[AW] Feel the vibe through your pain
That particular night was silent as she trudged through the tangled underbrush of the edge of the Dampwoods, making her way towards the clearing by the shore. Several items clinked around in the bag hanging from her left shoulder, and they had everything to do with her mother's faith - Voodoo. A faith she usually only turned to in times of crisis, but after having several panic attacks from accidentally thinking of her brother's death, Ramona decided that she could try and exercise this approach, too.

She could distract herself all she wanted to; she could keep herself busy as much as she could, but nothing would save her when she started dreaming of him and woke up hyperventilating so bad that she couldn't catch her breath. Not only was it a bad experience, but Ramona found it embarrassing when other packmates rushed in, trying to help, or trying to figure out what was wrong with her.

Today, Ramona only sought to put her brother's spirit at ease... and she hoped that, in the process, she'd put her own soul at ease over what had happened. She carried various bottles of herbs, a cloth, a candle, and a couple of other things she thought she'd need. Thankfully, she had just trudged through the last of the Dampwoods and was gratefully coming upon a clearing now.

Picking a spot facing the sea far off into the horizon, and one that was far enough away from the forest, Ramona knelt and began unpacking her bag. A small wooden table came out first - just big enough for a workstation or an altar - then the jars of herbs, the candle, and a jar of her own urine that she had collected that morning. She stretched the cloth over the table's surface and unscrewed the jar of herbs and set quite a bit on the table.

Luckily, it was a still night. A very still night.
(320) | open to one; set present-day, around 11pm. She's on the outskirts of the Dampwoods, between that and the shore. 
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it was swift, it was just another wave of a miracle
but no one, nothing at all, would go for the kill
if they called on every soul in the land on the move,
only then would they know a blessing in disguise

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