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The days of the stock show seemed to bleed into an endless haze for Morrigan. If she wasn’t quietly nursing a drink out of one of her many wine skins, a joint hung from the corner of her mouth. Seeing that she was in public, the Witch had to exercise some caution. Lingering between the triage tent or the Perrin Du Lac trading stall, she had to keep a level head and not imbue too much of what had become a constant crutch. Motherhood was much more agreeable the less she had to think about it, and it was easy to blame the way she was distant at times on lingering pregnancy brain.

The only one who might have harbored suspicions hadn’t yet approached her yet, and Morrigan had done well to keep out of her petite friends’ way. It had been hard to miss the way The Ears gaze had lingered on Morrigan in a manner that was unsettling, and it was occurring more and more often as the stock show reached a mid-point. All the same, she had feigned ignorance when it came to the reasoning behind the lavender stare that seemed to come out of nowhere and watch her every move.

If the Kingpin had her suspicions, she had yet to voice them to The Heart, and Morrigan preferred it that way. Hiding in her tent when not volunteering as was expected of her own rank, the Witch lit scented candles and set out the sign that she was open for business. It was a typical symbol that was hung up in her home, a full moon flanked on either side by a waxing and then waning phase. It was evening time, with events and the like winding down and more Luperci filing towards the trade stalls or the Ugly Coyote – drinks flowing and fun times to be had.

Discreetly, the Witch had ducked behind her tent and smoked a joint while drinking a concoction she liked before reading tarot cards or doing anything to do with divination – her sight was always better when wrapped in a comforting haze of otherworldliness. The tea itself had been brewed from mushrooms and complimentary intoxicants, but Morrigan had done this many times and only took the barest of sips. There was a fine line, and the Witch would rather not cross it no matter how tempting it may be at present.

Once she began to feel the tugs of the trip at the edges of her peripherals and the pleasant feeling budding in her chest, Morrigan seated herself within her tent and waited. After a few moments, she placed a hand over the tarot cards and closed her eyes, humming slightly as deft fingers parted the deck and touched the top of each card. " What will you reveal to me today, hmm? " The Heart intoned softly.


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