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It had been an amazing day, between watching the barrel racing, meeting a new friend and running around looking at all the trade stalls, the young Hushhowl was still amped up. Even if she wanted to sleep, she seriously doubted that she would be able to and would most likely end up talking her sisters ears off instead.  Zasha decided that it would be best to avoid the campsite for now, until she was at least a little more tired. In all honesty, if the young wolf hybrid would have gone back to the campsite, she would have crashed as soon as she closed her eyes, and may be the reason she decided to stay out longer.

Inky paws treaded lightly exploring the streets of Charmingtown, eyes wide with wonder as she took in the new town.  So much different than home and every moment was thrilling to the mahogany girl.  She had dragged her sister along for the trip, begged and pleaded for her to come and she felt guilty for not spending more time with her.  But at the same time, Lyubov did not thrive in situations like these, while she did.  Zasha had never known and stranger and easily made friends wherever she went, not one shy bone in her body, really the complete opposite of her sister.  Pushing thoughts of Lyubov from her mind her now she continued to take in the sights, sounds and smells of Del Cenere.

Bright blue eyes grew even wider as she noticed one of the participants from earlier in the day at the barrel races, the tawny coyote had come in second place.  Without thinking it through, like usual, she was off to the races, running up towards her, not considering she was not in her homelands and these luperci had no idea who she was.

Hey!  I saw you earlier…at the barrel races! her speech fast and loud.

Zasha gave a giant smile and wave.

You were A W E S O M E !!! Can you teach me? Huh, huh, can ya!?!?! I gotta know how to do that!! she paused only briefly realizing she had not introduced herself.

My name is Zasha….so will you teach me????
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Hesitantly the hands worked to rope in the horse, finding herself giving Ares a pat on his shoulder, whiskers touched her fingertips. A small smile crept onto features, possessed by an underlying regret. She should have won, should have gone faster… And yet, with second place being anything but the best, Peony paraded the leather pouch around with dignity.

Shrill, and chilling Peony to the bone, a voice boomed into her tall, radar ears. Turning, lavender eyes narrowed, slightly but not rudely, before she cocked an eyebrow. Ares’ head picked up, assessing the loud, childish voice, booming over the top of many other jumbled noises.

Uninterested, Ares lowered his head to eat at a patch of grass, hooves stamped, and those lavender orbs turned to look at the sodden earth, before meeting back towards that of the chocolate and cream colored wolf. Excitement was visible on her face, and Peony’s sigh, inaudible, was met with a very tired smile.

Well, goodness me, hello to you too.” It was a start of a reply, hands resting against a fence to her left, those orbs scrutinizing the youthful female. One day soon, Daphne would be just as energetic, full of curiosity, and hopefully not so demanding.

A pale hand outstretched, willowy fingers aiming to snake around the youth’s own hand, calming her nerves, and allowing a moment for silence between the motor-mouthed teen, and herself. “Peony Braithwaite, pleased to meet you Zasha.” Zasha, was said with her thick Spanish dialect.

Well, I suppose that wouldn’t be so bad, heh. After all, it’s not everyday someone is telling me I am awesome for winning merely second place.” Jest behind her words, perhaps a small amount of malice mixed in for the stranger who’s name still was uninteresting, and quite unmemorable. Peony would never forget her though, a mark to go down in her book for “those who she must best”.

Are you from Casa di Cavalier?” New Caledonia had wolves too, but the smell, the way she towered over the adult, even as a teen, the way she spoke even, sounded to her like a Cavalier. Perhaps she was wrong, but there was nary a moment when she was wrong. Even if she was.
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The young mahogany Hushhowl couldn't believe her luck, that she had run into one of the winners of the barrel race! It was like a dream come true, and the girls imagination started to run wild of what it would be like to win the event next year.  She was vibrating with excitement to talk to the coyote, she now knew as Peony.

You had some wicked competition and…and I bet you win next year! You were so good! Like so amazing!  I hope I can be as good as you one day.  Do you think I could be as good as you?  I guess I would have to practice super duper hard, but I think I could do that, with the right teacher. She raised her brows a few time to give a hint.

Bright blue hues bounced back and forth between the horse and the coyote. She really wanted to pet the steed but knew it would be impolite. The woman spoke distracting her from her desires.  Nodding quickly she answered.

Mhmm.  Sure am!  Last name is Hushhwol. Do you know any Hushhowls?  We're a pretty big crew and growing like crazy evidently, so many pups back home.  I have…four! Four new brothers and sisters that were too young to come to the Stockshow.  Maybe next year!

Again words spilled out of her mouth like rushing flood waters.  She barely took a breath or left a pause between words until she could no longer talk and her body forced her to take a break. 

So how many horses do you have or is this your only horse?

The buckskin stallion was large and in charge and the girl thought it might have been hard to handle such a equine around tight barrels without knocking them over, but Peony seemed to handle him with ease.

Would….would it be okay if I pet him?  We have lots of horses back home.

Words were once again going to vomit out of her mouth but she stopped her self to give the woman a chance to speak.
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A few more times around in her own mind, Peony couldn’t hold back the chuckle she felt bubbling up inside her. Win next year? Surely she would, what with a better horse and far more training as well, however she didn’t want to get ahead of herself and merely gave a shy smile. “Oh, I don’t want to get any hopes up. Perhaps you should enter next year, hmmm?” Peony’s pallid finger tips steepled under her chin, before she flipped her hair to one side. Addressing the dark wolf, with scrutiny, she flickered her fingers towards her horse, then the Hushhowl.

If you practice everyday I am sure you’ll be able to do so, I could be a teacher but with you being so far, perhaps we can plan it.

Peony paused, turned a heard to the left, then looked down at her hands, and then up again. “Well, I don’t know any Hushhowls but I do know Aldora Knight, she and I are very good friends.” It was as if she was questioning if perhaps, someway they were related. But she doubted it, Aldora was not that old to have a yearling pup, was she? Or maybe she was? Shaking her head with a laugh, Peony gave a gentle pat to her horse.

This is my only horse, unfortunately. I diminished my own herd, and I am actually looking to rehome him, as well. Of course, trading for a mare would suit my eyes a bit better.” Her tone had turned sad, flickering over her buckskin stallion, and then addressed the Hushhowl with tight lips. “Sure thing, be gentle and let him sniff you. He isn’t too fond of strangers but I’m sure it will be okay.” Almost as if on cue, Ares had tossed a head back and let out a snort before stamping one foot. Peony gaze a short, kind laugh.

I think he likes you already.

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