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With the warm summer in full swing, Casa basks in the peace and enjoys the expansions of the pack. More changes are coming into motion to improve the lives of Cavaliers; the chance for members of the pack to organize and run project to further improve upon Casa's lands, and a chance for Cavaliers to feel unique in their craft and aim towards specializations. As these come into play, over to the north, Casa enjoys taking part in Del Cenere's marvelous Lancaster Stockshow!

❖ Specialty Co-Ranks!

We're now aiming to expand upon our list of available co-ranks in Casa by allowing Cavaliers to aim for specializations to their jobs! This will give players flexibility to flavor their co-ranks to be more specific to their characters, rather than stick to more vague titles. Examples may include a Beekeeper co-rank or an Architect co-rank.

If you feel like your currently held co-rank should be changed to a specialty, you may request to have it changed through September 15th. We ask that if you do this, you give us specific details as to why you believe the co-rank is actually a specialty (ie if your character has the Herdsman co-rank, but all your co-rank specific threads are about beekeeping, then you can ask to have your co-rank changed to Beekeeper)

In your request, please include the name of the specialty co-rank, as well as create at least two prompts that could be used for others who might want the same co-rank in the future.

If we feel that the requested specialty co-rank does not differ enough from the held co-rank, we may deny the request.

Once this date has passed, specialty co-ranks will be granted using the following method:

Quote:> Player creates the Specialty Co-rank, including the title and at least two prompts for it
> Player sends the details of the Specialty Co-rank to Casa Leadership
> Casa Leadership will either approve or ask for changes
> Player completes the necessary prompts for the new co-rank and informs Casa Leadership once complete

Once a specialty co-rank is created, it will be added to our list of co-ranks so that others wishing to follow the same specialty may do so. However, if the holder of a specialty co-rank leaves the pack or becomes inactive, the co-rank will disappear with that character; in other words, specialty co-ranks must be held to exist.

Please check out the CdC Co-ranks Wiki for additional information!

❖ Pack Projects!

As Wolfville now grows strong, the desire to continue expanding Casa fills the air with possibilities and chances to make new marks to the Cavalier lands! Pack Projects will allow players to manage and create their own IC projects to be completed in Casa. These can be new landmarks or buildings within the pack that can help expand Casa’s production or improvements upon existing structures.

Players wishing to add a Pack Project to Casa can fill out the following form, which will be made available on the wiki.

[b]Project Title:[/b] What is the project called?
[b]Dates for Project:[/b] When is the estimated time for the project to begin and end?
[b]Location for Project:[/b] Where in the Casa territory will this project take place?
[b]Details of the Project:[/b] Please explain here what the Project hopes to create, what it will bring to Casa, and what kind of materials or work will be needed to complete it.
[b]Project Leader:[/b] Who will lead this project? Both IC and OOC needed.
[b]Project Hands:[/b] Who is volunteering to help with the project? Both IC and OOC needed, and additional hands can be added as the project goes on.

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