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Specifically, this thread is marked mature because of: Alcohol use and possible drunken shenanigans..

ooc: Set at the Ugly Coyote. Not mentioning NPCs since I'm not sure who they'd be dealing with. <3

The heat had a way of draining you of life and desire to live it when you were within its deadly rays for the majority of the day with little to nothing in the way of cool shade, aside from whatever you had brought for yourself or your companions. Applewood had been busy grazing in the nearby area, strapped to a post so that she couldn't wander away as she was prone to do when she didn't have a watchful eye looking out for her. Abilene had remained at the stall for the majority of the day and already, their stall seemed to be a hit. They had made several decent trades, though she still found herself wanting in regards to the few things they had gathered thus far. She had gotten permission from others back in Casa to sell some of their wares here too, few and far in between, and those goods seemed evenly matched when compared to her own.

For now, though, the heated chase of alcohol down her throat brought with it a barrage of liquid courage that she was sure she wouldn't have found anywhere else. She had only been in The Ugly Coyote for a few minutes though she had found herself waiting with baited breath on the arrival of her girlfriend. Aelin had not been at the trade stall with Abilene when she had closed up shop, at least for their wares. Instead, word had been left for her to find Abilene here when she arrived back and found her missing. Abilene, contrary to the desire to work, found her heart swelled to the brim with the desire to enjoy the Stockshow as much as possible since it was rare that she got to interact with packs outside of Casa.

She wore one of her better black dresses, beadwork and tiny stones sparse throughout the neckline and drooping waist belt that seemed to dart between white and the black of the dress. At her neck, her gift from Aelin had found itself resting comfortably against her collarbone. She hadn't brought her spear with her, instead opting for her pair of daggers that remained in their sheathes to either side of her hips. Her hair had been pulled back against her nape, tied in an eerily familiar way to the way it had been when she'd first met her partner.
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So far, the Stock Show hadn’t disappointed. Luperci were milling about from each of the scattered packs, with mini-games to fill the lull in between events. Abilene had taken the second shift without complaint and so Aelin had disappeared into the throng of the crowd, intending to stop and make visits with those she knew. The refreshment stall had been her first visit, trading a few baubles for a berry flatbread and a bit of smoked pheasant. After that, the dark-coated wolf wandered about to make her connections.

It was evening time when she returned, wearing a tight-fitting suede dress. It was in two pieces, deer skin that had been softened and then stained a deep forest green that Aelin was partial too. The detailing of the skirt was simple, dark leather in a criss-cross pattern lacing up each side of it. One of the necklaces of her own creation hung at the hollow of her throat, but other then that the wolf was free of further ornamentation. The silvery hair she was known for had been swept into a half up-do, with a braid woven against her crown to polish it off. Simple, but lovely all the same.

Pushing her way into the bar, the wolf smiled broadly at those who inhabited it. Coverings had been taken from the windows, letting a nice breeze of the cooler evening air freshen up the scent of alcohol and dog within. Inhaling the spicy scent of infused moonshine, Aelin scanned the seats for a familiar russet coat among them. A small frown touched her features before she saw the shock of red hair and grinned, cutting her way through the crowded interior with ease. Sidling up to her girlfriend, Aelin gave a quick lick to the side of her muzzle before settling in beside her – draping an arm possessively around her shoulders.

“ ‘Ow’s she cutting, love? “ Came the Irish wolfs chirp before motioning to Boone to bring her 2 drinks. “ What’ll yah have? “ Came his deep voice, and she gave the ashy coyote a polite smile before trading a couple of clear quartz points, small and misshapen but somewhat valuable. “ Two moonshines if ye would – larger glasses would be grand. “ Aelin offered with a wink, bob-tail twitching behind her as the male brought her drinks over. Sliding one to Abilene, the wolf took a large drink and savored the burn of the alcohol as it slid down her throat.

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Abilene and Aelin had always had their differences in design and fashion. Abi's was certainly more dress to impress within public. Aelin's was more natural, though often, Abi found her clothing choices beyond commendable and she enjoyed watching and waiting for the surprise that came with each day's beginning to see what her girlfriend would wear. Typically, she didn't wear much when she went out. Her necklace had become a casual wear item, something she wore whenever she left the house they now shared back home. Alongside her spear and occasionally, her daggers. She hadn't had to wait around long for Aelin to show up. The woman had made quick work in finding her once she'd arrived. Abi hadn't even had a chance to sniff her out or hear her approaching before the gradual recognition of her icy haired girlfriend's lick caught the fluff of her furry cheek and sent shock registering across her face.

"Dang it, Aelin, you scared me," she said with a half-grin. She hadn't jumped though, which made it all the more worthwhile. Still, an arm had wrapped around her, tugging her close and possessively which had brought that grin into a full blown smile. One of her hands had found Aelin's side, the other tucked itself behind her girlfriend so that fingers splayed at the small of her back. "I've something I wanted to ask you," she said as she gingerly took hold of the cup that held her moonshine.

She wasn't quite sure what it tasted of but the moment it was brought to her lips, the taste of alcohol greeted her and the sharp burn that spilled and descended down her throat brought tears to her eyes and the quick scrunch of her face, revealing the not quite yellowed teeth of her maw. "Heavens, that's strong," she admitted as she sucked in a breath that sounded more like a hiss. She tried to catch her breath and settled the glass down on the bar's surface.

"I can see why people like it," she said nervously. She had had whiskey at this point, at least what counted as whiskey, as well as several other types of liquors that ranged from wine to other sorts. She seemed to like the ones easier on one's throat. "Care to join me outside before we get too plastered?" Part of her only asked because she was afraid that if Aelin turned her down, there'd be lots of people watching and she couldn't have lived that embarrassment down.
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“ O? An’ just what would you ask me, Abilene? “ Aelin asked curiously, cocking her head as she watched her girlfriend act suspiciously. Uh oh. Had the wolf committed some error? Furiously she went back through the last few days of interactions between them but could not dredge up any mistake that hadn’t already been worked through and put to rest.

The moonshine apparently didn’t suite the other wolf’s taste, and teasingly Aelin smirked at her. “ Bit too strong fer ye, is it lass? Ye always did strike me as, o’ ‘ow do they put it. Delicate? “ The woman laughed after her goodnatured teasing, not shy of the space she tended to take up around Abilene. Around others she could be quite serious, though polite and friendly all the same. Around the peppy Damaichu however, something made of light and love sparked in the chest of the Fireheart, and she finally felt like her last name made sense.

“ Sure, if t’ats what suits ye. “ Aelin replied, shrugging as she downed the rest of her drink in a single but lengthly gulp. The journey of the burn was harsh, but pleasant, and the wolf trailed after her shorter girlfriend through the doors of the bar feeling the warmth settle into her stomach. “ Well, w’at is it? “

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The flourishing heat the of the moonshine burned in her throat as the Damaichu woman squeezed lightly at her girlfriend and then smiled. Giving answer to the question she had wanted, still wanted, would have been too early right then. Besides, she hadn't just  grown nervous right then and there. It had been in the prior days leading up to now as well. Aelin probably hadn't noticed due to Abi's generally bubbly personality, the fact that Abilene had been keeping herself busy with trading and other chores that generally came with the novelty of their work. That and planning for the shared contest that she had decided to join in with, with Aelin and Lyall, wherever Lyall had gotten off to during their time in DCG.

Regardless, the joke about her being delicate brought a bashful grin to her lips before she had shaken her head. "Only a little but I thought you liked that. Besides, only with you," she stated with a small pout. She had noticed Aelin's way of dealing with others, how different it was when compared to the Aelin she had grown to love and care for. There was a difference that felt more like moonlight to sunlight in different circumstances. Still, it had never really bothered her. She had come to know Aelin rather well in the time they'd been around one another. It wasn't just the throes of a honeymoon phase. There were things she had done that she wasn't proud of, things she knew she'd do in the future that weren't great, but she couldn't help but feel like Aelin would be there for her, like she'd be there for the other woman.

Nervous, she watched Aelin finish off her drink and she did the same with her own, her face screwed up when the burn of alcohol nearly went to her nose, leaving her teary-eyed as she led Aelin through the doors of the bar and into the outside world. She didn't necessarily mind if others were watching but she had wanted it to be a more personable experience. That was why she had led them to the side of the building before she paused, turned around and then leaned up so that she could kiss the underside of Aelin's maw.

She had bitten the inside of her cheek, ambled on both of her feet, before finally she'd gone still, looking up at her girlfriend.

"I-I know it hasn't been long since we acknowledged our relationship but being able to live with you and experience your life alongside you has shown me that I don't want to waste any time fretting over the small things." Her arms curled behind her, one hand catching at the elbow of the other. Almost antsy, her expression only seemed to grow more nervous as the moment passed. "When we get back to Casa, I want you to be mine. I want to be yours... Not like we are but more." She looked down. Her heartbeat had become a drum of its own and pounded within her ears. "Gods, you understand what I'm asking, right?"
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Abilene was silent for a few moments longer, practically dragging her girlfriend around the corner before greedily showing some affection and the silver-haired wolf chuckled, leaning into the gesture. The warm pit in her stomach courtesy of the moonshine began to spread and Aelin smiled happily, enjoying the evening and all that it was bringing her.

Cocking an eyebrow, she watched Abilene go still and look up at her, and the wolf felt that warmth creep across her cheeks in response. Reaching out, Aelin brushed a knuckle gently against her girlfriends ruddy temple, admiring the deep green of the females eyes.

“ It’s practically a sin ‘ow yer face can look like that, I’ll ‘ave ye know. “ She confessed, batting her eyelashes dramatically and smiling before Abilene began speaking, the wolf falling silent and letting her hand fall back slowly to her side. Aelin studied the female as she spoke and hummed when the silence came to settle between the two women.

“ I ‘ave an idea lass w’ats being suggested ‘ere, yes. “ Came the wolfs silvery reply and she glanced to either side of them before letting her own bitter-coffee eyes settle once more on the enchanting gaze of green just below her. A small smile quirked the corners of her white mouth and Aelin nodded again – blinking as she found herself in a bit of a daze.

“ So, you, Abilene – want to be my wife? It is me we’re talking about, girl. “ The wolf said, doubt creeping into her voice. What was so good about her that Abilene would want to permanently tie herself to Aelin?

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She had been thankful for a number of things when it came to Aelin. The other woman was patient with her in ways that she wouldn't have been with others. She had allowed Abilene's presence in her life without expecting anything in return. Their few small dates had been incredible and the couple of instances where they had been in arguments had been light and hearty, often borderline humorous.

As Aelin leaned into Abilene's gestures of affection, Abilene steeled herself as if with an iron rod. She hadn't grown intoxicated with the fiery presence of the alcohol within her belly but it did give her a warmth that caressed and stoked the flames of certainty she felt deep within. Aelin's knuckles had been soft against her cheek, reassuring while, at the same time, tempting that nervousness that had filled her to the brim already.

She blushed when Aelin complimented her and playfully tapped at her girlfriend's chest. "Stop it," she'd said, grin perking at her lips. "I'm being serious. Or trying and failing to be."

She reached to grab hold of Aelin's hand nonetheless. After she kissed her girlfriend's knuckles where they had grazed over her cheek, she looked back up toward Aelin's face. "I want you to be my wife and I wanna be yours." She seemed to catch note of the flickering doubt in Aelin's tone and shook her head. "I know it hasn't been that long but the last several months have been some of the best in my life. I got to watch fairies playing the first night we drank together. We've been hunting, found broken ships and hunted seals. We've trained like never before and even when I think you're getting tired of me, you still find a way to come back, inviting me for more." She teased a smile before she'd let go of Aelin's hand.

She reached up, brushing her hand over Aelin's cheek now. "I know what I want, who I want. That's you. There's nothing about you that has screamed red flag and I love being with you. Your cute accent is a plus," she giggled.
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If the sailor wasn’t covered from tip to toe in a thick, plush coat she’d have been beet red at Abilene’s passionate speech. While Aelin had known that the Damaichu female had liked her, or even loved her, she hadn’t realized how much of an impact her presence had on the shorter womans life. Was this what setting down roots felt like? Several feelings seemed wrestle for control as Aelin quietly continued to listen, and as Abilene’s hand trailed a dark cheekbone the wolf gave in and nuzzled the soft palm of her wife affectionately.

“ Fine. Me answer is yes, of course. I would want no other beside me. “ Inhaling the comforting scent that filled the air whenever Abilene was around, the wolf paused for a moment, studying her mate-to-be. Something flashed in her dark umber eyes, and the female towered over Abilene purposefully and slowly began stepping forward, inch by inch forcing the Second Officer against the wall of the bar.

There were scant inches between the two of them, the liquor affording Aelin a bravery she wouldn’t have known otherwise and a desire to cross boundaries that had yet to be broached. The wolf raised an eyebrow suggestively and dropped an earthen-hued paw down to rest on the swell of the shorter females hip, aiming to possessively bring the hybrid closer to her. Angling her chin, the Fireheart nuzzled into Abilenes neck hungrily, sneakily sliding the side of the females dress up her thigh.

“ May love and laughter light our days, and warm our hearts and home. “ The wolf asserted in a throaty voice filled with desire, pausing to judge her mates reaction with glittering coffee eyes.

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The nervousness of having asked the question threatened to swallow the Damaichu woman whole. She had said what she'd been meaning to, had asked in her own roundabout way and it had been left up to Aelin whether she would accept Abilene's proposal as being serious rather than joking. Her hand's touch had seemed to seal the deal in a sort of way and sweet, affectionate nuzzle of her wife-to-be brought the splintering desires she'd definitely felt before rushing back in, the words spoken between them a vague thrum in the back of her mind as she realized with a mighty grin that Aelin had accepted her proposal.

Yes. That was all that needed to be said.

Giddy beyond relief, she threw up one of her hands with a girlish "Yes! I'm so happy, I don't even have words," only for them to fall short as that look crossed Aelin's gaze.

In moments, the much larger Aelin had stepped forward, towering over her in a way that made her flush with heat, also inviting a peculiar sense of unnerving desire that had never come quite as strong. Inch by inch, she had eventually been pushed to the wall of the bar, despite the crowds of people that kept walking by both within and outside of ear range and eyesight. Certain boundaries, not even broken by them living together and sharing the same bed, seemed to splinter between them as the betrothed canine found her soon-to-be mate's hand against her hip, brought closer in a way that took her breath and mocked the heaven's. She wanted this more than anything but attentions were meant to be theirs alone, not the sight of everyone near them, despite the show that it surely would have been.

As Aelin's muzzle drifted between the nook of her neck and head, her warm, heedy breath trickling against her fur and the flesh beneath, she'd realized with a start that Aelin's hand had started traveling higher, her hand's path sneaking beneath her dress to lift it up and nearly over her hip. Her breath had caught in the back of her throat, a gasp wrenched from her maw before she found herself unintentionally letting loose a small sliver of a moan. Despite their location, her own hands had found their way up and around Aelin's shoulders, right up to the point where too much became too much for where they were. "Aelin, we can't," she said despondently. "There are too many people around. We might be seen." As much as she wanted to continue.

Aelin didn't know how badly Abilene felt right then. She couldn't.. Her breaths had become tiny pants that had her crooning her head into Aelin's shoulder.

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