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The caravan had come from BN territory across the stretch of land separating them from Del Cenere in three days. Elias and Johanna had driven the two wagons that were drawn by the two horses they brought, Erebus and Svadil both grunting and frothing at the bit by the time they pulled up in Charmingtown. Hopping down from the drivers seat, the tall hybrid gave his giant draft a pat on the shoulder, motioning to Johanna with a jerk of his chin for her to follow him as the two of them went to set up their stall, Nyx and Lukos going to scout out their surroundings and whatnot, and Mithra staying behind to unload the wagons, though it seemed Manitou had also mysteriously vanished once it came time to work.

When the unpacking and setting up was all out of the way, Elias and Johanna found themselves taking the first watch of the BN trade stall, Elias preoccupying himself with setting up a stretching rack for some hides and setting to work in curing them just behind their stall where anyone could walk by and see his craftsmanship. The counter hosted a variety of antlers and bones and things made of said bones, knives, arrowheads, tools, apart from that there were a couple stacks of reddish ceramic plates and cups with a dark colored waterproofing coating the eating surfaces, and behind the counter there were barrels of spiced house BN wine and a stack of premade leathers of varying sizes, as well as a few basic articles of leather armor and displays of leather hilt wrappings and jars of herb medicines with basic labels detailing the ailments associated with each jarred remedy.

"Wonder what sorts of customers we'll get." The tall man muttered as he worked, half to Johanna, half to himself.
Pulling back on the reins, Johanna brought the wagon to a halt as they arrived in the town, having Erebus stop to finally get some rest from their long three day trek to Del Cenere territory.  Dismounting from the wagon, the wolf mix wagged a crooked tail as she gently scritched the horses neck with her fingers, though quickly pacing over to Elias' side when he motioned for her.  They grabbed what supplies they'd need to set up the counter and a makeshift workshop for Elias, quickly finding themselves the only ones willing to work on this portion of their visit.  The ashen snow girl wasn't entirely sure what her parents were up to, but she also wasn't left with much time to wonder as she followed Eli to where they'd be setting up.

While Elias did what he needed in order to set up his mobile workstations, Johanna manned the front of the stand, willing to smile and wave to anyone that might be interested in perusing what they had for sale.  Since Elias had handled most of the negotiations for when they traveled abroad, Johanna wanted to take this event as an experiment and expand her knowledge of haggling while the pair of them were at the trade stall, with the more experienced trader close on hand if she started to mess it up of course.  With an ear flicking back towards the dark furred male, Johanna gave a small shining smile to where he was, saying "Whoever they are, I'm sure they'll be interesting in a place like this at least."

Half the fun for Johanna was meeting new people and experiencing different cultures, considering how most of her experience resolved around what she knew within her own family and loner band.  Honestly she felt like something could be learned from how other people did things, both in similar and different ways.  It was the part of traveling that she looked forward to the most, even if some of the people they came across were a little more frightening than others.
Reaching into the bucket of water and vinegar that some of his hides had been soaking in on and off for the duration of the trip, the skilled tanner pulled the waterlogged skin from the bucket and began to squeeze it out, getting as much moisture out as he could before stretching the hide on a frame of wooden sticks, threading the edges with a bone needle and sinew to keep it taught and with even pressure while it dried so there would be no folds, wrinkles, or imperfections in his product. 

Working meticulously with his hands to punch evenly spaced holes along the edges of the hide to string it up by, rose ears perked and flopped forward as he listened to Johanna's reply and the milling about of whoever passed by, trying to wait until no one was in ear shot before answering, "I'm not sure that interesting is the word I'd use, I've met interesting people, these definitely aren't them." He spoke boldly and without worry for how she might perceive him.
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Auger did not intend to spend a lot of time around the stalls. There was too much hustle and bustle there for him, but he did want to at least have a look at some of the things that were available. He had heard mention of a group who tanned hides, and he was always interested in checking out how others used the leather and what their techniques might be. He was by himself as he headed down the rows looking for

He carried a bag of a few things that he and Notch decided that they could trade away. Some were things made by Notch, including a shirt that Auger thought showed his progress with sewing. It was loose-fitting and had leather ties on the shoulders that meant it could be adjusted for different size Luperci. As he scanned the different stalls, he came across one that had some plates and cups. He and Notch usually just made do, but he thought it would be nice to have ones that matched better. Notch also liked home-y things like that. Decision made, he approached the stall to get a closer look.

"Hello," he greeted the other canines with a pleasant expression and a nod. "I'm interested in the plates and cups that you have." Auger didn't know what the process was like for creating things like that. No one that he knew had that sort of skill, so it also meant that he had no real idea of what a good trade offer was. He wasn't about to let that show, though. He carefully lifted one of the plates to look a little closer at the dark glaze that was on part of it. He thought that Notch would like the texture.

"I have a couple of things I can offer," Auger said as he carefully set the plate back down where it was. He really didn't want to deal with haggling, so he hoped that his offer wasn't going to be a low-ball. "My mate made a couple of shirts--these leather ties mean it can be adjusted a bit depending on the wearer's size." He withdrew it from the bag as he spoke and held it out in case they wanted to inspect it. Next came the more simple shirt, along with a strand of beads. Both of the shirts were light brown. "Along with both of those, I have these beads and the leather cord they're on. For three of each, plates and cups?" The beads were of various sizes, made of wood and bone.

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