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Ridgewell hadn't exactly been thrilled about the idea of being Hokori's punching bag. Indeed, he had outright refused at first. Hoko knew that the man had been some kind of mercenary during his nefariously nebolously past, a tough guy who fought other tough guys for a living. So it hadn't been cowardice that made him refuse but what, laziness? Worry that he might hurt her? Simply not wanting to deal with a young member of the Privileged cast? Really it could have been any reason, the result was still the same. Ridge would get to laze about while Hoko would have to make do with shadowboxing.

The wolf mutt's temper wouldn't allow such a thing to happen, not when both of her parents outranked the man. Hell, not when she herself outranked him.  It was probably very rude to swing her minor bit of authority around in such a way but if she was going to become a Reaver like her father she would have to start getting used to taking what she wanted from people. 

A bit of haranguing got him away from his cats and out into the meadow near the Rhovanion with his fists up and ire raised, just the way Hoko wanted him to be. The pair squared up, eyeing each other down for a moment before engaging. Ridgewell was more experienced than she was, throwing a straight jab with a speed that the younger fighter couldn't have expected. Hoko grunted as the punch glanced off the side of her skull, already on the back foot. 

"You're slow."  

The critique was punctuated by another quick shot to the head, Hokori taking it right on the jaw as she fought to keep from getting overwhelmed. The punches hurt far less than her pride, the slightly disapproving tone Ridge took setting her off. She might have been slower but so what? She was bigger and she was stronger. With a snarl she stepped forward and brought her leg up in a swift kick to the weak point all men had. An entirely artless maneuver but effective nonetheless. 

Ridge doubled over, gasping for air and no doubt trying not to vomit. Unfortunately for him that put him right in range for the brutish youth to grab him by the skull and knee him in the face. Once, twice and then three times she struck before letting go, shoving the old mercenary over in a petty display of power. Standing over her temporarily bested opponent Hokori cracked her knuckles and smiled, bearing all her teeth in a gesture both aggressive and childish. 

"And you're down." 

She was a little slower than smaller people, sure. But that gap was closing by the day. Moreover, at seven-and-a-half feet tall and pushing towards three hundred pounds of muscle she could simply outmuscle them. She was not so shortsighted to think that sheer size and dirty tricks would be enough to make up for a lack of technique but she had no intention of not using all her advantages to the fullest even once her education was complete. 

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I woke up from the same dream - Falling backwards - Falling backwards

Yuki here!

Yuki moved with purpose, fearing that taking the day slow would just ring the bells for his brain to shut down and fall asleep. Today had been a surprisingly active day for the young Tanaka, perhaps because he had an intention as he rushed around. Sure sleep would probably slam into him in a few hours like a rock from the sky, but Yuki was hoping to take a chance now whilst he could. He rushed through the fort, trying his best to tie leather bracers to his arms whilst power-walking towards the birch forests to the east. Keikai would probably be asleep, since from what Yuki gathered about owls they tended to rest during the day and come out at night. Which was usually fine, Yuki himself did the same, but today was a bit different.

Today Yuki wanted to get some training with Keikai, to see if the large owl had potential as more than just a friend but an ally. Yuki had spoken with others in the Realm with experience of birds and they'd confirmed that avian friends could provide a lot of help with things. Delivering messages, scouting areas, fighting back foes or helping to hunt. Yuki was excited at the idea of Kei being something useful, provided the owl wanted to.

So the boy aimed to get to the silver strip and find Keikai and see how well the owl did at some basic flight commands.

Until he'd got completely sidetracked by the sight of his giant sister fighting one of the pack's other members. For a moment Yuki thought his sister was being cruelly beaten up, and that brotherly instinct kicked in to go help, but then Hokori aimed a brutal hit to the man's groin and stood on top of him after returning the beating. Yuki approached, guessing, hoping, that this was all training. He chuckled as he got close and offered Hoko a little smile. "That was... a bit mean Hoko... but I guess you did win." Yuki commented, then looked to poor Ridgewell to check that the man wasn't dying.

"I could... join in?"
Yuki suggested, talking before he'd really thought about it. "I mean gosh I'm not a great fighter but... good to train I guess?" Yuki had sort of dropped training to fight after the two freak attacks he'd experienced at the borders, potentially out of fear or shame. But perhaps training alongside his sister might help calm those nerves.

Yuki Tanaka


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