[P] [LCSS] Home-field Advantage
When he heard that there was going to be a [/url][url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseshoes]tournament where the whole point was to throw things at a stake in the ground, of course Theo felt like he had to sign up, considering how throwing projectiles was sort of his deal.  And then, after he signed up and heard that his first match would be against Peony, naturally he became quite excited.  He hadn't forgotten the fact that Peony was indeed skilled, but now that they weren't using bows or knives and just the arms they had been born with, the coyote felt like he had a real chance in this rematch.  He had felt so ashamed when he talked big to the people in Bete Noire about his capabilities, only to lose because he hadn't properly thought the competition through.  And while this wasn't exactly a high stakes game, it was all he needed to stake his pride on the line once again, if only to prove to himself that thrown weapons weren't just a pointy hobby.

As everyone gathered on the beach in this fine morning air, Theo grinned wildly with anticipation, taking his position next to the first stake as he waited for Peony.  Hefting one of the horseshoes, he'd never considered in all of his life that one could make a game out of these, but it sounded pretty fun when it was described to him.  Essentially, the goal was to either get close enough to the opposite stake, or even somehow manage to have the U-shaped shoe wrap around the stake, all while tossing underhanded.  Tossing underhanded wasn't exactly what he had been used to when it came to hurling iron at people, but if the name of the game was accuracy, it wouldn't be too steep a learning curve.  Giving the Braithwaite a friendly smile, Theo gestured to the opposing stake driven into the sifting sands, asking "Shall we?" courteously, so she wouldn't think he was being glib.

The order in which players took their turn seemed to be by whichever managed to get closest to the stake with a single horseshoe, which would be a good warmup for him.  His fingers wrapped around the width of the bend in the horseshoe, testing its weight as he eyed the distance between the stakes.  Considering the distance that he would have to toss was likely a decent range, it would be best to have a lax grip on the horseshoe, letting go just as his hands comes about waist level.  Theo was grateful for what was essentially a practice toss, as he figured the first couple throws would have to be experimental to get the rhythm for it.  Theo warmed up his arm, swinging it lightly back and forth, before he brought his arm in an upwards arc, the horseshoe sliding from his fingertips to float in the air, before landing with a dull thud next to the stake, a hare's breath from touching it.  With a silent satisfaction, the Reeves man let out a little breath, fairly sure the only way that Peony would go first now would be to actually land the horseshoe around the post.

It wasn't a fantastic start, but from his understanding it meant that he had the advantage of less pressure to perform if he ended up going first, since he wouldn't be constantly playing catchup to any points Peony made.  Rubbing his charcoal hands together, Theo worked to shake the nerves out of his system, intent on focusing through the crackling of energy that pumped him up as he tried to visualize the toss he just made and anything he'd need to correct for the next time.

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