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Lancaster Stockshow Wrote:Monday, August 23rd
Mini-Game: Bobbing for Apples
Her sister roped her into another activity, but this time it was something she had to participate in rather than just ride on the back of a horse for three days. No, there were not just events happening in the welcoming pack of cowboys and like but games too! Outwardly she gave her sister a groan, acting as if the trip had already wore her out and she was just wanting to retired to bed bit inwardly she was excited but her anxiety was flaring too.. She was in a new land, a new pack but at the same time she was in a new land and and new pack. What was she going to do with herself, how was she to do anything without being glued to her sister's side?

The littler Hushhowl finally smiled, her tail swaying back and forth as she dropped the tired act and let the mahogany girl drag her towards the stall with a half barrel filled with water and apples. 'It's easy!' She can hear the coydog say to others, 'whoever can bob up the most apples wins!' Easy right? How hard could it be to catch apples in your mouth?
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Unusual for the young mahogany Hushhowl, she woke early in the morning. Typically she was a night owl, and slept through a good portion of the morning if not all of the morning.  But there was something about being in a new place, all the sounds and smells had her craving for more adventure. So when her eyes flew open as soon as the sun crested the horizon it was no surprise.  Tugging on her sister to wake with excitement,

Ly, wake up!  Come on, time to get up! she pleaded with her sister.

It was kind funny to her, that for once she was the one up first.  For the rest of the morning Zasha annoyed her sibling, begging her to come explore with her, maybe play some games.  She even left for part of the afternoon to venture out on her own to research what to do before she returned to beg some more.

Lyubov!  I found the best game!  You have to come with me! she begged once more.

There is this barrel filled with water and apples and we…we have to try to catch them with only our mouth! No hands allowed!! Sounds awesome? Right!!!! she blurted out words as fast as she could.

Maybe, just maybe, if she could get her sister out of the campsite, the monochrome Hushhowl might actually have some fun while here and not regret coming and possibly even make some new friends! After what seemed like an eternity, Lyubov finally gave in and agreed to join her.

Yes! I know you are going to love it! she threw her hands in the air in celebration.

Hooking arms with her sister, they walked towards the bobbing for apples game, almost skipping as they went. In true Zasha fashion she rambled on about all the things she had seen so far and what events she was most looking forward too.  When they arrived bright blue hues glistened with joy and ran ahead waving her sister to hurry up.

I bet I can catch more apples than you! she challenged.

The mahogany Hushhowl took her place opposite her sister, bracing her hands against the barrel she looked into the wisteria hue across from her and grinned as a way to egg her on. Little did the other know, she had other plans in mind. 

The coydog set the mark and off the siblings went, Zasha diving head first into the water, not a single care whether she got wet or not.  Blowing bubbles from her nares she attempted to pin apples against the side of the barrel to get a grip. Finally she grabbed a red and round apple in her muzzle and pulled it up out of the barrel, water arching back as she flung her head backwards. Suddenly she felt and tickle on her tongue and spit out the apple, there a worm wiggled out.  Zasha let out a cackling giggle and grabbed her stomach as she laughed.  Worms didn’t bother her and as soon as she could gain her composure she went back for more apples.  Standing there for a second she watched her sister work, wondering if she would be able to pull any apples out and if hers would have a worm too.
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