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Dusk was most definitely pushing her luck, had been for a while. Even with her newest litter due any day, she continued to patrol the borders, with someone else tagging along, or simply traveling around Casa's territory. It wouldn't have been such an issue if she hadn't been confined to her four legged form. In such a state, she couldn't make it anywhere quickly so if she did suddenly go into labor and was a good distance away from home, she'd simply be stuck. Still, the Hushhowl matriarch was fairly stubborn and was determined to ensure she was still useful, even in her condition. The pale woman had seen her own mother do the same time and time again, so there was no reason why she should shirk her own duties.

The pains had started up early in the morning, before the sun had even begun to rise. Having been through this twice before, she was well aware what it meant. At first, the waves of pain were manageable, breathing through each one but knowing she still had a bit of time since each wave was a good amount of time apart. Careful not to wake the others, Dusk slipped away from the warmth of her mate and daughters, heading out of the den. She more waddled rather than walked as she paced quietly outside the den. As she kept her breathing as even as possible, the Hushhowl woman did her best to remain calm, though she was nervous about how this labor would go. She hadn't been present for any births in a lupus form and she might have been slightly worried it might be harder this way. It wasn't like she could do anything about that now though, she'd simply have to wait and see how it went. 

Time felt as if it was passing slower than normal, her mismatched eyes glancing back towards the opening of the den, curious if anyone was waking up just yet. Even if the labor picked up, she didn't plan on giving birth in the den. At least that way, she wouldn't have to kick everyone out if things did start progressing. Instead, she was actually planning on heading to the smaller birthing den her mother had dug near the main denhouse when Pushok and Temnota were born. It wasn't like it was far at all and it still had plenty of room inside. Hartt had dug it out so there was room for both her and Darkness to be inside comfortably while in their Optime forms. With her being in her much smaller four legged form, there would be more than enough room for Zetsu to join her once it was time. Still, she wondered how long that would even take, seeing as each contraction was still spaced out a good distance apart. It made the white woman worry just a bit. Her last labor had passed so quickly, but was that possibly because she had been in her Optime form? Was that why it was easier? Dusk couldn't say for sure, either way, it seemed her pups were in no hurry to enter the world. The Hushhowl matriarch continued to pace, her gaze fixed on her own paws as the sun slowly began to rise and shed some light on the dens. The others would likely begin to wake, but she didn't want to worry anyone so she decided to start making her way towards the main denhouse. She figured she'd go ahead and slip into the birthing den, just so she was out of everyone else's way.
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