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Quote:For Belinda! 
Setting: Peony is bobbing for apples! 
dated: August 26th, before the auction 
The noises from the many voices in the entire stockshow, had been lifting her mood. Creating some sort of buzz in her brain so she didn’t have to focus on the issues with her family. The fact of how their families were feeding now, and not to mention her most recent discovery and the lies by omission. 

Peony felt hurt, betrayed, and yet, she heard Panniya’s voice over the crowd and decided to give the bobbing for apples a go. 

”Whoever can bob the most apples wins.” Came the voice from the female, and Peony stepped upwards tilting her head, securing the bun in place, and shoving those pale blue sleeves upwards. Her first attempt was met with a mouth full of water, that Peony spit out and came up gasping for air. The devilish grin upon Panniya’s face, made Peony more determined. 

Her second go, she decided to bob and weave, snapping her mouth around the water and around the apple, spitting it into a “basket” before she went more, and more. By the time her time was up, Peony had gathered only five apples, one of which was very squishy and left a rotten taste in her mouth. 

Soaked from the top of her head, down the front of her shirt, Peony was disappointed in the fact that she was unable to get a prize, but she offered a gentle smile, and straightened her blouse. “Thanks a bunch, was fun!” 

With that, the woman aimed to dry off, and took her long, blonde hair, out of its bun, letting it settle onto her shoulders. A small smile was upon her face even now, and wandered a bit away from the bobbing from apples, and figured maybe she would try to bob for apples once she got the rotten apple taste of her mouth.  
WC: 244

Belinda thrived in the turmoil that had arisen in the wake of her fight with Peony. Word had gradually gotten round to a great majority of the pack. Heads turned when she walked past. Eyes were always pointed at her and crowds hushed when she walked into a room. She basked in the attention she had garnered, thrived in the sudden boost in reputation. For the first time in a year, Del Cenere had finally felt like home.

That all came crashing down around her ears when she turned away from giggling at a joke a friend had mad and she came face to face with the bane of her existence. Belinda's face twisted like she smelled something foul. Peony stood before her, a soaking mess from ears to breasts. Belinda reached between her own breasts and retrieved a yellow handkerchief with a smirk.

"Clean yourself up, honey, you're an absolute mess." She dangled the cloth between them, parroting the words that had been thrown at her a few weeks ago. Except this time, they were absolutely surrounded by people. If Belinda knew her sister at all, she knew that Peony wouldn't do anything here. Peony had made a name and reputation for herself - the Debutante, La Oreja. Getting into a shameful family feud in public - especially with foreigners in attendance - would be a hair too far even for Peony. Belinda had the high ground this time. She wanted to watch her sister crawl.

Things had started off well, her mind had been occupied, no sign of the witch nor any signs of any more rumors flying about. Considering what had happened last time, the family kept it a hush hush situation, and attempted to draw the reigns back and fix it. Hosea was her lover, chosen out of her heart, plucked from the stars and planted on earth by God for her to love, her to create a family with. It was almost ruined, several times, due to acts of her own, or acts created by others.

Yet, she never quite expected to run head on into her dearest sister, lightly putting it, Peony’s nose scrunched upwards in a form of a snarl, but she fixed it, quickly smiling through it, and stifling the snark that was building in her chest. Belinda attempted to parrot the words Peony had once said to her sister, but the retribution and dialect was seething with sarcasm and malice.

Instead of offering or rather taking her sisters bait, the woman smiled brightly, as if it did not bother her, shoving down the urge to watch her own sisters head recoil from punching her, and instead, side stepped her. Fuck you.Thanks, but no thanks.” Came the soft reply, laced in honey, as she headed straight for another booth, hoping her sister would get the gist of what she was implying and leave her the hell alone already.

Peony wanted to follow through with her promise, but, they were in front of many a wolf and coyote, who’s orbs seemed to trail after them, and the La Oreja had a reputation to uphold. Caught fighting in the middle of the road, in the middle of the bustling crowds? That was not about to happen on her watch, not if she could help it anyways. Kill them with kindness, never strike first. Words from her childhood etched into her brain, were beginning to come forth.
WC: 246

Peony politely declined her sister's gracious offer. Rather than deign to touch that which her lesser sister had touched, she would drip around the stockshow like a silly child. Belinda giggled at the facade Peony put up, as if she could still be respected looking like a cat dragged through the mud. What would the foreigners think of the Del Cenere Gang to see their second highest echelon presented so horrifically?

"Oh, but La Oreja, I couldn't dream of letting you get away looking so frightfully cold." Belinda dipped into a curtsy at the title, as was proper for it, and glanced around. "It wouldn't do to allow such an esteemed lady as yourself to get ill."

Despite Belinda's selflessness, Peony rudely shoved past to go on to her next event. Belinda gathered her skirts and skipped to catch up to La Oreja. She wasn't about to let such behavior go about without any hindrance. When she found herself at Peony's poised elbow, Belinda cleared her throat with a slight 'ahem'. When that elicited no response, she did it again. Louder.

"My lady, if I might be so bold as to suggest that your blouse when so pale is particular form-fitting when damp such as it is." Belinda's pale violet eyes lewdly trailed down with a smirk at where the top of Peony's breasts were beginning to be accentuated by the attire. "But I forget myself of course, what do I know of appropriateness, hmm?"

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