[P] [LcSs] Apples & Apparitions
Ooc: For Wayne! Foredated Aug 23rd. Lancaster Stockshow. Raj & Nazjure.

It was mid afternoon. The day was going pleasantly well so far and Anya was very pleased with the sales she'd made thus far at the Trade stall. Her dolls were a hit, as were a few of her outfits and the various plant-related wares Pontifex and Peony had out for trade were also going fast. All in all they were making a decent haul.

The Stockshow was full of fun and surprises. Never had Anya had such an enjoyable time amidst so many strangers. The atmosphere was so open, relaxed and friendly. Everyone was having a good time and good faith was the theme of those attending. It was amazing to see all the different wares that those from neighboring packs had brought. Anya was currently browsing the other shops and stalls during her break in running her own trade booth. There was so much to choose from she didn't know how she would ever come to a decision. Books, weapons, herbs, food, clothes, there was something for everyone!

Bending to examine some gemstones in a jar at a trade stall near her own, Anya chatted idly with the shopkeeper, smiling and wagging her tail. She was about to ask the woman what she'd take in exchange for a diamond cut amethyst stone, when a familiar scent hit her, hard. Eyes widened and she whipped around, nearly knocking over the display in front of her in her rush.

Heart racing, Anya's paw went to the knife hidden in its sheath under her skirt, orange eyes scanning the crowd. She hadn't smelled that scent in nearly a year. How had they found her?

The shopkeeper asked her if everything was okay and Anya stuttered out a reply before turning back slowly to face the woman. Brows furrowed in concern, she concluded her business at the current stall and then moved back among the crowd in Pasillo Gris, following discreetly after the scent that had brought ice cold fear racing through her veins. If she was here, the other wasn't far away. She needed to find the two women from her past and figure out what their intentions were before any trouble came down on the pack.

But alas the scent was lost as she passed by the delicious food carts. The fresh cooked fish made Anya's mouth water and she shook her head. Perhaps she was just imagining things? Glancing around cautiously one more time, the Southpaw coydog shrugged off her discomfort and headed towards one of the many mini-games hosted by the Ashen.

Bobbing for apples sounded fun! Smiling at Paninya, Anya approached the barrel, seeing the apples floating in the water and tipped her head in question. The tricky coyote woman explained the game to the Outfitter and Anya chuckled, getting the idea. "Alright, I'll give it a go!" She said, rolling up her sleeves and pulling back her hair. On the count of three she dunked her head into the barrel, teeth snapping after the apples which eluded her despite her best efforts.

With a gasp she came up for air, with no apple. Paninya chuckled with a smirk. "Better luck next time..." It was then that another familiar scent crossed Anya's nose. This time, her heart skipped a beat for a different reason... It wasn't some ghost from her past, but rather the scent of Waynescott Wyatt. The cowboy, a Dark Rider that was her friend and someone she so dearly cared for, even if he didn't know it... Looking around, she spotted him. Waving him over she grinned, tail wagging. "Heya Wayne! Wanna give it a go?" She giggled, water rivulets dripping from her cheek fur and down onto the ground. She looked rather silly half-soaked, but hey today was about fun and games right? She wondered if he'd have any better luck than she at the elusive apple game.

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