the Vaquera as she checked Sandstone over. When Evelyn eventually inquired about Sandstone’s behavior, Kamari attentively answered, “As far as my husband and I have seen, yes, she’s been acting normal enough.” Admittedly, in the weeks immediately following the birth, it had been left mostly to Krios to check up on the mare and the filly given Kamari’s sensitivity to things. More recently though, the Kaiser had been able to be more involved as she worked through her personal issues, and she hadn’t seen anything of concern. Sandstone was her usual content, calm, playful self, and hadn’t shown any changes in her habits.

To the more specific questions, Kamari shook her head. “I’m afraid not. She had the filly at night, and Krios discovered that she’d given birth the following morning.” His mare had had a foal of her own the previous summer, so, Kamari had trusted his judgement that nothing had been wrong with the newborn when he’d found it. At the time, Kamari had not been of the right state of mind to deal with such a thing. Looking back on the matter, the Emissary was acutely aware of how bad it must of have looked on her as the horse’s new owner to have waited so long to have one of the more horse-savvy Salsolans check up on Sandstone and her baby. With any luck, Evelyn would not think too critically over the matter.

Thankfully, it seemed Kamari’s delay had not been detrimental to Sandstone. The mare passed Evelyn’s examination, and was ruled as healthy, much to Kamari’s relief. Sandstone was one of the few reminders Kamari had left of her late mentor, and she wasn’t sure she could handle another tragedy after she’d only started to recover from the last.

Petting Sandstone as both a reward for being cooperative as well as an apology for having not acted sooner, Kamari let out a grateful sigh, “That’s good to hear that she’s healthy.”

It became the filly’s turn to be examined next, and Evelyn, once more, tried to coax the little thing and earn its trust. The foal’s ears pricked forward and it blinked owlishly, still looking undecided on whether or not to trust the unknown Luperci. Sandstone rumbled as if she were reassuring her baby, and, a beat afterwards, the foal shyly reached out to touch Evelyn’s hand. The action was a faint, fleeting “boop” before it quickly turned away and into its mother’s side.

“She’s a bit skittish and wary of us Luperci,” Kamari hummed with a small, amused smirk at the foal’s actions.

Sandstone let out a heavy breath, and the filly bravely tried again. When it touched Evelyn’s hand a second time, it did not move away. Instead, it remained still, and even offered a cute, happy little sound as it flicked its short tail.

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Being gentle with the creatures had always worked in Evelyn's favor as she had become accustomed to being around the powerful beasts. They could easily over take her if they wished her harm and with a well aimed hoof to the head could remove her from this world. The respect she had for their horses went through all aspect of their care and she never rushed them, no matter how timid one of them could be. If it took more time to warm up Evelyn could do most of her checks from afar. A sickly foal was easy to spot, and the babe before her - while a little skittish - looked the exact opposite of a sickly babe.

"That's good, it seems like she is settling into motherhood well at least. Is this her first pregnancy and first foal?" she asked as part of her routine checkup, unaware of how such a question may effect her as Evelyn was not close with either Kamari or her mate Krios. Evelyn had hunted along the borders with Krios some time ago, but they had few interactions since then. He seemed well-liked enough in the pack, and since his reveal sharing the Queen's blood, Evelyn was not sure how that affected him.

"Well, typical signs of infection would be fever, panting, odd behaviours, green or abnormal discharge from the vaginal canal," she stated simply, although Evelyn knew they would have seen those signs already it would not be weird for an infection to set in later. These were little things she had managed to pick up during her time within the barn working with Grievous and the horse's. Now, all that knowledge was coming together, knowledge she was not even aware she really held until she began putting it together.

Kamari had seemed relieved at Evelyn's statement and the Ulrich could not help but offer her a smile and a firm nod in approval. Honestly, they were well cared for from what Evelyn could tell and she did not hold many worries for any of the animals here. They were all healthy, the paddock was clean and well taken care of, and not to mention they were in the capable hands of some of the Thistle Kingdom's elite. They would not want for much of anything.

With her hand stretched out, patiently awaiting the foal to bridge the gap between them Sandstone let out reassuring rumble. Timidly, her nose reached out to brush Evelyn's hand and as soon as they touched, she hopped right back to hide against her mother's side. Evelyn grinned, letting out a soft laugh, clicking to draw her close again. "It's okay, I'm a friend," she said, reaching her hand out once again. The foal seemed to gather her courage and with a deep breath closed the gap between them and pressed her nose into Evelyn's hand this time, snuffling around her palm.

"That's a good girl," she cooed, using her free hand to scratch at the forelock of the smaller filly. The filly seemed to allow the touch and did not move away from her, although Evelyn could feel her eyes on her, alert and not moving away as she followed her around to her side. Evelyn offered a few more pats and scratches in areas to build trust, and it seemed to have worked, her hands were gentle as they ran over the foal's legs and backside. Evelyn ducked to take a peek under her belly where the umbilical cord had been attached. It appeared clean, no signs of infection there either, and closed off. It was almost completely healed in fact.

"I give them both a clean bill of health, but don't be afraid to stop by if you want me to come take a look at either of them. I am pretty much always around the barns anyway," she grinned, as Grievous had his own family to attend to and Evelyn was rather lacking in any form of companionship that would take up too much of her time. Well, there was always her sister, as well as her niece and nephew, but as they grew older they did not want to spend so much time with their auntie. "If you are interested in training her., there are a few things you can even start at this age if Sandstone would allow?" she offered, ears pricking atop her head in interest. Maybe Kamari was already well versed in training horses as they had a couple under their care already and she did not want to intervene with what she was already doing or her plans for the foal for the future.
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