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Lure Coursing Wrote:This one is for the youth! Participants in the lure-course must be under one year of age to be eligible to run in this lupus-form event. A leather pouch, decked out in feathers and tufts of hair to stimulate prey drive, has been tied to a long, thin cord wound between and through a series of wooden stakes and hoops jammed into the dirt, pulled along by Alonso's faithful, speedy donkey. Inside of this sack? Dried jerky and blueberries, hidden beneath the fluff of wool and straw stuffing - a tantalizing toy, indeed. It's winner-takes-all in this high-stakes race for the prize - whomever can catch the lure claims bragging rights, and the snacks!

OOC: Lure coursing thread, set in the morning in Charmingtown, not far from the Trailside Inn. Contestants are in Lupus form - post order will be determined after the first round of posting c: This thread is intended for Participants, but is a good baseline for any spin-off spectator threads! || WC: 306


Alonso steadied his donkey, rubbing his hand over the beast’s shaggy forehead while he cozied up to his handler. Fingers moved to rub over long ears, and the equine’s long eyelashes fluttered, large, doe eyes docile and placid.

"Ohh, pequeño, pequeño y gordo," the innkeeper crooned, glimpsing over his donkey to watch as Cassidy trotted between little wooden pegs on the ground, threading the cord with it’s break-away loop through the hairpin turn of slaloms, before he came alongside Alonso and his trusty little steed.

”Is he ready?”

"As ready as he’ll ever be – no harm’s gonna come to my Chicharrón?” Alonso started, worried as he gave a side long gaze to the gathered yearlings, jostling subtly in lupus forms as they watched on as Cassidy gave the donkey a gentle pat on his flank.

”Of course not – they’re after the bag, anyway.” Cassidy hoisted up the leather sack, all decked in feathers and fluff, before he went to go tie it off at the end of the string at the starting line.
”Alright!” It felt odd, addressing fellow Luperci that he was only *just* older than – or, perhaps it was meant to be fitting when Holly had passed the proverbial torch on this little event onto the Sinclaire boy. ”The aim is clear – winner takes all, whomever catches the bag wins everything in it.”

He paced a few steps, steepling his fingers as he went on.

”But! Be careful, at the far end down there, there’s a doozy of a turn. So, don’t be tripping one another, got it?” His burnished gaze turned to Alonso. ”Release Chicharrón! Let’s get running!”

Alonso gave the donkey a swat on the rump, and he brayed, before bolting towards the Trailside Inn, sending the lure skittering along the ground.

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While the young Hushhowl celebrated her Optime form, especially since she shifted so late, there was something about being more feral, feeling the dirt and grass beneath all four paws, closer to the ancestors that came before them. Deciding to shift the night before to get ready for the Lure Coursing event with other canines her age, made it so all she would have to do is grab a snack and head out to the start line.  Zasha had gotten a good nights sleep and woke early with excitement and anticipation for the event.  Letting the others sleep in, she quietly pushed through the flap of the tent to the outside.  Unexpectedly and loudly, she tripped, sending her body to the ground with the front legs caught of something she landed on her chest and bottom of her muzzle with a thud, her rump still high in the air. Squinting  she tried to steady her vision from seeing double, pushing herself up, her backend flopped to the ground.  Rubbing her muzzle she looked back to see a still sleeping log of her best friend, rolled of his back, mouth agape with his tongue lolled out the side. Inching over to him, nuzzled him under his chin. 

Cas… she paused seeing if he stirred  She nuzzled again, without prevail she took one of his ears in her teeth and tugged him gently, Cas wake up.  What are you doing here? Why didn’t you just come inside?

With the tumble she was fully awake now, she shook her head briefly trying to unjumble her brain.  She started to giggle, and couldn’t stop. Eventually she dropped to the ground, holding her stomach and rolling around.  Finally, she gained her composure and sat up,

Come on, lets go.

The young mahogany Hushhowl motioned towards the Trailside Inn and the start of the race and began making her way there. The two ran amuck on their way, losing track of time and getting distracted easily, they finally made it to the start line.  Somehow they were the last to arrive and Lyubov, who she left sleeping had beaten them to the start. 

Oops… she snickered and bumped into her sister to say hello.

There was no harm, the race had not started yet and they had made it in time to hear the instructions.  Well kinda hear the instructions.  Zasha and Caspian had the attention span of a gnat, and as the warm breeze blew in the morning sun, a seed pod helicoptered down, twirling in the wind. Focused on the prize the Hushhowl gained tunnel vision on her prey, she dropped into a play bow ready to jump as soon as the winged seed was in reach, her hind legs rocking back and forth in anticipation. Somewhere in the background the coyote rambled off rules for the event which went in one ear and out the other. Finally…finally the target was within reach, she sprung, grasping repeatedly with her feral paws trying to catch it.

B O O M!!!

A collision mid air. Tangled together the pair came tumbling down to the ground, landing on top of her best friend, knocking the wind from her. Slowly she opened one eye, and then the other as she rubbed her head.  A dust cloud trailing away from them,

Cas! We gotta go! The thingy…the thingy has started!

As quickly as she could she got off of her friend, her paws tripping over one another, scrambling, moving quickly but unable to grasp the ground for what seemed like an eternity.  Then without warning, traction!  Inky paws grabbed at the earth, kicking up dirt as she ran. Long, quick legs carried her, chasing after others and the lure.  She could make up time, she knew she could. Nose pointed straight, ears back, and tail trailing, step by step she started to catch up to the others.  With any luck she could win this thing. Even though it was morning, the heat crept up quickly, and within minutes her black lips parted, her tongue lolled out the side flapping in the wind as she panted. Blazing past the Inn she was on her sisters tail now as a smirk grew across her maw, her competitive nature taking over, inching closer and closer to the pack as they chased the lure.
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Losse had fussed at his brother about keeping his flower crown safe and secure while he was racing, had carefully taken down all his braids -- he discovered the hard way that leaving them in when shifting to Lupus hurt, the way they pulled and tangled -- and shifted to his four-footed form. He had waited anxiously at the starting line of the race, all thoughts of Esperanza and impressing her gone from his head. There was only him and the lure he was going to be chasing. He watched it with a kind of focus he was only capable of when it came to chasing something, the crowd around the course a dull blur of low murmuring noise, his new friend and other youths alongside him equally ignored. 
He jostled in place, raising and lowering his paws, anticipation burning through his veins at the prospect of the running. He was practically vibrating with excess energy, and he was ready to expend it.
The donkey was smacked, the lure was moving, the race had started. He burst into motion, long legs moving fluidly, the silken fur around his haunches and tail streaming behind him. He was a chocolate and cream blur as he took off, his focus completely on the bundle moving so tantalizingly quickly in front of him. He was behind, a little bit, as apparently some of his competitors had a faster reaction time than him, but that worked in his favor as two of them crashed into each other and he jumped over the tangle of limbs and complaining. He landed with barely an inch to spare from joining the pile and kept going, now in the lead and fast approaching the curve Cassidy had told them about.
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The mahogany Hushhowl's focus was intense now, and she focused on the prize and how she might catch it before anyone else. But in order to do that she had a lot of catching up to do.  She pushed herself, pushed herself harder than she ever had before. Long legs out stretched pounding the ground, clumps of earth tossed behind her as her claws dug into the ground propelling her forward, faster and faster.  Any thoughts of her best friend from earlier, had been left in the dust and she would find him later.  Right this moment her focus was on the canine in front of her, and that just happened to be her sister. 

Zasha's grin widened as the space between her and Lyubov closed inch by inch, as she passed the monochrome Hushhowl she looked over and winked before returning her focus to those she needed to catch next.  Her heart raced and her leg muscles burned  as blood pumped quickly through her veins.  Panting heavily she had finally caught up wit the rest of the pack as there was a collision she leapt over them following the speckled wolfdogs lead.  Now it was the two of them, and she trailed him just slightly.  If she really focused, she would catch him.

There had been mention of a sharp turn, but girl had completely forgotten about it and as the leader slowed, she made the mistake of charging ahead, not slowing down which she immediately regretted.  As the donkey and prize made the sharp turn Zasha tried to slow and make the turn but she had waited too late.  Her paws tried to grip the ground but it was like running in place until her paws slipped out from under her and she slid to her side, allowing the wolfdog she just passed to catch up and pass her by as she got back to her feet and sprinted ahead.

Zasha managed to keep the rest of the pack behind her, including her sister and charged ahead after the leader.  Thankfully her previously injured ankle had held up so far and she hadn't managed to reinjure it in the spill at the sharp turn.  Paws beating the ground her sole focus was the tail flapping ahead of her.  Would she be able to catch him in time, would she be the sole victor of the prize to bring home to Casa di Cavalieri? Only time would tell.
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