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Ooc: Foredated to Aug 25th. Lancaster Stockshow! Zsorthia's gonna provide some entertainment at the Gambler's Den. ;) (Think Shakira.) Feel free to mention her dancing in other threads!

She'd come to the Gambler's Den (aka the Ugly Coyote) a couple hours ago now. She was definitely tipsy and feeling good. The Mercedes woman had become comfortable with those around her and was fully aware of the wandering eyes upon her. She wasn't exactly hard to miss. With her deep red pelt and the natural black mask that adorned her visage, Zsorthia was a unique sight. Not to mention what she wore barely counted for clothes. The leather and fur strip top , the fur strips as a skirt barely hide her pronounced bust and curves.

The atmosphere was lively and the patrons were laughing or smacking their paws on tables, rolling dice, rowdy, smoking and having a good ol' time. The red lady of the Ashen figured now was as good as any to take things a step further. With a lazy wink she slowly stood, her barstool scooting back with a loud scrape across the floor.

Swaying her hips and moving her body in a sensual manner, the Probado began a sexy dance to a silent tune. She began to hum under her breath, giving herself some music to move to. With a sultry grin and look up from under her eyelashes at the room, she then climbed up steadily up onto the table, just as a stranger to her left whistled and pulled out a pan flute and began to follow along with her hummed tune.

Nodding to the man, she flicked her tail and brought her arms up over her head and slowly drew them down along her body as she rocked and ungulated her hips and swaying and bucking making many a Den-goer's eyes go wide and jaws go slack. Tracing her curves with her paws, hips and belly moving like a mesmerizing ripple, the red, masked woman's ears perked at the sound of a guitar striking up from the far corner of the bar, adding to her backup track.

With a soft chuckle the woman picked up her pace, clapping her hands once and shaking her hips faster, dropping low and rising back being sure to keep her balance on the table. Her center of gravity was key here as she knew not every table the in the Ugly Coyote was stable. Flicking her tail across the face of one of the more slack jawed viewers, Zsorthia giggled and spun around with the assistance of another stranger's paw, her hips moving in a fascinating manner, like belly dancing but even more tantalizing. What a show she was putting on! Even the gambling tables had slowed to watch...


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The Sola, the sun queen, had had no intention of participating in the Stock Show’s more… perverse experiences. However, Yrsa was not as tied to duty and honor as the leader of the Cavaliers was, and their friendship had sparked into a flame that could not be ignored. Aldora was not sure how, but it was late into the evening, the pups were asleep and safe within the presence of other pack-members, and the Firebringer had convinced the Knight to join her at the Ugly Saloon.

She could only imagine the depravity waiting for them, but Yrsa had insisted, and Aldora could not say no. Besides, these were not Cavalier lands, their oaths and responsibilities meant little to nothing here, and as Yrsa so succinctly pointed out: "You too deserve to have fun every once in a while!"

She had no standing to protest.

The saloon reeked of masculinity, booze, and smoke; the sound of laughter and chatter was deafening. Yrsa seemed revived by it, grasping Aldora by the arm and dragging her into the onslaught of the sense. The Sola recoiled; this was not a place for her! Everything at her screamed to leave, but a look into Yrsa’s excited and pleading eyes forced the Knight to push her discomfort aside; this was the least she could do for her friend, the woman who had save Zanthe’s life.

Still, ever sensitive Yrsa, recognized Aldora’s discomfort, and found them a mostly empty table in a corner where they could watch the reverie. The two women found themselves with drinks in front of them, almost inexplicably, and despite her best efforts the Sola after a time found herself becoming drunk.

Two unaccompanied females in this sort of setting was not to go unnoticed, but thankfully Yrsa seemed to have a knack with the men, and every one of them who tried to sidle alongside the Cavaliers was drawn up by the Firebringer’s charm and wit. Aldora was saved, content with her drink off to the side and free to observe all the others within the warm and cramped space of the Saloon.

It was not long after an Ashen woman began to draw the center of attention, as if the dark auburn lady had not been a glint in every man’s (and most women’s) eye at this point. As music was struck up she began to undulate in a most wicked fashion, mesmerizing everyone there, including Aldora.

The Knight was fond of the male physique, the strength and burliness that lie therein, but it was the female form that she enjoyed the most. Minerva was soft and forgiving under her rough paw pads; but this woman was like flame incarnate and Aldora had never seen anything like it. Her lavender eyes bounced up and down with each movement, and the whiskey in her stomach mixed with a different kind of warmth, one that made her incredibly uncomfortable and excited.

Was she slack-jawed and panting as many of the males around her were? She could not tell, she hoped that she was keeping some semblance of decorum, but the drink was making it hard to make sense of anything.

Casa di Cavalieri seemed suddenly so far away, like a dream.

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(she conveniently doesn't see/recognize aldora, you're welcome nat xD)

She had not known the rules before now, but the game was simple; simple enough that she traded for her booze and smokes, the red rings around her eyes growing deeper and more bloodshot as the night waned on.

"You've got to be cheating. No way I've gotten a shit hand three rounds in a row," one man rasped, throwing his cards back onto the table and grumbling to himself. Viridian smiled into her cigarette, letting the smoke waft from her nose and between her teeth as she sat back.

"Oh, fuck you, I'm as honest as they come." She was, after all, not the one slipping cards where they weren't supposed to go, but no doubt she was benefitting from the swindling doggish woman sitting prettily beside her.

There was little time for her opponent to bemoan this sleight-of-hand, however, because soon the entire bar was fixated on a spectacle: a red hot, tantalizing spectacle.

Viridian had never been one for pining after other females, but good goddamn, if this lady didn't know how to strut her stuff. She had complete control over her voluptuous body, moving it in ways Viri didn't even know was possible — simultaneously making her a bit self-conscious, surprisingly, but she shoved these pitiful thoughts far past the point of no return.

The man seemed to perk up at the show, forgetting his woes momentarily to cat-call the dancer and whistle his approval. There was no lack of class here, evidently.

Taking a page out of the dog woman's book, Viri, opportunistic as ever, subtly leaned forward to take a peak at his newly-dealt hand as he continued to howl and clap and laugh at the show, none the wiser as the red vixen continued to entertain the masses in the most carnal way possible, just short of outright fornication out in the open. Though she reckoned this sultry dance did the trick just as well for a few folks here.


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Ooc: Oop! Zsorthia has no idea what and who she's gotten herself into! o.o

One by one the heads came up around the saloon to watch her body weave its magic spell. Zsorthia was loving every lascivious grin, every sultry smirk and every roving eye or blushing visage that was directed her way. She conveniently seemed to look over any looks of disgust or disapproval that may have befallen her. Her dance wasn't about those who weren't here to have a little fun. Her hips didn't rock, sway and bounce in such a delectable manner for those who weren't about that kind of thing. And boy was the red lady tickled to see that a good majority of the bar seemed to be into what she had to offer.

Dipping low and coming back up, Zsorthia strut her stuff across the table, hopping to the next one with ease, catching the paw of another inebriated, lovestruck fool and spinning around his arm before returning to her table, then skipping over to the table next to that one. Here, she received some noise from across the bar in the form of a couple whistles and cat calls from over by the gambling tables. She winked back that way, over her shoulder and then her eyes clapped onto the striking violet eyed beauty at the far end of the table she currently stood upon. Licking her lips at the tiny agape expression on this regal woman's muzzle, the dreamy, awed look in her eyes and her strong, gorgeous physique she presented with, Zsorthia suddenly found herself irrevocably drawn towards Casa's alphess...

Her red hips rolled and undulated as she practically stalked across the table towards the other woman. Golden eyes fixed to purple as Zsorthia dropped to a crawl across the table in front of the stunning chocolate creature she'd never seen before and smiled, placing a single finger under the pretty thing's chin. Who was she? The red lady found herself vaguely wondering, but with the heat of alcohol rushing through her veins, the Ashen woman didn't stop to care too much for too long. For the next moment, she was pressing her lips firm but not demandingly against this other prime specimen of womanhood and taking her by the hand, urging her up onto the table with her...

Through the noise that erupted around her, a loud cacophony of hooting, hollering, whistles and jeers, their lips parted and Zsorthia smiled. She had just one question for the Sola: "Can you dance, hon?"


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Her head swam through warm waters, eyes glazed over as she watched this creature, this woman move. Of course there was attraction there; anyone who was not in some way enamored surely must have been a corpse already; the way the Ashen lady moved put any display of sexual prowess to shame.

Galloping stallions faltered; blooming peacocks recoiled; prancing stags quivered in the shadow of this girl. Aldora watched as she moved from one table to another like second nature, her balance perfect despite her most likely inebriated countenance; how did she do it? While the Knight was enraptured, deep inside she felt suddenly very ugly and lackluster. Was this the reason only one man had ever pursued her? Was she not feminine enough?

Her drunk brain quickly slipped to other thoughts and realized the woman had focused on her. No, no, not that! Her fur bristled as the bacchanal beast slinked across tables, her breasts and hips swaying in front of Aldora like hypnotic pendulums.

Before she could even fully react, the masked woman of fire firmly planted a kiss on her muzzle, one much too intimate to have been on display in front of all these heathens. But Aldora’s surprised was drowned out by both shock and the cries of those gathered; the Knight could hear both surprise and jealousy in the sounds. The touch of the woman’s lips traveled directly from her mouth down to the base of her spine with electricity, and when the golden eyes in front of her asked if she could dance, her mind went dumb and dull.

"I, uh…" was all she managed before she was suddenly upright on top of the table, the arm of the Ashen wrapped around her waist in a most sensual manner, and the room went wild. Among the crowd, she could see eyes of recognition, and she almost felt herself become sick.

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