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Losse had almost immediately gotten separated from Gwaun and Celaeno, but he figured his big brother would find him eventually. He had originally traipsed off in search of Esperanza again, but had gotten distracted by the intrigue of the game stall he saw. The concept was pretty simple, try getting as many apples out of the water with just your mouth. He could probably do that, with his gift for gab he had been told many times that he had a big mouth. That would be a boon for a game such as this, he was sure. The coydog running the game, Paninya she had said her name was, had winked as she explained the concept and invited him to play. That probably meant it was definitely easy.
He looked at the water and the apples floating within and shrugged. It should be easy! He dunked his face in the water and snapped his jaws, trying to catch an apple. It was harder than he thought, the round apples slipping out of his grasp before his teeth could really sink into the flesh. He pulled his head out of the water and took a deep gasping breath, then paused to consider a new tactic. Paninya chuckled watching him circle around the barrel. "It's really not that hard, you can do it, kid!" she said, grinning slyly. Losse narrowed his eyes at her and then looked back at the barrel. Maybe winking wasn't a sign of someone being completely honest. He had never really been lied to, that he knew of, so he had never considered that anyone ever would. 
He dunked his face into the water again, snapping at the apples and managing to nick a couple with his teeth, but not actually catch any. He pulled back up and scowled, crossing his arms and considering the situation at hand. He was not going to be beaten by a barrel of water and apples.
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Okay so maybe sticking his face into that bush hadn't been the best idea. But how was he supposed to know it was spider covered? It wasn't like he knew everything ever that was going to happen at all times. That would just be silly.

Caspian was covered in cobwebs. Well, most of his head was. The rest of him was semi-clean... if you ignored the burrs and leaves. Squinting through the webby covering over his eyes, he made his way off happily, trotting on his four legs stick infested tail wagging merrily behind him.

Oh snap! There was Uncle Tem.

Ducking his head away, the boy turned and ran the opposite direction from his black chaperone. He had promised his Mama that he'd be a good boy, and he was! Kind of. Sort of. It was all up to how you interpreted the rules. No one was injured, he hadn't even eaten anything questionable yet!

That was considered good in his book.

<"Step up and bob for apples!"> The woman was calling, through the crowd, and it was over there that he headed.

Another boy scowled down at them, in his optime form, with his hands crossed over his chest stubbornly.

"Can I try too??" He butted in before anything could be said, and then unleashed his Patented verbal torrent. "My name is Caspian! Have you bobbed for apples before?? I've never done it but I think it looks fun!! Did the apples bite back?? Is that why you're frowning??"

He asked of the other boy before scrabbling his forepaws at the side of the barrel and dunking his entire head underwater without waiting for any kind of an answer.

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