[P] [LCSS] Who will be my role model?
The afternoon wore on, and flushed with excitement at her win against Sean Butler, Hulda awaited her next challenge. The crowd seemed quietly impressed, yet still held on loyally to their own. It was to be expected, of course. The girl glowed with encouragement and the compliments given to her - she smiled at her new friends and promised them she would win again.

So caught up in the moment was she that she almost missed the announcement of her opponent’s arrival. Ears and eyebrows rose at the woman’s family name. Braithwaite. “Are you any relation to Peony?” Possibly a sister, or even a daughter? Bernadette was younger than herself so it wasn’t unlikely. Hulda tilted her head as she studied the female, taking in her neat appearance and small frame. She grunted at this observation and felt as though she had the upper hand against the daintier coyote. Bernadette reminded the wolfdog of Peony in some ways; there were similarities in the way she dressed and presented herself. The wolfdog must have come across as a wildling in comparison with her unkempt hair hastily tied back and nakedness. The women of the Gang had a peculiar way of making her feel uncomfortable, in a way she didn’t know how to express.

“My name is Hulda Moreau, and I’m a stranger to your lands. Have you enjoyed the Stockshow?” The wolfdog smiled and wagged her tail, hoping to break the ice with the younger female. “I think you should go first as this is your home.”
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