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Ooc: Foredated to August 23rd. Lancaster Stockshow Event! Horseshoes match between Anya and "Kyle" (aka Woodsmoke)! Feel free to reference watching this match in other threads! :)

The horseshoe tournament continued on throughout the day! After having signed up earlier in the day, Anya finally got notice it was time to go down to the beach as she and her opponent were up next. Making sure Pontifex was able to man the trade booth, Anya gathered up her skirt and hurried her way down the lake side.

There was a decent crowd gathered and this made the Southpaw woman feel warm as she became center of attention all of a sudden. She was ushered into the play area, a section of the beach that had two stakes sticking from the stand for the contestants to throw the metal horseshoes onto, or as close to as best the could. The winner would take home a special prize, courtesy of Del Cenere. Folding her ears, Anya gave a little wave to the Ashen folk cheering her on on the sidelines. Among them was her business partner and friend, Zsorthia Mercedes. It felt good to be supported...

It was then that her opponent stepped forward. The stranger was not from the local pack, but from one of the visiting ones. New Caledonia she believed. He was dressed in a plain shirt and pants that were two sizes too large for him, held up with crude rope. His hair was slicked back and he seemed more focus on the game ahead rather than acknowledging her as his competition. Anya watched the two players ahead of her throwing their horseshoes, trying to get an idea on what to do and what not to do when it became her turn.

Shortly she would shake hands with the New Caledonian, and they too would compete against one another to see who could ring the most horseshoes onto the stakes. Surrounded by the cheers and noise of the event, Anya felt a little overwhelmed and daunted as the round ahead ended, and she was gently guided forward and handed her own stack of horseshoes. Looking over at her opponent, she gave a small smile, wagging her tail amicably. She held out her paw for the man to shake. "Anya Southpaw, a pleasure. Good luck to you!" She greeted him and dipped her head, before moving up to the line where she would be throwing from. Whenever she was given the signal to begin tossing, the game would begin!


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Rabbits were moving targets, and rocks were not at all shaped like a horseshoe. The ammunition and the target were different, but the gist of everything was relatively fresh in her mind. All she needed was the right amount of power, and the right aim. Two things Woodsmoke hoped she’d get down pat quick enough to stay in the game. She survived a harsh winter with a newborn pup, the wild woman figured she’d do well in a game of horseshoes.

Kyle, her disguise, was working. Thanks to some packmates, she smelled nothing like a wolf. Instead she stunk like a manly yote who slept in the stables, much like the hosts of the Stockshow. Anyone just going by their sniffer would think she was a cowboy. Her already androgenous form coupled with clothes too large for her, and her bound chest as well, all helped her look a bit more masculine than what she typically boasted. Coupled with deepening her voice a little and acting a little different, Woodsmoke was essential not there, and Kyle was ready to be in the limelight.

Her eyes were working with her brain to decipher the power and form she’d need to win, but she knew she’d need to use trial and error. Even if she couldn’t nail the perfect ratio fast enough, she hoped she’d last long enough to enjoy the game. Her eyes was pulled from deciphering the best way to win by a pretty woman whose clothes blew both her and Kyles usual attire well out of the water. Noticeably taller, Woodsmoke had to look up to give her a respectful glance as she nodded her head. “Howdy,” she responded, actively deepening her voice. It was a greeting she heard before, but never really used herself. “I’m Kyle, good luck to you as well,” she added, giving a charming, if not a little mischievous, smile.

She knew luck not, but she needed to be someone else for this shindig. After the brief greeting, Woodsmoke stepped up to the line and awaited the signal to toss. This was for fun, not for glory. If she did well enough to place, that would be amazing. If not? Oh well, there were plenty of other distractions available to her here. A whole new batch of men for her eyes to peruse, though she wondered if Kyle could get their attention like she could.

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