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The way that the situation had escalated out of control had Azalea’s head spinning. Not that she minded, if she was truly being honest with herself. It was just strange, seeing as one moment the youth at the Stockshow had been hanging out, the next something had gone wrong, and now she was standing in a ring, about to fight a young woman she didn’t know. The other young adults stood around them in a circle, some talking animatedly, others yelling to get started already, others just quiet and watching. Like Sólveig, who had pushed to the front of the crowd and watched with an anxious expression as Azalea prepared herself.

Turning to the woman she was to fight, Azalea looked her over. Shorter than Azalea by quite a bit, this loner was white but for some brown spots, and had green eyes that mirrored Azalea’s own. Unconsciously, Azalea had already started the fight by standing tall and glaring down at her, ears pricked and tail high. If she’d been able to see herself, she’d have thought that she looked almost like Spartacus, though without the cruel glint in her eye and his manic propensity for playing with his toys. The thought would have scared her, though at this point in time she was simply unconsciously taking what she’d learned from their battle and adopting it for herself.

She was trying to intimidate. Without the knives hidden on her body she felt vulnerable. Then again, every fight she’d ever been in outside of the sparring ring she’d been unarmed. She would be alright. Green eyes roamed over her partner, thinking about how she would approach the fight, remembering sparring with her father in their feral forms. It would be best to go wild, to use teeth and to wrestle, and find some way to pin her like Spartacus had done to her. If her eyes had taken on a sharp glint as she settled into a ready position, breathing slowing down as she consciously made an effort to tighten her belly and breathe properly, then she didn’t realize. Nodding to the loner woman ‘ready’, Azalea waited for the start signal.
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