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Ram Roping Wrote:Tuesday, August 24th, morning
While traditionally reserved for calves and young cattle - Del Cenere is lacking in the field of bovine - however, a suitable replacement has been made. The communal rams, Rupert and Goddard, alongside billy Phillip have been outfitted with leather guards on their horns to protect them from the worst of the chafing. Not only does Phillip prove an exceptional challenge given the sheer size of his arching horns, his temperament makes him a difficult animal to wrangle. Timing is the name of the game here, and judgements will be made on such, as well as the security of the tying.

OOC: Ram ropin'! This thread is for participation between contestants - but has no determined post order. Feel free to reference Cassidy opening gates/going to pick up the rams/Phillip between each round! Spin-off spectating threads are welcome c: || WC: 357


Dill was mildly wary, setting up the sheep for such an event – at least, in the case of Rupert and Goddard, and she spent a good chunk of the morning prepping her ‘boys’, fretting over the two sheep who drank up the attention like wooly sponges. Goddard’s long lashes drooped as Dill wrapped the protective leather about the base of his horns, cursing and swearing softly to herself at the ache that settled into her knuckles with the repetitive strain of the motions, the ram’s head giving a subtle bob with each orbit of her handling. Beneath her breath, she fretted, and rubbed a palm over her sheeps’ shoulders, their spring-shorn coats starting to come in thicker with the cusp of seasonal change.

Phillip was not regarded as fondly. He did not seem to be a willing participant, either way; the billy was stubborn and resistant to his own handling, and, after a wrestling match with the shepherd, reluctantly submitted himself for the wraps on his own long, arching horns, nostrils flaring as he bleated and snorted in opposition.

Cassidy was uncertain as to how well-suited he was for his job as an assistant, helping to hold and wrangle the rams and keep them steady in the wooden chutes as Dill climbed out of the corral and rubbed at her joints, her silvery whiskers twitching subtly.

”Don’t go hurtin’ my sheep now, y’hear?” she scolded the gathered contestants, raising her graying fingers to wag at the nearest visitor. ”Be as gentle as y’can. You don’t want me showin’ up at your campsites, come evening to be givin’ you the same treatment as my boys.”

Cassidy hopped the fence, the first sheep bleating as he tried to put his head through the slats of the chute’s wooden door, and he held the release. Dill found her way to the sand-filled bucket, eyeing the markers on it closely with narrowed eyes as though taking a moment to discern the writing, before she grabbed the cork.

”Give the signal when you’re ready, dear, n’ Cassidy over there will open the gate.”

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Ram-roping everyday in Palisade, was easy, right? He had to rope some rams, so how hard could it really be? Perhaps, his nerves were getting the best of him as he teetered above most in height. Surely this couldn’t be too difficult? His knuckles ached, like usual for the lumbering giant, and he steadied himself on the horse, listening very carefully to Dill’s words, taking them to heart. Rubbing those knuckles, his graying hair was tied upwards using a cloth he carried on his belt.

Injuring a sheep was against his religion, or so it would seem, he steadied himself in his saddle of fur, and while he wasn’t aware which ram he had in the lineup, it was apparent this ram was much easier going than several others he saw. A particular black ram, one who seemed to head butt at the fencing and the other sheep, made him grit his teeth and hope whoever had that one, surely got it done, and didn’t have as much troubles.

He was lucky, perhaps, and as soon as Dill said to give the signal, the smaller male, of whom he had met previously, jumped downwards, pulling open the gate, and Bennett’s steed was quick on her feet. The ram was quick, but it would seem as though there was a moment of hesitance and Bennet’s lasso was quick to get him onto the ground, tanking the ram off his feet. Sheer luck, Goddard went stock-still, and legs went straight up in the air. Without hesitance, the large male clambered from the saddle, quickly tying the sheep’s legs together, and panting heavily, this was done in record time it felt.

Peony from the sidelines could be heard screaming, and he immediately untied the ram, feeling slightly embarrassed. Cautiously he walked back towards Juanita and led her back towards the opposite side of the corrals, to exit without hindering the other contestants.

Phoebe was a taller mare, lean in muscle and the perfect riding companion, though, Lyall couldn’t really say too much because when he watched the first rider, one of pallid colorations and an almost eerily blue, steel, color, his bi-colored orbs practically widened as large as a diamond. This male had effortlessly taken the Ram down, and had successfully tied its feet together. This was easy right?

Sure, sure, he couldn’t help but feel queasy, from the sidelines he heard a female screaming, and his ears jumped backwards, his tail twitching. Did she have to be so loud? The pull of the gate closed by this Cassidy fellow, made an uneasy feeling start in his stomach, once again, pressured by the sensations of another’s eyes on him. But not just one pair, there was a whole standing spectator group. Why did they begin to start watching suddenly now? Perhaps, he just let his nerves get the best of himself.

Within the crowds as he reeled Phoebe around by her reigns, he found calmness in the orbs of his friend, watching, studying with a gruff look on their face, and for once, the anxieties began to dissipate. The Hushhowl male was no longer a wobbling wee pup, but instead a grown man, holding rank within Casa di Cavalier, and he was going to show everyone in Del Cenere Gang that he was worthy, too.

They stood, breathing together, as he glanced towards the other male, a nod of his head and Phoebe bolted out of the gate, the horse was quick, almost too quick, his rope finding the ram and though it shocked him, he still struggled, his feet kicking every which way, Lyall was upon him quickly, in a few more seconds slower than what the other tall male had done, he was able to tie the ram’s feet, and stood upwards momentarily, panting, before leaning down and narrowly avoiding a hoof to his groin.

Once the ram was free, he walked Phoebe, just as the other had before him, out of the make-shift pin, watching by the gates, wondering whenever Aberama would be next. Speaking of which, it looked as though he was about to begin, and his bi-colored orbs watched gleefully.
Quote:Goddard is not keen on getting lassoed, and, after a delay in leaving his 'gate', he takes off quick, and then pivots sharply in a different direction, evading the rope, and disqualifying poor Hosea.


Though he'd never participated in an event like this before, the cattle dog hybrid was confident in the ability to rope up a ram.
How hard can it be, he questioned internally, knowing that most of the ram and sheep he'd seen about the pack lands before were slow moving and unmotivated. This was a different situations, sure, they were not just simply grazing out in a field with minimal disturbances, but he still didn't anticipate it being too difficult.

After all, it was in his blood to be able to rope and wrangle.
If he could catch a ram, how could he expect himself to drag in wanted folk that were out causing trouble? If that really were the situation, he wanted to be sure he had the skill of bringing in bounties alive and well, not with an arrow in between their eyes.

But, he was never a particularly careful mongrel, finding harsh blows easier than methodical teasing in most cases.

Cassidy, an Ashen he'd seen helping around Charmingtown from time to time but had yet to formally meet, gave Hosea a nod, before opening the gate.
Hosea's grip tightened on his rope, and he smirked, looking down the target ram with a ferocity. He was ready to dart toward the creature as soon as he took off, chasing after Goddard as soon as he was free.

...As soon as he was free.

After another awkward moment of pause, the Enkindled mutt stood up and shrugged, Hey now, what's this?. Goddard, the ram he'd been set to rope up, was acting as if he was completely oblivious as to what was going on. He knew that wasn't entirely the case, based off previous interactions with the beast, but instead of racing out the damned thing just shambled about, never leaving his safe zone.

C'mon now, that's not fair, ya gotta- Before Hosea could even fully lecture the finnicky ram, Goddard was off. In a blink of an eye, the creature had left his gate and ran right past the freckled coydog, who, in surprise, hadn't been ready for the catch.
The Courtright archer fumbled with his rope, waiting until he had an opening to throw out a lasso and...

Goddard pivoted just as hastily as his spontaneous escape from the gate.

Watching as the rope fell unceremoniously to the dust ground below, Hosea gave a defeated shake of his head and soundlessly turned heel to walk away.
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Well, this is awkward. The male thought to himself as he observed the assembled riders and their steeds. Notably horses. Tugging uneasily at his Oxen’s halter, Aberama tried not to laugh at the ridiculousness he now found himself in. This was supposed to be serious. The strawberry blonde cow ambled alongside his master, batting his long lashes at any passerby that seemed to take notice of such a strange colored beast.

There was no saddle that could fit over such hulking sides, so Aberama’s attempts would be bareback. He eyed the cow and Cletus grunted while nosing the underside of Abe’s palm with a wet pink nose. “ Ya gross mate, don’t do that. “ He huffed, wiping the slime left behind on his patchwork leather shorts. Most of his injuries had healed at this point, but Aberama knew that the part where he slid off the side to tackle the ram would be painful, and he would be sore as hell afterwards. After watching other riders take their turns, the male mounted his Oxen steed and walked him towards the entrance, feeling his ears burn at the slow pace employed.

He lifted his fingers up to signal he was ready, and the gate holding Rupert was released. The ram shot out, zagging this way and that to avoid being captured now that he had a chance to observe the goings ons. Cletus seemed to clue in himself and trotted swiftly after the sheep, bellowing a loud moo that seemed to take the sheep by surprised. This was no horse, Aberama could read in the rams eyes that he was confused and taken off guard, and so he flicked his lasso out and captured his quarry in the rope.

Sliding off of his oxens back, Aberama sprinted towards the ram and performed the same quick movements the other contestants had done as well, making to grab the legs, flip the sheep onto his knee then put him down to hogtie. Rupert had other plans however, and began flailing all four legs out fiercely, letting out an ear splitting baa. This shaved valuable seconds off of the travelers time and he grunted as one hoof found his cheek.

“ Damn thing, stop strugglin’! “ He growled, finally securing the ram and putting his hands up to mark the end of the hog tie.

Quote:Hulda is undeterred by Phillip's steely, bitter gaze, which, very well may have spelled her downfall from the start. She goes to throw her lasso around one of his large horns, and the goat stops abruptly, but rather than flee, he turns and gives chase to his roper, needlessly prolonging the time and proving Unwranglable.

Hulda had never seen anything like it before. Luperci, horses, rams, even an ox were somehow involved. Amusingly she was the only female so far and watching the various men succeed or fail helped to whet her enthusiasm for the event. Atop her chestnut mule, built sturdy from her draft horse for a dam she felt comfortable about her chances.

It was a strange event and left a sour taste in her mouth. The poor creatures had no idea what they were in for. She immediately warmed to Dill, who she noticed doling out affection to her animals and warning the contestants not to harm them. Alas, there was no turning back now. At least this would be an opportunity to showcase her skill and Eir’s training.

A sable goat was coaxed forward and released. Eir’s long ears tilted back and forth as the smaller beast vented its anger on the fencing first. It turned its dark gaze upon the rider and steed as they stared each other down. The wickedly curved horns of her opponent made for an easy target as Eir pressed forward.

The billy didn’t move like she had anticipated him to, however. Eir blew through her nostrils and slowed in reaction. Hulda tried to turn her head around, coaxing on the reins and with her ankles to no effect. Both animals eyed one another, waiting. If Hulda could just inch her mule closer she could try flinging the rope over Philip’s head.

Philip moved first and lowered his head as he charged at Eir. The mule squealed and wheeled out of the goat’s way. All she could do was hold on as the foul-tempered billy made to run at them again; Eir was having none of this and made straight for safety.

“Whoa, whoa now.” The male’s voice soothed both Hulda and Eir as they came to a stop. She looked down to see that Cassidy had a good hold on her mule’s reins and was mumbling soothingly to her anxious mule.

“Thanks,” she breathed, glancing quickly over her shoulder to check where Philip was. “I guess that means we’re out. Bloody Hell, I'm not going back there!”
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