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Ooc: For Lyubov! Foredated to August 25th. Lancaster Stock Show! The dolls are similar to this.

"Pardon me! Behind you! Excuse me!" Anya excused herself as she wove her way between bodies, carrying a small armful of goods through the marketplace of Pasillo Gris. The items were thankfully not heavy and soft and squishy so should anyone run into her or she to drop one, no harm would be done, but she didn't want to risk anything happening to the precious little bundles.

The little hand-sewn and stuffed dolls she had were all unique and had features and quirks that gave each and every one their own personality. The Outfitter made the little critters out of scrap fabrics and materials that were leftover from her dresses and cloaks and other items of clothes she created for Luperci. Buttons, beads, ribbons and other such things detailed the patchwork rag dolls, and in some of the dolls there were packets of flax seed and lavender to act as a calming aid. The dolls were meant to be a companion for young ones seeking comfort and a friend in hard times.

As she finally reached her booth, Anya nodded and smiled to Benji and dismissed him from watching the trade stall. As he left, the Southpaw woman walked up to the front counter and began to lay out the six stuffed dolls in plain sight. Proud of her work, the coydog then adjusted her dress and smoothed her hair, preparing to take over the stall. The dolls were selling fast and that made the Southpaw happy. She was glad to bring comfort and happiness to the youth of the land.

Loud cheering erupted somewhere in the distance just then and Anya glanced up, looking across the street. The end of the Lure Coursing event was just coming to an end. Smiling and chuckling to herself, Anya felt a sense of warmth, glad that the kids who had come to the stock show were getting a chance to participate. Turning back to her wares, Anya almost missed the small young girl coming down the aisle...


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Running was the one physical thing she was good at and yet she was not good enough. She had stared blankly at her toes as she thought of her placing, sure she bested Lucia's brother but not her sister. How was she faster than her best friend but not Zasha, that just did not make sense to the little Hushhowl. Was he letting her win or was she truly faster? These were the thoughts running through her mind as she fiddled with the edge of her dress, maybe her sister was faster because she stuttered at the start. Maybe if she had run with reckless abandon, would that have worked? Forget what objective until the last minute and run, maybe that's what her sister did but she knew the competitive spirit in Zasha was what drove her. She wished, again, that she was more like the dark Hushhowl girl.

Shaking her head physically, she walked down the aisles of trading stalls. She was planning on seeing how her brother was doing, curious to see if some of the artwork she did for a few of his books had sold. Would others like how she painted the covers, were they good enough to sell? It was obvious that now that she lost something she thought to be a sure thing.. that she was doubting herself, unsure if she was even good at the thing people praised. After all, Lucian had been told she was fast but that was a lie or so she was thinking at this moment.

A sigh escaped the young girl as she came across a shop with handmade dolls, they were quite beautifulin her opinion but she had nothing to trade with.  The plant she had brought she had given to the gang's lead healer, the thought caused her to smile for a short millisecondbefore the expression of utter defeat came back. So she turned away, ready to walk away.
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