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Coming to the Stockshow hosted by the Del Cenere Gang was interesting, if not illuminating.  The differences that the young-ish Greyfire saw here compared to the goings-on of Casa during the Olympics just showcased how vastly different packs could be from one another, having always lived in smaller loner bands.  The population in those territories at the time were likely inflated of course, considering that they had visitors from other packs as well as the surrounding areas, but the difference between the sheer amount of people that were in one place in a given moment...  It was a little hard to fathom.  Johanna wondered if it was even possible for every member to know each others name, given how many people could live in a single pack.

Leaning with her elbows on the surface of the Bête Noire stall, the white and grey wolf mix couldn't help but feel personally relieved when she heard about the show and their involvement.  It was one more thing to keep Elias occupied so he wouldn't become restless and want to travel again, something he could enjoy by practicing his craft while remaining near her family.  And it wasn't that Johanna didn't enjoy trading with him away from home, it was just... she wanted more time was all.  She kept telling herself that she'd have sated her homesickness around their agreed upon departure window, as dark blue eyes traced the grain of the wood under her arms.

Part of coming here did mean that she had to spend some shifts covering for the stall, to give everyone some time off to enjoy the festivities themselves. As an apprentice trader, she actually didn't mind this part as much as she thought she would, finding that when someone actually knows what they want out of a deal left less for her to stress over in trying to bargain.  The one thing that she did mind was how numbingly boring it could be, standing with their wares as she watched people walk by.  Frankly it could be seen as depressing in the stretches of time that she had to spend silently attending the stall, whenever they didn't have a customer.  For the time being, Elias was working behind her whittling knives, so Johanna felt like he wouldn't want to be bothered at that juncture of their shift. If there was just someone else to talk to, she'd be perfectly happy standing there for a few more hours of the day.

Another one of her roles as the Diplomat for Del Cenere was to gather information on other packs. Hopefully, by gathering information and talking with others she would be able to build stronger relationships with other packs, which might even resulting in trade agreements. Using times like the Stockshow was the perfect opportunity to stalk out several packs and loner bands all at once. It was efficent, especially since the event was being held within their own boarders.

Since her trip down to Bete Noire to deliver the invitation to this very Stockshow, Lyssa was interested in getting to know more about the small group in particular. They had met with Nyx and Lukos who had been excellent hosts to the coyotes; They had even shared some of their supplies they had received from John. While her time there was short, she had used her time to confirm some of the rumblings she had heard from other Ashen about the new group. Still, there were many questions, one of which was the potencial longevity of the group and how that could impact the Del Cenere Gang.

As the golden woman toured the stalls she kept her eyes peeled for the stall lead by the other group. While there were many stalls, and many more luprici to wade through, she eventuall came across the small stall. The table was manned by a white and grey wolf, which was covered in a variety of goods: leather, furs, bone weaponry, sweet spiced wine, and clay ceramic cups, flatware, and bowls. The wine drew her attention as she walked up, making eye contact with the blue eyes of the merchant.

Bonjour, friend. What kind of items are you looking to exchange for your wares?” She smiled brightly, dawning her Diplomat face. While the woman had little to be happy about in the moment, she had to at least pretend she was pleasant. The first step to diplomacy after all was building relationships, but who would want to build relationships with a struggling alcoholic? She grinned through her exhaustion and pounding headache.  “My name is Lyssa, by the way. I’m a member of the Ashen.” She tipped her cowboy hat along with her introduction.
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The Stock show was a bustling event, sporting games not just of sport but also of cooking, competition for the animals, and even opportunities to show off trade within the coyote pack's territory. This really was something else, not just a friendly show of aptitude in combat between packs, but something that Nyx had never experienced, and never dreamed she would in all her years in this land. Walking through the thin mulling crowd that made their way through the lines of stalls peering at the various wares on display, the thing that really caught her eye was the sight of her daughter Johanna standing alone at the counter with a somewhat familiar face on the other side of it, the two appearing to be doing business. 

Interested, the mother made her way over to the booth and grinned up at the blonde coyote. "Hello, Lyssa, w-was it?" She asked, hoping that she hadn't remembered the other's name wrong and offering a smile. "I-I wanted t-to thank you for delivering th-the invitation to us, this r-really is a spectacular e-event." The mother started with a nod of the head, leaning against the counter and settling in to just watch for a moment, wondering how her daughter was handling the business side of things and ready to step in on her behalf should she think the need presents itself.

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Lavender orbs caught site of two familiar faces, one of which was a dear friend. Miss Nyx Greyfire, the scarred and interesting woman who served the lands by creating a group known as Bete Noire, an interesting combination of folks, mainly containing the families of Nyx, and one very interesting blubbering man known as Manitou.

A cheeky smile, and a poised, friendly, stride, Peony was upon them all in a heartbeat, the moment to meet Lyssa’s gaze, before it turned onto the white woman, then the woman who seemed to be running the booth. Those eyes looked so much like Nyx’s perhaps another child of hers? Although, her gaze lingered onto the wares for a few nanoseconds, then turned away.

Lyssa and her had discussed prior about maybe setting up some trades, perhaps even traveling towards Bete Noire, and here they were! Nothing to be expected less, however, seeing as the two women seemed to not only compete against one another, but work well together too, it would seem.

Amor.” An endearment as she would approach her in a very friendly way, and gently aim to kiss either side of her cheek, a flashy smile on the muzzle. “It is great to see you! I am so happy you all have come.” Soft at first, then her tone turned more serious, as she even worried about their doings and happenings for their little group. “Is everything fairing for you nicely? If you need anything, anything at all, please don’t hesitate to ask me to make your accommodations more comfortable. Whisper and Theo seem to be settling in wonderfully too.” Syllables and sentences spoken properly, with proper punctuation and not rushed.

Then the woman settled back and eyed some wares, before turning her thoughts back to their first dealings of trades, having Bro been left there, the pallid woman wondered how he was too, but chose not to ask. Soon she would need to collect for the horse she traded, but as it was her own personal equine, it didn’t seem to matter too much, Nyx was worth waiting for it would seem.
It wasn’t long after before Johanna was thinking about wishing for the confidence to become a master trader and the physique of a goddess with how well her previous wish turned out.  As she stood there at the counter, with Elias toiling away in the back by himself, a golden coyote had made her way to the stall and was standing before Johanna, dressed in the peculiar manner that many of the members of this hosting pack were.

With a crooked tail wagging in delight, Johanna gave a toothy smile to the stranger that formally introduced herself as a member of the Del Cenere Gang.  ”Hello!  Largely it depends on what you’d have to offer, but the basics will usually suffice!  Of course if you have any specialized goods to offer, we have someone who can help make sure we can reach a deal of equal value.”  Johanna was quite fond of equivalent exchange, giving what one had to receive what one needed.  That was the purest form of bartering to the fledgling tradesman, though ideology wasn’t really the important thing to focus on at the time.

“Johanna Greyfire, of Bête Noire.  I suppose I have you to thank for inviting us here then!  Or, your pack rather.  Or, gang?” The young adult gave a nervous laugh, still not entirely used to holding a conversation alone with a customer, and not really knowing much about Del Cenere besides it being the pack that her older sister had joined along that drifter she heard was hanging around the band for some time now.

To her surprise, the snowy warrior that she called ‘Mom’ had arrived as well, emerging from the bustling festivities as she leaned against their stall with a cool ease.  “Mom? Where’s Dad, I thought you were supposed to be enjoying the Stockshow together?”  she asked, as that was the point to working at the stall in shifts.  That way everyone could enjoy what the festival had to offer, something Johanna was still keen on doing.

Wishing for company seemed to have compounded at that point however, as yet another stranger had approached the small scarred fighter, promptly kissing her mother on either side of the muzzle in a bubbly frenzy of conversation.  Johanna didn’t really have much to say about the goings on at this point, feeling drained for words as a boring lapse of downtime quickly became an overly active flurry of voices.

“So uh...  Anything you’re interested in?” she had asked the one who introduced herself as Lyssa, trying to keep the ball rolling on the trade at hand despite not knowing what the other two were up to.

Lyssa nodded, listening to the merchant run her spiel. So they weren’t looking for anything in particular, that was good to know. The golden woman dug into her bag and pulled out three rabbit pelts, a common trading good for the woman. “How much do you want in exchange for that lovely bottle of wine?” She asked, holding the pelts forward so that the quality of the goods could be inspected. Her work had been sloppier of late, but it still demonstrated her butchering skills which she had been honing for the last several years. 

As the two negotiated a trade, others arrived at the same booth; The one thing about life during an event is that it was never quiet. The small white woman she had met on her travels to the Bete Noire group showed up, and with the two figures side by side, Lyssa could see the resemblance between the two wolfdogs. “Ah, bonjour Nyx! It is lovely to see you again!” She smiled kindly, remembering how her short visit had gone, “Well, if there’s one thing we’re good at here, it’s having a good time.” She nodded in a knowing way, diplomat's face on strong.

The next whirlwind to show up was the cream-coloured Braithwaite herself. They exchanged a friendly look, but her attention quickly turned to the other woman. While Lyssa had tried to get to know Peony in the past, there had been certain… circumstances that had made it hard for her to open up to the woman, and frankly, it was enough for her to not to want to fix that problem. The old Lyssa had felt guilt about that, but the new one? She did not care whether the creme woman liked her or not.

Still, they had to work together, and with their strengths, they often had to interact. Setting up trading routes, for example, was something that Lyssa was interested in for maintaining pack relationships, but Peony was La Oreja. Her position in the pack annoyed the golden woman as Lyssa had been one of the founding members of the pack, yet here was this woman from the Palisade who had swooped in and taken the position. Jealously snaked deep within her, but outwardly she exchanged a glance with the other Ashen before turning back to the two Greyfire women.

“You have many wonderful goods, Johanna. I am only interested in the bottle of wine at the moment. That being said…” She trailed off as golden eyes turned to the small, white woman, “with Bete Noire so close to our pack, and with the different specialties and goods of our respective members, perhaps we can discuss a more long-term agreement?” Out of respect, Lyssa did glance back at Peony to see if she had something extra to add. At the moment, the golden woman couldn’t take the whole project on herself. She had a bit of work to do to regain some of the trust she’d lost from her long disappearance.
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All at once it seemed like the modest booth had gone from peaceful and lonely to bustling with life and activity. Nyx showed up shortly after Lyssa, and as soon as she did, Peony arrived as well. She and Lyssa exchanged friendly words, and to Peony Nyx laughed and clasped her arm lightly, leaning her face so that the coy woman could kiss her cheeks in what proved to be an unfamiliar but not wholly unwelcome form of greeting. Nyx grinned between the two coyotes and offered a sympathetic glance to her all too introverted daughter, knowing she had never been one for these sorts of interactions. 

Lyssa and Johanna talked of trading wine for rabbit skins and Peony mentioned Nyx's eldest daughter and offered her services, to which Nyx wagged her tail and replied, "Everything i-is wonderful, I wouldn't w-want to ask too much o-of you, but i-if I need something I-I'll be sure to let you know, th-thank you!" She spoke the words, and even as she did she heard Lyssa say something that piqued her interest.

Turning her brilliant business smile towards the other female in turn, Nyx leaned her elbows on the booth and clasped her hands together lightly while looking up at Lyssa. "W-what did you have in mind? Bête Noire i-is always looking for m-more trade." She said, her posture easygoing and her tail swaying slowly to show her relaxed and pleased mood. "I'm sure w-we can come up w-with something that will benefit everyone." She left it at that and made no forthcoming offers, waiting to hear what it was that Lyssa was interested in, or what she had to offer that might be so interesting long term.

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