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The Stock Show was not something that Whisper had had any plans to participate in, however, when she discovered that her dear friend Mithra would be attending helping her mother work the stall and do other things for Bête Noire during the event, Whisper had decided that it was worth it to at least sit outside and preoccupy herself in proximity to the crowd that ran through Charmingtown rather than hole up in her room the whole time. She may have been a recluse, but she was almost giddy at the chance to see her dear friend, as well as her family, however mixed her feelings were.

That was how she found herself kneeling on a blanket a short ways off from the road and out of the way, sewing supplies and herbs set out in front of her as Whisper stitched together little cloth bags to hold herbs and shiny stones and bits of bones to create spell sachets to aid with various problems, some were fashioned to long sinew string necklaces, some tied to ribbons, a couple were woven into sweetgrass bracelets . Some were to promote restful sleep, others emotional healing, while some still were for luck or vitality. She knew that perhaps not many of the people around her believed in or were interested in this sort of thing, but it helped her, and that was all that really mattered if nothing else. Maybe she would find Mithra later and give some of them to him.
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Aelin had wandered around Charmingtown all afternoon it seemed like, trading for snacks at Alonso’s stall each day and browsing the same wares over and over. It would be nice to go home at the end of all this, fall into her pile of furs while the ocean roared in the distance. The wolf could almost hear the shrieks of seabirds and smell the tangy saltwater. While the Gang was located around a lake and Charmingtown acting as a port of sorts, this was freshwater and just not quite the same.

Trailing away from the main strip, Aelin smelt a flowery sort of scent and followed it. Shortly, the dark wolf came across a coyote female working on little scented sachets, contents spread across the blanket she worked on top of. There appeared to be a variety of different ingredients and the Cavalier hesitated from afar, but the growing interest budding inside of her chest would allow her to tarry no longer. “ ‘Ello lass. “ She began in a silvery Irish accent, giving a little wave of her chocolate hand.

With a motion of her pale muzzle, Aelin indicated the womans work before continuing. “ W’at are ye workin’ on t’ere? I never seen anyt’ing like it. “ Glancing around at the lack of Luperci in the immediate area, the wolf raised an eyebrow. “ Not a fan of the crowds? Strange ye’d be posted out of t’ way like t’is. “

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While she toiled away lightly with dexterous fingers, a voice reached her ears, feminine in nature but with an enchanting nature that Whisper hadn't heard in any other voice before, an accent, a certain lilt, that rang as unique. Interested to see what kind of person had approached her, even if her vision was fuzzy at best, the sight of the woman, a strong wolf with deep golden eyes set in a dark face framed by long silver locks, was so startlingly beautiful to her that Whisper almost forgot to speak, her eyes wide and her mouth moving slightly as if she were trying to speak but the first sound was caught in her throat, face warming a bit, before the other's second question roused the witch to animation once more.

"O-oh I, y-yes well I-I-I mean...." Her hands pulled in towards herself and her fingers wrung together on her lap as she tried to think of how to respond. "Yes... I... w-wanted to participate... but... I get quite nervous." She admitted sheepishly, her eyes having fallen back down to what she was doing. "I was... just making little charms... spells pouches of a sort... for different things... but not everyone here seems very open to the idea..." Meaning here as in people in this land in general that she'd met, having been relatively new to the Del Cenere pack itself, she hadn't yet even formally met more than a handful of it's members, so she wouldn't really know what they believed, she simply had a habit of putting herself down before someone else could do it for her.
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The coyote glanced up, eyes widening and stumbling over an introduction before swallowing and starting over. Aelin felt for her, no stranger to feeling foolish around others. With a start the Cavalier wondered if she had frozen because the figure who’d approached was a wolf.. An uncomfortable feeling gurgled in the recesses of Aelin’s stomach but the female ignored it, smiling through the doubt as she listened to the slight Luperci. There was a notable stutter that peppered her speech, however it didn’t’ really make it any harder to understand what she was saying.

“ Really lass? I t’ought Id seen a few stalls wit’ similar creations. “ In fact there was a trio manning a stall where all the others were clustered – they were Del Cenere denizens as well as far as Aelin knew.

Shrugging, she drifted closer and peered down at the crafts with interest, ears trained on the female as the wolf examined everything. “ Do ye mind if I sit down ‘ere wit ya’? “ The Fireheart enquired, wanting to pick this womans brains about whatever ideas she had to share. “ I wouldn’t mind learning about all of t’is stuff, I believe in the fey myself. Got anything to ward against mischievous and sometimes spiteful faeries? “

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