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Three-Legged Race Wrote:This event is about teamwork above all else - after all, you better be ready to communicate with the companion you will be strapped to both at the leg and the arm in order to complete the race through the main thoroughfare of Charmingtown.

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A better part of a half hour had been spent clearing Charmingtown’s main thoroughfare – Esperanza was only so big, and she only commanded so much authority as a freshly dubbed Las Brasas – a proper adult now, sure, but she was still young, and, exceptionally gawky. Paninya broke away from her stand, if only to help so she could watch ensuing shenanigans with a level of glee that could, perhaps, be considered criminal.

After all, folks, at this point, had imbibed in whatever drinks or otherwise recreational fun they could get their hands on – adding a cooperative race to the mix was certain to only sweeten the deal. The coydog sat by once things had moved from the worn dirt road, and Esperanza, in turn, moved to tend to her gathered racers with leather strips in hand.

Each pair she relayed soft and encouraging instruction as she worked, large ears moving every which direction as she secured ankles, and prompted firm handholds to bind wrists. The goal, after all, was quite simple – make it from one end of Charmingtown’s main street to the other, without tripping one another, falling, or conceding to drag their partner through the dust en route to victory.

Once she’d finished, Esperanza stood back, going to take place on the rickety boards of a porch and climb its railing, balancing precariously on a beam for best vantage over the path.

”Alright my hobbled contestants! Remember the rules. No fighting dirty, either!” Paninya booed from across the street, before leaning back against her stall, before she clanged a stick on one of the old, rusted buckets outside the neighboring building to ring out a loud, ugly clang of a makeshift bell.

”Go, go, go!”

Hokori didn't really like their odds of winning all that much. Running a race without full use of a leg would be bad enough on its own but she and her partner were simply to mismatched. Cousin Sólveig was definitely a fun buddy to romp with but the fact was that she was more than a foot shorter and maybe a hundred pounds lighter than the hulking wolf mutt. Such a drastic imbalance was sure to impact how well they could do in a competition based on sharing the load and there wasn't much they could do about it. Either Hoko was going to be dragging her like a ball and chain or they would be going slower than required to win in order to keep the both of them upright.

But that was just how it went sometimes. She hadn't really expected to win in the first place and anytime spent with family members who weren't snotnosed brats was a good time in her book. So she flashed her cousin a sharp-toothed grin as the Ganger told them not to cheat. "We're going to kick their asses." A lie of course, but who cared? As long as they had fun it'd be worth it just for the fond memories.

The clang signalled her to start sprinting, massive mutt barreling down the line as fast as she could with another girl tied to her. Hopefully Sólveig could manage to keep up or else Hokori would have to simply carry her to the finish line.

Actually, that sounded kind of hilarious.

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Another pack and another fun event, but this time Sólveig decided she would participate in the competitions. Not necessarily to win, though. Except for those rare moments with her sister or a cousin, the young Dawnrunner couldn't care less about competition. She much preferred to work together toward a common goal, rather than fight with others to come out on top. There was something far more beautiful and challenging in that than achieving victory all by oneself. Because, even if they didn't win at all, they had worked together as a team and had had fun all the way.

That, at any rate, was the philosophy that Sóli had. And what better way to work together with someone towards a common goal that to be tied, leg-to-leg, with someone else in a race to the finish line? There was no physical skill needed and knowledge about livestock wasn't a prerequisite. All she needed was herself, her partner, and determination.

She was set!

"Oh, yes! We'll kick them good!" she replied in her toughest, meanest, cutthroatiest voice (which sounded about as aggressive and fierce as a lion cub's roar).

And then they were off!

Hokori, bigger and stronger than Sólveig, sprinted the moment they were released and the smaller cousin half-ran, half-leapt after her. Mostly, though, she lagged behind more than she was actually helping keep up, and found herself wondering for the first time since signing up for the competition if she maybe should have chosen a partner who was more comparable to her size. But it was far too late now and Sóli limped and staggered after her darkling cousin as best as she could.

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Signing up for things seemed easier whenever it came down to actually doing it. Morris was her partner in this race, their goals and objects were to make it to the finish lines without mucking up. Esperanza was cute, standing before everyone and holding leather strips in her clawed hands. First, they were paired off, listening to the instruction, about where they were directed to go, and otherwise, Peony was with Morris, their notable difference in height was apparent as she stood, her hand awkwardly being tied to him.

Their legs tied together too. Her smile though, was bright, Morris was a kindred soul and one Peony didn’t mind being tied to, however the awkward and stumbling feeling from this, was easily tackled. Lavender orbs shifted to the other contestants before turning towards Morris and giving him a quick grin. “We got this, move together. Don’t fall.” Stating this more to herself than to Morris, those pallid fingers actually wrapped around his hand and she aimed to interlink their fingers together.

Esperanza was speaking once more, the moment she said “go” Peony and Morris took off, Peony hobbled along beside him before they became more in sync.
Morris wasn't all that concerned with winning. This had simply sounded like fun, and he looked at his partner thoughtfully before offering a small smile. They weren't too bad when it came to height difference, and once they were tied together Peony moved, taking his hand. He raised a brow and glanced at it, wondering if that was cheating or not. Peony said something about not falling, and nodded even if it was just for herself more than him. The command to go was given and Morris moved as close to in time with his partner as he could manage.

It didn't feel too hard to get into sync with the female literally tied to him. He mostly let her lead, which meant that he had to switch which foot went first to how he normally would walk. In the long run that was actually decently easy. Sure it still felt a bit awkward, but it was fun, and he found himself chuckling a little as they made their way towards the finish line. The coy dog's ears moved, taking in the sounds of the others on the field. Morris did his best not to get too distracted, but it would be unwise to let them fade away completely. You never knew if someone could trip and then fall into you after all.

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Jimena felt uncomfortable but was grinning all the same even if it did look more like a baring of her teeth. Luckily, her and Rhodes had been partnered together and were shockingly well paired. He was only a couple inches taller than her and somewhat heavier but looking at some of the other teams left Jimena happy with their odds.

“ Ready, Rhodes? “ She asked, casting a warm orange glance in his direction. They were tied together at the wrists and legs – Jimena on the left and the male on the right. It felt a little wobbly, but the silver and pewter female lifted her bound arm experimentally. Frowning a little, it looked like Rhodes arm was longer then hers. The female had visions of him shaking her about like a doll, but shrugged it off.

“ Should we try and walk ‘round some, get used to the movement? “ The coyote offered, already seeking for the most strategic method to accomplishing this event. Esperanza however had other plans and rang out, voice bright and clear that it was time to get into place. Shuffling awkwardly into line with the rest of the contestants, Jimmy offered an encouraging squeeze to Rhodes with her free hand.

“ We got this in the bag! “ She exclaimed triumphantly, then the garish sound of clanging metal marked the beginning of the race. “ Run! “ The coyote breathed and pushed off eagerly, hoping their steps would be in tandem.


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Yuki had been trying his hardest to be more awake for this festival. After feeling like he'd missed out on much of the Casa's games, Yuki wanted to try a bit better. It helped that things were a bit more toned down here in the Ashen pack, with a more loose time schedule and more free roaming, so the Tanaka boy was doing alright so far. But the struggle was still there, poking at Yuki until he was forced to go rest up somewhere. He'd almost passed out when just talking to people around the stalls and despite the upbeat atmosphere, Yuki didn't feel quite as comfortable with the idea of falling asleep in the streets of Charmingtown compared to Wolfville. 

Today would have a bit more variety to it to hopefully keep Yuki going; others had spoken of some fun games and a potentially interesting race. Given his decent performance during the race back in Casa, Yuki was eager to take part. Though this race was different, requiring teamwork and sharing a leg. The idea was funny, though Yuki had a friend in mind he'd loved to try it out with. 

Gwaun seemed happy to shared in the fun with Yuki, hopefully also having faith that the Tanaka boy wasn't going to fall over asleep half-way through the run, so Yuki had a bright smile on his face as the ropes were tied to them both. Given how close the two friends would be to each other when hanging out, the tied limbs didn't feel all that weird. "Alright, we've run plenty of times together... this time it'll just be with a bit more uh... co-ordination I guess." Yuki stated to his friend, then grinned. "Also I promise not to fall asleep, we won't be eating any dirt today."

Yuki Tanaka

Race day was upon them, and the entire stock show was abuzz with excitement. While many an ambitious runner had signed up for the cross-country horse trail and sack race, Gwaun and Yuki had set their sights on the silliest event of them all: the illustrious three-legged race. And that was why Gwaun stood in the main thoroughfare of the aptly-named Charmingtown, already hip to hip with his teammate at the starting line.

Gwaun’s arm rested gently around Yuki’s shoulders, head held ever so slightly higher than his silver partner, as he spotted and waved to his girlfriend in the crowd. The shawl that decorated her pretty shoulders, the bone beads in her hair that matched his… She was perfect. And yet so was his best friend, and Gwaun couldn’t help but kiss the younger man’s cheek in appreciation; not everyone would tie themselves to him just to run a silly race, but Yuki would.

Esperanza, the same yearling coydog who’d overseen the previous day’s sheep herding, bound the teams together one by one with strips of leather. She was a kind, smart girl who didn’t seem much younger than Yuki, and Gwaun wasn’t surprised by his little brother’s all-consuming puppy crush. ”Thank you,” he said with a smile and a nod as she moved on to the next team, and hoped that the others had done the same.

”We have,” Gwaun said, testing the leather ties gently to see how much give there was, ”and I know. You’re going to do great.” He glanced at the other teams lined up at the starting line; they looked no more prepared than they did, but it was hard to tell without knowing most of them personally. ”Do… Do you think we should have practiced ahead of time, though?” he asked, posing the question more to himself than to Yuki.

It was much too late to do anything about it now; all they could do now was race with as much speed, coordination, and runaway goat energy as possible.

The rusted bucket-turned-bell rang out down the old dirt road, and while their first step faltered and pulled a deep, raucous laugh from Gwaun’s throat, the ones that followed were more coordinated. The shepherd doubted they’d win, but he also doubted they’d get last place — that was probably reserved for the two potentially tipsy cowboys who’d sidled up together and from what he could hear behind him, planned on giggling all the way to the finish line.
Charmingtown was bustling with activity as the contestants and spectators alike gathered to witness the event that was about to unfold. It was quite an interesting concept for the aging warrior, to have a teammate that you are tied to, quite literally in this case, and to try and race with your wrists and ankles strapped together with the other person. It seemed simple enough, but, there would have appeared to be an additional handicap when it came to Nyx’s team that others might think less of their chances for. 

Lukos was so much taller than Nyx, that when his arm hung straight at his side, hers was bent up to a hilarious degree so their wrists could be tied, the two of them almost appearing like the image of a father leading a young child by the hand at first glance, but Nyx was not a child, nor was she weak.

The pair of old warriors had been working together for a long time now, so much so that they practically communicated without words and knew exactly what to expect from one another. They were a team, through and through, far before this three legged race made it so. Exchanging a determined glance and a fierce smile with her mate, the announcer told them to go, and go they did.

It was a challenge at first, figuring out what to move first, when to step, how far to step, trying not to stumble all the while, and their start was shaky, but it wasn’t long at all before a rhythm was found, and the strong legs and long bounds of the pair of warriors fell in sync, Lukos pushing Nyx forward with each of his forward steps and Nyx pulling him behind her with each bound. 

The snowy female let out an exuberant laugh as they began to pick up speed, it seemed like they had finally gotten the hang of this odd competition, and their rocky start had been well made up for.

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Perhaps it was the first event that had given him the small bit of confidence to throw himself into the mix for another one, one that would have others that would have more than just a one on one interaction. More over, he was going to be tied to someone for this. If they were going to have a chance at winning this, not only was this going to be a test of their coordination with one another, but also his ability to keep his worries in check. That was certainly going to be the trickier of the two.

It sure was a good thing that once again, his partner was someone from within the Gang, and not really an adult this time. Both of them were around the same age if he recalled right.

The male couldn't help but return with a bit of a wavy smile when Jimena turned in his direction. His tail curled slightly due to his worry, but he managed a nod back to her, "As ready as I'll ever be..." Their arms moved over one another, legs tied together. This felt so strange, but that's how this was going to. Better get used to it now.

A small sigh of relief washed over him when she asked if he would like to try walking around. That sounded like a really good idea. It would give them a good chance to try and get some better coordination when the actual race began. It's not like there was anyone stopping them from doing so. He nodded, "Yeah, that sounds good..."

Once it seemed time for things to begin, the two of them were turned back, the other pairs lining up with them. He did his best not to turn his head towards any of them. No... he had to keep in mind that no one was going to be looking at them, just at the race. So long as he kept that in mind, they should be fine. At Jimena's command, the two took off, him doing his best to keep up with her pace and movement so they could get the upper hand.
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